How To Do 2v2 In Clash Royale?

(Last Updated On: September 1, 2023)

The creators of classics like Boom Beach, Brawl Stars, and Clash of Clans released Clash Royale in March 2016. It was another instant hit in the tower defense genre as players got to play new game modes with their favorite Clash of Clans troops.

One mode that players loved was the 2v2 Battles which allowed players to team up with their friends to defend and destroy towers together.

Then, Supercell rolled out a massive update for Clash Royale on March 27, 2023.

It was called the Update For Losers! With this update, a lot changed, including the location and the rewards of 2v2 mode.

Photo: Supercell

If you’re having a hard time finding 2v2 and understanding the new rewards system, this guide is for you. Here’s how to do 2v2 in Clash Royale after the Update For Losers and a detailed look at the new Season Tokens rewards system.

Where is the 2v2 Mode in Clash Royale After Update?

2v2 in Clash Royale was in the Party tab- an option accessed by tapping the three lines icon in the top-right corner. However, the “Update for Losers” update removed the Party option from Clash Royale.

So, where is the 2v2 in Clash Royale now?


1v1 and 2v2 battles are now in the Events tab. Special Challenges and Tournaments come under the Main Event umbrella. 

Photo: Supercell

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do 2v2 in Clash Royale:

  1. Launch Clash Royale.
  2. Click on Events.
  3. Click on 2v2.
  4. Choose between Draft or Classic Battle.
  5. Hit Battle!
Photo: Supercell

The veterans can enjoy any Events mode by simply tapping the single sword icon in the bottom right corner.

However, beginners have to achieve King Level 8 to unlock Events.

Photo: Supercell

That’s not all, though. 

Supercell changed the Events rewards system too. 

Changes To Events Reward System

If you thought removing the Party button was unnecessary, get a load of this. 

Playing 1v1 or 2v2 in Events no longer awards Chests, Crowns, or Victory Gold. Whether you win or lose in an Events game mode, you’ll receive a certain amount of Season Tokens.

That’s why it’s called the Update For Losers. 

Win or lose, everyone gets something. 

Depending on how many Crown Towers you destroy and successfully defend as well as the total Elixir spent, you’ll get Season Tokens at the end of every battle. 

Players can use the Season Tokens in the Season Shop to buy whatever they require instead of getting random rewards.

Photo: Supercell


Looking at the changes rolled out via the Update For Losers, it’s evident that Supercell wants players to focus on 1v1. However, those who enjoy playing Clash Royale with their friends will keep playing 2v2, no matter the rewards.

Moreover, the Clash Royale community has been very vocal in their dissent against these changes. That may result in some reversals or more changes. 

Whatever happens, you now know how to do 2v2 in Clash Royale, and that’s all that matters!

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