How to Earn Coins and Lucky Tickets in Disney Pop Town

Anurag Ghosh

In Disney Pop Town, you will have to complete puzzle levels to earn stars. You can then use stars to fix old musical towns.

Coins you earn from a stage can be used to change structures and decorations. Costumes play an important role in this game as they can help you complete tough stages.

You will get Disney-themed costumes from Lucky Boxes. To open a lucky box, you will need lucky tickets or coins. Follow this guide to know how to get them:  

How to Get Coins 

Coins are used to change decorations and open white lucky boxes for costumes. Here are a few ways to get them for free:  

In each level, you can earn 150 coins if the all coins on the gauge fills. The gauge can be found on the upper-right corner of a level.  

To fill up the coin gauge faster, match blocks and use power-ups. All unused moves in the end convert into power-ups, earning bonus coins for you.  

You can also get coins from the mission roulette. You can spin one when you complete a mission. See the list of missions below the roulette complete them to get a chance to spin.  

Get coins from Daily Lucky boxes. Login daily and open the gift box on the home screen to obtain coins and other rewards.  

Get Coins and Lucky Tickets from the Daily Lucky Box

Watch a promo to get coins. The promo button is displayed on the top of the home screen, below the coins section.  

Don’t forget to claim “launch celebration rewards” which includes coins. Tap your inbox (red mailbox) and claim them before they expire.  

How to get Lucky Tickets 

Lucky tickets are used to open golden and white lucky boxes to get costumes.  

The best way to get them is by clearing levels. You will get one lucky ticket when you complete a Disney Pop Town level.  

The mission roulette is also another great way to earn lucky tickets. Complete simple level missions mentioned below the wheel to earn a chance to spin the roulette and you might get tickets. 

Spin the Mission Roulette in Disney Pop Town to get Lucky Tickets

You can also obtain tickets from the shop. Tap the shop and then tap “Daily Rewards” to get a chance to earn a ticket or other rewards, such as rubies. Once the free reward ends, you can get another by watching a short video.  

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