How To Become A Marine Biologist In Bitlife – 2023 Guide


As one of the most popular life simulation games on the market, BitLife allows players to explore a variety of careers and lifestyles. Being a marine biologist is one of the more fascinating careers available in the game and this article will be exploring the steps and strategies necessary to embark on an immersive virtual journey to study the ocean and its inhabitants.

In BitLife Simulator, becoming a marine biologist is challenging and rewarding. Players who wish to pursue this career path must build their smarts stats and pursue higher education, all of which will be discussed extensively as you read further. Let’s take a look at how to become a marine biologist and provide tips to help you be successful in your sojourn.

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1. Building Smarts Stats

Visit the Library:

 As a student, you should attend the library on a regular basis in order to improve your smarts stats. You should read books on a variety of subjects, including biology, marine life, and environmental science. This is to help broaden your knowledge and increase your chances of succeeding in your quest to becoming a marine biologist in the game.

Study Hard:

Having good grades is one of the most important things you can do in school and college. Make sure to attend classes, participate actively, and dedicate time to studying every day. Maintaining high smarts stats will lay the foundation for your future academic success.

2. Pursuing Higher Education

Choose the Right Major:

The first thing you should do after graduating from high school is to enroll in a university and choose Biology as your major, which will provide you with a solid academic background in the field.

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Graduate School:

 After completing your undergraduate degree, you may wish to consider enrolling in a graduate school program, particularly one that specializes in marine biology or closely related fields. This is advisable to help you enhance your skills and gain a deeper understanding about the field that you are studying.

3. Job Application

Full-Time Jobs List:

 Navigate to the full-time jobs list under the occupation tab as a graduate.

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Search for marine biology positions, such as Junior Marine Biologist. You may have to exit and restart the application to refresh the job listings, as these positions may not always be available.

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Persistence and Promotion: 

Ensure that you demonstrate your knowledge and skills to the best of your ability in order to be considered for the Junior Marine Biologist position. To increase your chances of getting promoted to the role of Junior Marine Biologist, you need to continuously improve your smarts stats as well as your job performance.


There are several steps involved in becoming a marine biologist on BitLife Simulator, including being dedicated, focusing on smart statistics, and making a commitment to lifelong learning. It is very easy to navigate the virtual world of BitLife by following this guide, and it can help you embark on a rewarding career as a marine biologist. To succeed as a marine biologist in the game, you need to work hard, pursue higher education, and take on challenges. Check out some other life simulator games that you can try your hands on.

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