How Do Houses Get Placed On Monopoly GO?

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Monopoly GO Houses

Monopoly GO offers a casual yet surprisingly enjoyable spin on the classic economy-focused board game. Bringing the thrills and challenges of real estate management to your mobile phone, this virtual rendition allows players to engage in the dice-rolling chaos with friends. 

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However, newcomers might find certain aspects of the game intriguing. The ultimate goal in Monopoly GO is to amass all the cash, forcing your opponents into bankruptcy. 

The strategy involves buying the properties you land on, acquiring a monopoly of color groups, and then enhancing them with houses and hotels.

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Are you eager to add houses and hotels to your properties in Monopoly GO but unsure about the process? Fear not! This guide will walk you through the steps, ensuring you swiftly place houses and upgrade them to hotels. 

Building these structures comes with numerous perks, such as charging rent from other players and unlocking the Color Set Wheel once you have a hotel on all properties of the same color.

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So, let’s dive into the world of Monopoly GO landmarks, houses, hotels, and the essential shield protection. Ready to become a real estate tycoon? Let’s roll the dice and get started!

Monopoly GO: Landmarks

In Monopoly GO, each level board boasts 5 unique landmark items. The key to conquering the board is building and maxing out these landmarks.

However, be wary – other players can break your landmarks, necessitating repairs and upgrades to reach board completion.

Monopoly GO Houses - Landmarks
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But why invest in landmarks? Well, completing all landmarks is essential to beating the board. Each upgrade costs money and adds a house to your inventory. These houses are randomly placed on property tiles after an upgrade, contributing to your overall Net Worth.

To navigate this financial journey, access board landmarks via the bottom menu’s Build button. Plan your upgrades wisely, ensuring you have enough cash on hand. After all, in the world of Monopoly GO, landmarks are the stepping stones to victory!

Monopoly GO: Houses and Hotels

In Monopoly GO, the road to acquiring houses and hotels involves a strategic journey through landmark building and upgrades.

Follow these steps to boost your cash flow:

1. Access the Build Menu: Navigate to your main screen and tap on the “Build” button at the bottom.

2. Upgrade Landmarks: Within the Build and Upgrade section, tap on the landmarks and grow them. This action will earn you houses and hotels in Monopoly GO.

3. Exit Build Mode: After upgrading landmarks, press the X button at the bottom of the page to exit Build mode.

4. Watch the Meteor Shower of Houses: As you exit Build mode, witness a meteor shower-like animation where houses rain down and get randomly placed on your properties.

5. Upgrade to Hotels: When a single tile accumulates five houses, it automatically transforms into a hotel. Continue upgrading and building until you have placed five houses and upgraded them to hotels in Monopoly GO.

Monopoly GO Houses - Houses and Hotels
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In short, houses and hotels are valuable investments, contributing to your cash flow. To acquire them, focus on upgrading your landmarks.

There are five types of landmarks, each upgradable through the Build option. Once you have houses, consider upgrading them to hotels by reaching the magic number of five on a single tile.

Bonus prizes await those who manage to place hotels on all properties of the same color set.

Monopoly GO Houses - Houses and Hotels
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Keep in mind that property tiles with houses or hotels yield higher rent, enhancing your overall earnings.

However, be cautious, as other players may target your landmarks, initiating a Shutdown minigame that can disrupt your expansion plans in Monopoly GO. 

Monopoly GO: How to Protect Landmarks

Imagine your favorite Monopoly GO Landmarks as precious treasures you want to guard. Well, here’s your secret weapon: Shields!

These magical tools prevent nasty Shutdowns from ruining your Landmark fun. But, of course, you’ve got to earn them in the game.

Monopoly GO Houses - Shields
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Earn Shields by playing smart, and sometimes you might stumble upon them on the game board like hidden treasures.

Now, picture Shields as your Landmarks’ loyal defenders. Each time a rival tries to mess with your Landmark, a Shield jumps in to save the day.

Monopoly GO Houses - Shields
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Think of Shields as superhero capes for your Landmarks. They do the heavy lifting, sacrificing themselves to keep your treasures safe. But fear not! You can restock your Shields by diving into the Monopoly GO action regularly. It’s like a power-up for your protective army.


All right, that’s a wrap! I hope you found this Monopoly GO landmarks, houses, and hotels guide super handy. That’s the lowdown on how to snag and pop up houses and hotels in the game.

Quick recap: Every time you jazz up a Landmark, you snag a House. Once you’re back on the game board, these Houses find their spots on random Property Tiles. When you hit 5 Houses on a single tile, bam! They magically transform into a swanky Hotel. So, keep upgrading!

Line up those Hotels on all the properties of the same Color Set, and voila! You’ve just unlocked a bonus prize. It’s like the VIP treatment for your Monopoly empire.

Ready to roll the dice? Dive into Monopoly GO, available now on the Play Store.

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