How To Become A Crab Fisherman In Bitlife – 2023 Guide

Muhib Nadeem

BitLife, a life simulation game developed by CandyWriter LLC, has gone above and beyond in terms of providing its player with the life choices to become something very unique.

Now, some of these choices bring a fair amount of challenges with them. Whether it’s about beating the Deadliest Catch challenge, or trying to become a crab fisherman.

In this guide, we’re going to explain the step-by-step process of becoming a crab fisherman in BitLife, so you can finally put down that atrocious Deadliest Catch Challenge! So, let’s jump right in!

Be Born a Female in Anchorage

Choosing a Life
Photo: CandyWriter LLC

Most of BitLife challenges require you to start your life from scratch, make all the important decisions according to a set pattern, and then be able to decide your fate.

For this one, you’d need to choose United States as your country, and then find Anchorage to be your main city. Before that, remember to pick female as your gender, or it will not align with the career path you want.

Now, start aging up till the point where you’ve graduated from college. Any life decisions you’ve made until this point won’t matter in your conquest to become a crab fisherman, so you can be reckless with it.

Choose the Right Job

Jobs Bitlife
Photo: CandyWriter LLC

There’s no job called “Crab Fisherman” in BitLife, so how do you become one? Simple, just refresh your jobs until you find Greenhorn. It’s the first step of becoming a Crab Fisherman, and will set your success path in stone.

Next, you want to increase your coworkers’ appreciation of you. Complement them, or shower flowerbeds on them – do anything to fill that appreciation bar as quickly as possible. You can also take things slow, but it will put you that far behind.

We’re only taking about male friends here. You’ve already gotten the job, so the next process in line is to contact STDs.

Your Path Ahead

Leaderboards bitLife
Photo: CandyWriter LLC

That’s pretty much all you need to do. Grow up till 18 in an Alaskan region, wait till graduation. Once you’ve graduated, it’s time to find a job. Keep refreshing until Greenhorn pops up in your job feed. Apply, and live a happy life!

Don’t worry about your job application. Fisherman doesn’t require specialized training. You can just proclaim you’re qualified for the job, and someone will reel you in. From there, you can jump job to job to build a successful career and grow forward.


In essence, a Crab Fisherman is an easy job that can be obtained given the conditions are correct. If you follow the rules, bid your time, and focus on the important bits, the job is just a few taps away.

If you’re doing it for the Deadliest Catch challenge, then the next milestone in your list is contacting STDs. That’s quite achievable if you keep hooking up with your coworkers. If you like this guide, be sure to check out The 7 Best Games like Bitlife on Android.

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