How Net Worth Works On Monopoly Go?

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Not sure how Monopoly Go’s Net Worth works, what Net Worth Upgrades are, or how to increase them? Read on as all of these questions will be answered here. Monopoly is a board game in which both luck and strategy are important for success.

You must choose when to keep money and when to put it to use, where to focus your efforts, and what may wait. And one thing you should never put off is your net worth. The upgrades it provides are well worth your time and work.

What is the Net Worth of Monopoly Go?

Net worth is the value of all your properties, including built and upgraded Landmarks.

The core idea of Monopoly Go is property ownership, but it also includes challenges and investments, making it more detailed than the original Monopoly game. This helps to provide players with a fuller understanding of their financial situation.

Monopoly Go
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How To Increase Your Monopoly Go Net Worth

In Monopoly GO, building a home is essential for increasing your net worth. This strategy, however, is not as simple as it seems.

You can roll dice on the board to gain valuable benefits such as funds, rent, and shields.

The resources you collect from the game board will let you build new buildings and expand your collection of projects in this game.

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Furthermore, your responsibilities continue beyond here; you must continue expanding your buildings in this monopoly world.

Making improvements to your landmarks will help you progress and unlock new maps.

It is important to note that other players will attack your establishments, so it is best to grow your building regularly and use shields to ward off any attacks that come from opponents in the game.

What Are Net Worth Upgrades?

Net Worth upgrades are all of the benefits that you gain by increasing your Net Worth level. The upgrades include Daily Treats, Albums, Auto-Roll, Quick Wins, Roll Capacity, Rent, Utilities, and Roll Regeneration.

By selecting the Net Worth option from the upper right corner list of the main page, you may view your Net Worth level and all the levels that provide Upgrades.

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All Net Worth Upgrades In Monopoly Go

Increasing your net worth in Monopoly GO earns you money and unlocks key enhancements that can give you a significant advantage.

As your net worth grows, you will gain access to various upgrades that will enhance your gameplay experience in this Monopoly game.

Among these improvements could be the automatic refilling of additional dice rolls, which would give you more opportunities to take turns and choose your strategies.

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Furthermore, a higher net worth allows you to collect more money through Shutdowns, a mode in which you can attack your opponent’s landmarks. It gives you a steady stream of income even when your rivals attack your properties.

These enhancements boost your gameplay ability and provide a sense of progress and accomplishment as you accumulate wealth in this monopoly universe.

By focusing on increasing your net worth, you can get these important upgrades and gain an advantage over other players, giving you more control over the result of the game and setting the stage for your success in Monopoly GO.

Tips and Tricks to Increase Your Net Worth in Monopoly Go

Since MONOPOLY GO is a live-service game, it should be played more like a marathon than a one-time event, unlike the actual board game. Let’s get right to the point!

1. Ensure Quicker Use of the Shields

As a new player, you may not be aware of the significance of shields. These are important obstacles that may safeguard your territory and revenue from foreign players who arrive at a shut-down location and see your buildings.

Shields can be stored for a maximum of three seconds at a time. They do not regenerate on their own and must be collected by landing on the shield tiles scattered around the board. 

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There are a maximum of two shields on the board. Touch them to collect and use them. Shields activate automatically when you are attacked and cover all of your buildings. Having a shield while being attacked reduces damage by 50% and reduces the attacker’s earnings by 50%.

2. Build and Upgrade Landmarks

When it comes to making more money and yielding higher returns over time, buildings and landmarks will be the name of the game. Players can also use their earnings to enhance these buildings and landmarks.

Every town and location has several nearby landmarks that are for sale. The only requirement is a significant initial investment from you. However, the returns are well worth the investment. 

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3. Engage with the Mini-Games

Mini-games will be extremely important because they are one of the best ways to continue earning money.

Try to complete them when you have free time, particularly considering how laid-back the rest of the game is. Players can also win jackpots in the mini-games, which will increase their overall earnings. 

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4. Understanding the Importance of Homes

Players can earn a significant amount of money from the rental properties and homes that are set out on the board.

Every time you land on one of these properties, you get a large sum of money. The greater the number of properties, the greater the rental income and net worth.

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And there you have it. That was all on our guide to net worth and net worth upgrades in Monopoly GO. We hope this helped you understand how net worth works in this game. Best of luck! 

You can either download Monopoly Go on the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

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