How Many Levels Are There in Monopoly Go?

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With immersive gameplay and awesome graphics, Scopely’s Monopoly Go currently tops many family-focused games on both the App Store and Play Store. Although it is based on the traditional Monopoly gameplay, Monopoly Go deviates by introducing game levels and locations.

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Monopoly Go’s game level can confuse traditional players, especially regarding the number of levels present and how to complete each level.

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How many levels are there in Monopoly Go? This article will discuss the game with respect to the game level so you can easily answer the question.

What are the Monopoly Go Levels?

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Monopoly Go differs from traditional Monopoly in many ways, including incorporating player levels. A Monopoly Go player level represents the player’s position and comes with certain rewards such as multipliers, die rolls, money, stickers, etc. Furthermore, as you play and build, the level increases.

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The Monopoly Go level at a point in the game is the number at the top left corner of the main screen beside a star with an embedded M. Clicking the number will show you things you can do and locked items.

How Many Levels Are There in Monopoly Go?

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The straight answer is, “No one knows.” The number of levels in Monopoly Go for now is infinite. It depends on how much you play it. As every day passes, the highest level attained increases.

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You can ascertain the highest level at a point in time in Monopoly Go by navigating to Friends > Leaderboards > Global. This will show the highest Monopoly Go level at that time. In the next few hours or days, there will be a change.

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When writing this article, the maximum Monopoly Go level is 24,227. You can further compare it to the time you are reading this guide.

Are the Monopoly Go Levels the same as the Monopoly Go Map?

monopoly go map or board
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No, the Monopoly Go Map or board differs from the number of levels in Monopoly Go. One thing about Monopoly Go that can be confusing is that many players, especially beginners, think the Map or board is the game level.

Caesar's Rome in monopoly go
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The maps or board in Monopoly Go are the different locations in the game. Like the number of levels in Monopoly Go, the Map is infinite, evident in the dashed lines projecting from the last location.

caesar's rome Monopoly Go
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At every new update, the developers try to add new maps and delete or rearrange the others. In the latest update, the last location is number 124, named Caesar’s Rome. A fun fact is that location number 25 is also named Caesar’s Rome.

How to complete a Monopoly Go Level?

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To complete a Monopoly Go level, you must earn cash and build/upgrade the buildings required in the location. You need five buildings for each location, and the cost of building and upgrading is indicated for each building.

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Generally, you start with a low capital to build anything in Monopoly Go. However, as you increase in level, the money it costs to build increases. Nevertheless, there is no known cost of completing a Monopoly Go level.

Final Thoughts

The choo choo of the Monopoly Go road train always brings wealth. However, plan for such wealth. Furthermore, do not forget to enjoy the game. Do you have other questions surrounding the game or you are looking for similar family-focused games? We have the likes of Boba Story, My Cat Club: Collect Kittens, and Family Adventure that promises immersive gameplay.

  1. To unlock everything such as max daily treats, max money from bank heists and max money from Shutdown etc is level 29,000. Each perk only has 4 levels to them. But the level cap can go higher than that. Nobody really knows what the level cap is in the game.

  2. How many city’s are there in level one. I’ve got a deal to finish level one and win 750 cash????

  3. I also wonder how do we get the next pillar for rewards when it does not indicate how many shields? In the row? For the reward

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