Horrorfield Guide: 8 Tips, Tricks and Strategies for Survivors

Anurag Ghosh
Repair Generators as a Team in Horrorfield

Horrorfield’s survivor mode is a 4 vs. 1 mode, where all four survivors’ sole objective is to escape a psycho killer’s lair before he captures and kills them.  If you have just started playing, then you should know the game rules, as explained below.  if you know the rules, then skip straight to our tips and strategies section. 

How to Play

 – In each map, there will be few locked gates placed on random locations. You and three other players will have to find and open a locked gate to escape from his lair.  

 – To open a locked gate, you and your team must restore power by repairing damaged generators. There are 7 generators placed on random areas. You will have to restore power in 5 generators to be able to open locked gates.  

 – Once all generators have been repaired, find the locked gate and tap and hold the electronic safe lock icon to open it. It will take a few seconds to open a gate as the circle surrounding the lock needs to be filled completely before the gate opens.  

 – If a survivor attacks you for the first time, your character is wounded but gains a speed boost for a few seconds. However, after some time he starts limping and walking slowly, making it much easier for the psycho to capture him. The psycho speed increases if he/she follows your wounded character’s bloody trail.  

 – When the psycho strikes for the second time, he captures your character. Your character will be trapped in a cage. A caged survivor should be freed by another survivor before he perishes. He dies if the blood gauge on his portrait reaches the top.  

 – Your character will still be wounded once he is being freed from the cage. Craft and equip a first aid kit ASAP if you want to heal him. One of the survivors can heal you, although it will take some time to heal when another survivor restores your health. This can be pretty risky especially when the psycho is nearby. If you are healing someone, then pay attention to your heartbeat and if it beats faster, flee! If someone is healing you then both survivors have to stay still if you want to be completely healed. To heal someone, a plus symbol must appear above a wounded survivor. Move closer to a survivor and tap and hold the plus button to heal him/her.  

 – The killer can’t open doors, but can break them. You will still have some time to flee if there’s a door between you and the maniac as it will take a few seconds to break the door. 

Horrorfield’s game rules are easy to follow, but as a survivor, it’s very tough to hide and run from the psycho killer. These beginner-level tips, tricks and strategies might help you repair all generators and escape unhurt from his den:  

1. Listen to Your Heartbeat  

It can be difficult to guess where the psycho is as you won’t have access to a mini-map and the camera follows your character when he moves. However, there’s one little hint that signals danger. When the killer is near your character, he gets scared and his heart beats faster. Using headphones while playing Horrorfield is the best way to listen to his heartbeats. When it beats faster it’s a warning sign. Stop whatever you are doing and run away from that area. You will also see the animated heart on top of the screen beating faster.  

2. Help Other Survivors Repair Generators Faster 

A generator repairs slowly when a single survivor fixes it. Time is not on your side, especially when the psycho is roaming around searching for his next prey. In such situations you and your team members should come together to repair a generator.

Repair Generators as a Team in Horrorfield

When two or more survivors fix a generator, it is repaired at a much faster rate than those that are repaired by a single person. When you see a survivor repairing a generator, lend a helping hand to him/her to quickly fix it. Tap and hold the icon above the generator to repair it.  

Tip: A locked gate can also be opened faster if two or more survivors are opening it at the same time.  Two or more survivors can heal a wounded survivor at a much faster rate than one.  

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3. Level Up Survivors 

Leveling up your character increases key stats, most importantly speed. Other stats that might see an increase are vitality, dexterity, engineering and morale. You will need a certain amount of silver to level up your survivors. You will get silver from 4 vs 1 matches and may also get them as gifts under “Daily Gifts”. Remember: The more generators you repair/allies escape, the higher the amount of silver you will receive after the game ends, even if you lose.  

4. Craft Items at the Workshop 

Items and equipment are crucial to survival. Without them, it will be very difficult to escape or at least temporarily defeat the psycho. You can craft up to 13 items. You will need an item’s blueprint to make it.  

To get an item’s blueprint, you will have to unlock a particular skill of a character. For example: To craft “First Aid Kit”, you will need its blueprint, which you can get once you learn Mary’s “Medical Instruments” Skill. To learn this skill, you will have to upgrade Mary to level 3. Once you learn it, head straight to the workshop to craft the First Aid Kit. You will need some silver to unlock the item for the first time and after that you can craft it every few hours. Also, upgrade the item using silver to improve its stats.   

Equip up to 4 items to your character. Your character needs to reach a certain level to unlock a free slot for equipping an item.  

5. How to Unlock New Survivors 

Unlocking new characters in Horrorfield is pretty straightforward. Reach a certain player level (account level) and collect secret seals. You will acquire a secret seal when you level up an unlocked character. For example, Mary can be unlocked when you reach account level 3, but you will also need 5 secret seals to obtain this character. To reach a new account level, you will need XP (stars), which you can obtain from 4 vs. 1 matches. The more generators you repair, allies escape the more XP you will earn, you will also earn bonus XP if you escape successfully.  

6. Wait at the Gates 

This trick might sound a bit selfish and unsporting – You should quickly find and wait near the gate when the generator count hits 1, i.e. when only generator is remaining. Someone must be searching that one last generator that will let him or your team open the gates, so just wait at the gates and tap and hold the electronic safe lock icon to open the gate when all generators are repaired.

Wait at the Gates

Try this trick if there are more survivors frantically searching for the generator. Pay attention to your heartbeat and if it beats faster, flee from that area until everything’s normal. Hide inside a building and come back when your heartbeat slows down.  

7. Collect Items from Daily Gifts 

Besides silver and gold, you will also receive key items such as first aid kits, grenades, holy water etc., from time to time.

Collect Items from Daily Gifts

When you claim a gift, you will have to wait for a few minutes to claim the next. You can claim up to 5 gifts daily.  Use attack/escape items only when the psycho is stalking your character.  

8. Level Up to Unlock Skills 

Each character in Horrorfield has a unique skill set. Tap “Survivor Camp” > Character’s Portrait > Skills tab to view a list of skills. Tap each unlocked skill to know how to obtain it. For example: Jack’s “Egoist” skill can be unlocked when you upgrade him to level 9. Soon after unlocking it, Jack will receive 30 percent extra silver and player experience when he escapes the psycho’s lair. Certain skills also unlock item blueprints. Learning Jack’s first “Amateur Chemist” skill will allow you to unlock the Energy Drinks item at the workshop. This item increases a character’s running speed by a certain percentage for a few seconds. 

  1. Why I have no seals in my game and every time I upgrade a character or level up I don’t get a seal? Stats go up when upgrading and I will receive little gold and silver when level up but no blue seals,no where in game do I even see seals?

  2. If I unlock the 3rd slot on a character for items does it apply to all my charactors or just the 1 that I unlocked it on for 100 gold.?

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