How to Catch Pets in Ulala: Idle Adventure

(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

In Ulala: Idle Adventure, pets have an important role in combat. You can capture a pet and choose him to accompany you in your battle against monsters. A pet attacks a monster on its own and has a unique set of skills and attributes.  

You will have to catch a pet first before “dispatching” it to the combat zone. Our Ulala beginner-level pet guide will show you how to capture them. For the TL;DR crowd, just watch the gameplay below to know how to catch them:  

You will have to unlock two options – “Cook” and “Capture” to start catching pets.   

Under Cook you will have to prepare delicious food. Under capture you will have to add that food item to trap a monster. Follow our step-by-step guide to catch pets:    

Ulala: Idle Adventure - How to Capture Pets

1. To unlock pet capture and cook, you will have to reach stage 15 in the Sabada rainforest region and player level 16. Here’s how to unlock these two options:  

 – To reach a new region, complete monster challenges to advance to the next stage until you finish all stages of the previous region. Tap the challenge icon on the right side of the screen to fight a boss monster, but make sure you have equipped the strongest items to your character before battling boss monsters.   

To reach the Sabada rainforest region, you will have to complete all stages of the previous region called “Primitive Plain” and then complete boss monster challenges in the Sabada region to reach stage 15.  

 – To reach a new player level you will have to gain experience points. The XP bar on the upper left corner of the screen shows how much XP have you gained so far. Keep playing Ulala to gain XP. Experience points will also be part of your AFK gains when you are not playing the game. You will also gain a lot of XP on winning a boss monster challenge.  

2. Once you have reached player level 16 and Sabada Rainforest stage 15, you are ready to catch pets. But wait, you will have to cook food using certain ingredients and then place that food in a trap under “capture” to catch a wild creature and get him as a pet.  

The first thing you should do is collect ingredients to cook food for trapping pets. Here are a few ways to get them:  

 – When you reach the Sabada Rainforest region, you will begin gaining food ingredients from your hunting adventures. Make sure you select “Food Ingredients” from the map menu. Tap the tiny map inset on the upper right corner of the combat screen and then tap on your animated team.

AFK Gains - Food Ingredients

Select “food ingredients” to increase the chances of obtaining them, especially when you are AFK (Away from Keyboard). Tap the “Advance” button and you are good to go. 

 – Buy ingredients from the “Black Market” under “Camp” using blue shells. You can easily obtain blue shells by defeating creatures and boss monsters. Of course, you will need a lot of those blue shells to purchase a food ingredient. You will unlock black market when you reach player level 20 and Sabada stage 30.  

 – If you have pre-registered for this game, then you will receive pre-reg rewards, which includes a rare food item, such as the “Sizzle Sizzle Grill” and a few ingredients.  

3. Check your storage under camp to find the food ingredients you have collected over time. All ingredients are stored in the food tab. Tap on each ingredient to know key facts, including whether it can improve your character’ stats when consumed or is a favorite of certain creatures.  

Tip: If you are not interested in capturing pets with the food you just cooked, you can eat them to increase certain stats. Tap a food item under storage and then tap “eat” to consume it. Your character will gain a stats boost for an hour or more.   

4. After gathering ingredients, tap on the “Cook” building in the camp menu.  Tap “View Recipes”. Now tap on each unlocked recipe to check if the required ingredients to cook that food item are available or not. If there are any missing ingredients, the “cook” button will be greyed out. Locked recipes unlock when you reach a new region.  

5. Tap on a recipe to prepare a food using ingredients you have collected so far. In this example, we will be cooking “Vegetable Skewer” using 3 wild vegetable, 1 chili pepper, and 1 mushroom to cook the vegetable skewer. Check additional info beside a food item or recipe. This information contains a list of pets who love this food and the time taken to trap those pets who eat it.  

Tap on the “Cook” button and then tap “cooking” to place all ingredients over the fire. Wait for a few seconds to cook the food.  

6. Next, go to the “Capture” building to catch a pet. Tap on the “Add Food” button and select vegetable skewer from the list of available food items. Tap “confirm”.

Trapping Pets

On the trap screen, you will see monsters gathering near your food item with a cage above them. Below you will also see the “Trap Time” or the time taken to trap an animal. It may take a few minutes to hours depending on the food item you place and the pet it can trap.  

7. You can speed up time by tapping the “Accelerate” button. You will need a certain number of starfish to quickly capture a pet. Starfish is used to speed up pet capture time in Ulala: Idle Adventure.  

You can obtain them as rewards for certain announcements made by the developers. Tap “Mail” to check these announcements and don’t forget to claim your rewards. You can also acquire Starfish when you complete certain quests. Make sure you keep a tab on ongoing quests in “Daily Quest”.  

Upon successful capture, an egg will hatch and you will get one or more than one pets.  

8. To take a pet with you to the combat zone, tap the “Pets” icon on the bottom of the screen and then tap a pet’s portrait. Now tap the “dispatch” button of the lower-right corner of the screen and check the combat screen to see your cute pet fighting monsters alongside you and your team.  

Before dispatching a pet, check its attributes and skills. You can unlock pet skills and increase its attributes by following the pet cultivation rules below:  

Pet Skills and Attributes