How Shields Work On Monopoly Go?

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Monopoly Go - How shields work

Take a break from your day and roll the dice on Monopoly Go, the classic board game available on all mobile devices.

Monopoly Go features a variety of amazing adventures where players can build their empires, dream big, and play their way to success.

The game’s main focus is to earn as much money as possible to be able to build a lot of buildings in different locations.

This article will feature a lot of important and useful information regarding shields in Monopoly Go and how exactly they work.

Monopoly Go - How do shields work for beginners
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What are shields

Some new players may be asking what exactly shields are in Monopoly Go and how they will be able to use them.

The shields in Monopoly Go are used as defensive measures to protect your own landmarks from attacks from other players.

Other players can usually attack your building when they land on a certain part of the board.

This works vice versa and you can also attack other player’s buildings if they are not using a shield.

Attacking other player’s buildings will earn you more cash to use to be able to activate the shield for your landmarks.

Shields - Use to defend buildings
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Benefits of shields

  • Protects your buildings from enemy attacks when they land on specific parts of their boards.
  • Can be easily collected by landing on the shield icon on your board.
  • There are various different shields available that have different themes and some are stronger than others.
Shields Showroom - Benefits of Shields
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How do shields work

Shields are easy to use and understand in Monopoly Go and work in a variety of different ways.

The shields are represented by pick-ups placed randomly on all the different property tiles across the game board.

The shields will automatically protect your landmark from shutdown attacks and will also be effective while offline.

Every time you block an attack, a shield will be consumed. Players will need to play regularly to ensure they get more additional shields in the game.

The defender shield - First shield in the game
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How to get more shields?

Shields can be gained by landing on a tile on the board you are currently playing on which will indicate a shield icon.

If a player reaches max shield capacity, each additional shield icon that is landed on will be converted to a dice roll.

Players should use their shields regularly to ensure new shields can be collected and that every building and landmark is protected from attacks.

Menu - Shield Showroom option
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Shield Themes

Monopoly Go has some fun and exciting shield features that any player would enjoy. Each shield can be decorated with a specific theme in Monopoly Go.

How to get shield themes?

The Shield themes can be collected in the showroom and more decorations can be unlocked by regularly playing the game.

Players may be wondering how they will be able to collect new themed shields. There are a variety of methods of collecting these different types of shields.

The theme shields can be collected by joining the special game events, upgrading your net worth, progressing through new boards, and other places as well.

Buildings - Protect by using shields
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What number of shields are in Monopoly Go?

Monopoly Go will be continuously releasing new shields every season and additionally with new events taking place.

The number of shields available in the game will keep growing with each new update and event.

Where to get access to your shields?

Players can get access to all of their shields in a variety of different ways. It is important to know where your shields can be activated.

Players can simply tap on the shield icons at the top right of the user interface view to access the shield showroom.

Players can also access the shield showroom by tapping the 3d shields on their current board.

The shield showroom can also be accessed by simply clicking on the shield option in the menu section of Monopoly Go.

Buildings - Fix destroyed buildings
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How can the shields be used and activated?

It is really easy to implement shields in your game to be able to defend all of your landmarks from attacks.

Shields will automatically be used when they are equipped by the player. The shields will immediately be active when the player is online or offline.

The shields will be seen on the player’s current board and also in the shield icons at the top of the use interface view.

Your friends and other players will also be able to see your current active shields and get blocked when they try to attack you.

Boards - Shields available on certain parts of board
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Can Event shields that are missed still be collected?

At the moment in Monopoly Go, there are no current methods to get past shields or decorated shields that were available in events.

Players will need to keep active and progress in the game to see if some of the old-themed shields will be available in the game again.

The shield showroom will feature locked shelves that offer rewards for players.

When the previous shelf has been completed, new shields will be available to unlock.

Showroom - Unlock new Shields
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Players should always make sure that their shield meter is full and if not focus on getting more shields from the board.

The shields will protect the player’s buildings for a long time and will prevent the player from needing to rebuild certain landmarks.

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