How Many Levels Are There In My Perfect Hotel?

Hamza Rashid
My Perfect Hotel

My Perfect Hotel is a game that has taken the mobile game industry by storm. It perfectly encapsulates everything people look for in a mobile game. It’s easy to play, has a good progression system that instantly rewards players, and you can play it for a while.

However, one question many players have is what the limit of the hotel is. While the game has a mechanic where it’s possible to unlock more levels for your character, the higher your hotel’s level the better it is, what’s the maximum for it?

My Perfect Hotel Loading Screen
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Well, we’re here to clear up all these questions and more in this article. After finding out how many levels are in My Perfect Hotel, be sure to check out our ultimate guide on the game.

What is The Max Level in My Perfect Hotel?

Upgrade Room
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As of the time of writing, the maximum level for your hotel in My Perfect Hotel is level eight. When you reach this level, you aren’t able to acquire any more experience as the bar reads out “MAX” to indicate that it’s the maximum level for that level.

However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t more to the game. When you reach the maximum level for a hotel, you get the option to unlock the next hotel, which some people also call level.

When you move to a new hotel, it begins again with level one and you have to work up to level eight to unlock the next hotel and repeat the cycle.

Unlock Level
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Fortunately, all of your currency and skills also carry over to the other hotels, but because you have to start from the beginning, you aren’t able to take any of your staff or hotel-related upgrades you unlocked like the cleaner’s speed.

Is the Festival Hotel the Last Level in My Perfect Hotel?

Festival Hotel
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At the time of writing, the Festival Hotel is indeed the last level in My Perfect Hotel. Of course, that doesn’t mean that there won’t be any new hotels or levels in the future, as the developers tend to release updates consistently.

Many players of the game get confused regarding what levels or hotels there are in the game, so we’ve compiled a list of every hotel you can unlock in chronological order.

  1. Drive Motel
  2. Beach Hotel
  3. Mountain Hotel
  4. Rising Sun Hotel
  5. Overwater Hotel
  6. Spooky Hotel
  7. Moon Hotel
  8. Festival Hotel

As you can see, the game currently has a total of eight hotels you can unlock, and each hotel has a maximum of eight levels. Sounds like a lot to keep you busy, right?


With that, you now know how many levels are in My Perfect Hotel. As mentioned above, you can expect more hotels to eventually be added to the game, as the developers consistently update it with new content.

For example, just one year back, the Rising Sun Hotel was the last hotel players could unlock.

In the meantime, while you wait for new hotels to be added to the game, how about checking out some similar mobile games you can play? Both Grand Hotel Mania and Merge Topia Hotel Tycoon are great to scratch that hotel manager itch.

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