How To Become A Judge In Bitlife – 2023 Guide

Nikola Stevanovic

BitLife is a life simulation game in which players take on the role of a character and play through that character’s lifetime. During that time, the player is responsible for most decisions that the character makes such as education, career path, hobbies, etc. Bitlife lets the player become anything they want to so today we will be isolating the career path of a Judge and providing you with a detailed guide on how to become one. 

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Get a Character With a High Smarts Stat

The first step to becoming a judge in Bitlife is to get yourself a character with appropriate stats. When creating a new character in Bitlife, your avatar will receive random stats such as happiness, health, smarts, and looks. The smarts stat is what we are after because it is a prerequisite to being successful in this career path and becoming a judge. This means that a certain amount of luck is required for this task. 

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Fortunately, this isn’t difficult to obtain as you can reroll your character as many times as you want so keep doing it until you get one with a high smarts stat. If you don’t want to reroll your character for some reason, you can increase your character’s smarts by having him perform certain activities like going to the library, studying harder, and reading books in his free time. 

Going to Law School

Once your character’s smarts stat is high enough, the next step is to enroll your character in law school. This can be done after your character successfully finishes High School and chooses to go to college with a degree in Criminal Justice. After graduating from college, you can enroll your character into Law School from the Education Tab.

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Becoming a Lawyer

Now that your character has graduated from Law School with flying colors, the next logical step on your journey to becoming a judge is to become a lawyer. To do so, head over to the job menu and locate the Junior Associate option. Once you have the job, make sure that your character works harder and takes on the extra hours in order to get promoted a lot quicker. The firm where you work as a lawyer will be your office for the next thirty years, which is the next step. 

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Getting a job as a Magistrate

After working diligently for thirty years at the same firm, you are now eligible to take on a role as a Magistrate. Upon doing so, you will need to work hard and after a few years, you will eventually reach the position of Judge. 

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This concludes our guide on how to become a judge in Bitlife. All that is left now is for you to use it to your advantage and go get your character’s dream job. Becoming a judge is no easy task due to the long hours and the stress so make sure that you take visit the doctor regularly and take a vacation and relax every now and again. 

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