How to Date and Marry in Citampi Stories

Anurag Ghosh
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Citampi Stories is the perfect life simulation game you have been waiting for! Cute characters, lots of quests, new friends to make and jobs to do to earn a living. There will be struggles, but then what’s life without them? As a Citampian, you must work hard to earn money, become rich, own and house and finally marry someone you would love to spend the rest of your time with. These tips and strategies will help you find that perfect date and get married to your love interest.  

Where to Find Female Characters 

You will usually stumble upon a female character in a certain store or shop. When you meet one for the first time, a cut-scene will be triggered followed by a short, cute conversation between you and the girl.  

There are five main female characters in Citampi Stories. Here are their names and the location where you can find them:  

Sarah: You will stumble upon her in the Seven7 shop in Area 3.  

Isma: Smallmart in Area 2 

Windy Lestari: Seven7 in Area 3 

Nabila: Smallmart in Area 2 

Meeting Sarah in Citampi Stories

You will meet a girl in any of the above shops on random occasions. Pay attention to the cutscene. Once the cutscene is over, the girl’s portrait will be found in your smartphone in the “C” app.  

Tip: Female characters that that have 5 stars can be dated. Normal characters will have 3 stars. You can check their star count by tapping on smartphone > C and then tapping on a female character’s portrait on the right side of the screen.  

Finding a job in the this game is easy, but how to get a one that pays more? Our guide will help

Pay off Your Parents Debt First 

It will take 10 in-game weeks to repay debt. A certain amount will be deducted on the 7th day of a week from your character’s total income.  

The debt starts at 150 RP in the first week and then increases by 50 RP every week until the 10th week. You will have to keep aside 600 RP on the last week to take the debt burden off your shoulder.  

I wouldn’t recommended spending too much money on gifts until you pay the entire sum to the lender. Gifts help to increase relationship with a female character faster. If you spend more on gifts, then you might fall short of RP for paying off the debt.  

You should keep earning money by doing simple odd jobs that don’t require any special clothing or higher stats until the tenth week.  

Also, in-between jobs, complete quests and sell the items you have received as rewards. You will see that you have earned enough to buy gifts despite paying off debts every week.  

You can then start giving gifts to your love interest while continuing with your daily jobs and earning more money until you have enough RP for the wedding ring.  

Even if you don’t want to follow the above suggestion, you can start giving gifts to a female character along with paying off loans. Just make sure you have enough RP to pay every week. The game ends if you fail to pay to the lender on the seventh day.   

How to Build Friendship  

Dating in Citampi Stories slowly begins with talking to your love interest and giving her gifts. Obtaining hearts from a girl unlocks special scenes, which further strengthens your relationship with her.  

Each time you give a gift or chat with a female character, you increase her relationship gauge.  

Relationship Gauge

The gauge can be found in your smartphone’s “C” app. Tap on the app and then tap on a female character’s portrait on the right side of the screen (scroll down to find all Citampians in this app). You can see the green relationship gauge on the character’s profile.  

You will have to fill the gauge by talking to her or by giving her gifts. The gauge fills fast when you give gifts. When it’s full, a heart appears on that girl’s profile page in the “C” app. This suggests that you have strengthened your friendship with her.  

List of Gifts Preferred by Female Citampians  

You can give any gift to a female character, but she might prefer something special. This will ultimately fill the relationship gauge faster and you will acquire hearts much quicker than before.  

Sarah loves girl’s magazine and cosmetics. Isma gets very excited when you gift a heart necklace. Wendy prefers sports shoes and Nabila adores dolls. You can buy these basic gifts from Tatang.  

Know Dating Hints to Unlock Special Scenes 

Before getting a heart, make sure you scroll down on a female character’s profile page in the C app to know dating hints. You will have to fulfill certain conditions as mentioned in the hints section once you have acquired a heart and only then you can unlock a special scene where the girl opens up and talks to you, revealing something special about her.  

Sometimes, a cut-scene may force you to make choices. If you make a wrong choice, you will lose a heart. Try to be honest with your confessions and you won’t lose a heart.  

Check the hints section before meeting Isma
Hints to meet Isma

For example: To unlock a special scene with Isma, first acquire 1 or more heart by filling the gauge. Now, go to area 3 when she is not at work in the Smallmart. You should go to area 3 before nighttime. When you do this, you will unlock a special cut-scene.  

Make sure you note down all three hints for each female character before you start giving them gifts or talking to them.  

Find Her Through the Map App 

The girl you first met in a store won’t be present in the same location the next day. Characters move around and are found in different areas throughout the day.  

Your smartphone’s map app is the best way to find the location of your love interest. It will show your character’s current location through a pin and also show the portrait of characters above several areas, giving clear hints about their present location.  

How to Marry 

In Citampi Stories, you can marry a girl of your dreams, but you should know when to propose her.   

For starters, acquire five hearts from a girl. Next, buy a ticket preferred by that girl. This ticket will help you go on a date with her. You can purchase tickets from Tatang.  

If you are wooing Sarah, then purchase the expensive dinner ticket from tatang and then give it to her.  

Give the Culinary Festival Ticket to Isma. Fun Park ticket if you are with Wendy and Cinema ticket if you are dating Nabila.  

Tickets unlock when you get at least three hearts from Sarah or any other female character.  

Also don’t forget to purchase the wedding ring. It costs 3500 RP and can be bought from Tatang. You might also have to buy a house. 

  1. I followed this step and it was easy to data a girl. I actually dated citra though 🤗 and we married. Am trying to figure out a way to get her pregnant. Please who has the answer

  2. Easy game,I found ways to earn money fast so I never in debt ,I’m trying to date sarah tho

  3. Uh I did all of that and got a 5 star relationship with windy then I asked her out and the day after I proposed and then she acts like nothing happened I have a house a stable money what did I do wrong???

    1. @Wisdom

      Lol, I think that is the personality of windy, and that is the reason why I didn’t give her gifts

    2. Uh do you guys live together? Like if your talking abt tht I think I read somewhere that you have to give it about a week then theyll move into the house with you and everything and that goes for the wedding as well

  4. Uh I completed all of this and I proposed to windy but we’re not married yet what will I do? Did I do something wrong?

  5. Well I have dated Isma 🙂 I don’t know where to find heart necklace, but I give her pan, and roses as gift. Since she love cooking, and she liked it. Its hard to find money to buy ring. Well yeah some other nurse patient fall in love with her, but still cant date that female nurse :’.

    1. @Is, The necklace can be bought at the kiosk the same place were you can buy the wedding ring.

  6. Can you update this post? because in newest update (ver they have some new character

    1. Will try my best. If possible, then you can also provide a summary about the new character in the comments section.

    2. @Anurag Ghosh, you’re missing Citra and Tasya.

      Citra: Her birthday is December 2nd
      Her job: Mr. Ronalds just like Jessica
      Her Hobby: listening to music
      I gave her Headphones and a CD. So far it doesn’t get to +8 when you give her either of those things.
      Date: Music festival ticket (+10)
      Tasya: Her birthday is February 21st
      Her Job: at FFC Casier
      Her Hobby: Reading and Writing
      Gift: Novel (+8)
      Date: give her the book fair date ticket (+10)

    3. @Anurag Ghosh, Also you might want to update the gifts for the other girls.
      Sarah likes Makeup and Necklaces
      Isma likes Perfume
      Windy likes Sneakers
      Nabila likes Watches
      All those gifts get you (+8) with the girls
      Jessica (Since so forgot to mention her as well) likes Art books(+8)
      Date: Art gallery ticket

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