Horror Monster Survival- Game Guide & Tips

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Horror Monster Survival
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Everyone is preoccupied with their respective responsibilities, and nowadays people barely get any time, let alone for themselves.

Indeed, time doesn’t wait for anyone and to be ahead in life it’s very important to stay punctual and disciplined. Amidst all the chaos, some lightweight activities always help to lighten one’s mood.

Playing online games is one of them, and the Horror Monster Survival game is here to cheer you up! As you can already assume from the name of the game, it’s one of the thrilling, action-packed games that will keep you hooked.

The visuals and sound of the game will be even more attractive to you. As the title has already caught your attention, you must be very intrigued to try it now.

Well, without further ado, let’s explore the nitty-gritty of Horror Monster Survival and all the tips and tricks you should know before getting started with this game.

What’s Horror Monster Survival About?

Horror Monster Survival includes an impostor on a mission to destroy the enemy and escape from the monster. It runs on the survival of the impostor, which will lead the player to the next level.

Monster Toilet is chasing the impostor, and the impostor is trapped in an isolated forest while trying to pave its way out of the forest without getting defeated. 

While on the hunt for precious artifacts, the impostor lost its way in the dense woods, surrounded by zombies and monsters. The impostor has to escape the maze as well as become fluent with guns.

By destroying all the hideous creatures the impostor gets rewarded, and its points increase. The player has to be quick and alert while shooting his opponent so that the impostor can’t be trapped and surpass the levels.

To make this happen, the player should use their thinking ability to find ways to escape.

Horror Monster Survival
Image: Eldorado Global

How to Ace?

Now that we have done the formal introduction to the Horror Monster Survival game. Here are some tips and the equipment you should be using to make it to the end and ace every level.

The game mechanics are a no-brainer. All you need to do is drag the cursor back and forth to simply move the train, and tap the button to attack and kill impostors in your range.

Simultaneously, unlock new weapons and skins to rescue your teammates. As you do so, the throng of zombies and monsters will be rushing towards you, and to kill them you need to collect coins to upgrade your weapons actively in Horror Monster Survival.

Horror Monster Survival
Image: Eldorado Global

The Ins And Outs of Horror Monster Survival

Horror Monster Survival offers a wide range of characters unlocked as you advance through the game’s various stages, thereby enriching your gaming experience.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that the game has its fair share of pitfalls and 100+ challenging levels that need to be unlocked. Like any other game, players are given the freedom to upgrade their characters and equipment once they have earned it.

Horror Monster Survival
Image: Eldorado Global

Moreover, it’s essential to highlight the captivating 2D graphics and vivid visuals that not only capture the players’ attention but also create an immersive environment, enabling them to fully engross themselves in the game and enhance their overall gaming immersion.

And the best part? The game can be played offline as well. Although the game is new to the market, gamers are already gushing over its array of features! 

Horror Monster Survival
Image: Eldorado Global

Special Abilities In Horror Monster Survival

This game comes with a very interesting feature that allows players to upgrade their bullets as per their choice after completing every level. You get three options: HP boost, duo bullet, and bouncing bullet.

You can claim all three by watching a short advertisement or one to take your performance to the next level.

HP boost helps kill the gigantic monster! Impostors are alerted to its presence by a danger alert sign on the screen. Seconds after this warning, the huge monster barges towards the train. 

You have to be an extremely fast shooter at this stage so that the monster is killed without creating hindrance for the impostor to reach its next level.

Horror Monster Survival
Image: Eldorado Global

On the other hand, duo bullets let you fire two bullets at once, which helps kill spiders and bats quickly. 

Lastly, the bouncing bullets serve to kill two or more monsters with one bullet. Cool. right? 

These unique abilities amp up the gameplay, letting players tackle those creepy monsters efficiently and making the game even more interesting.

As you advance further in the game, you’ll encounter tougher challenges, and trust me, these special bullets will become your secret weapon to conquer them.

Defeat Bosses

We talked about the special abilities and how they could help you defeat the gigantic zombies and monsters, but there is one more hurdle that awaits you to overcome.

Meet the BIG BOSSES, which arrive in a horde along with bats, toilet monsters, and spiders.

But here is the real catch: When the player needs to come into action and use their big weapons and special abilities, these big bosses try almost everything to keep you from killing or even causing any damage to them. 

To prevent getting defeated by them, the player should keep the impostor’s focus on shooting the big bosses while their teammates deal with the other creatures.

If you get past these hideous, gigantic creatures, then we have nothing to say but congratulations! You are one brave fighter!

Horror Monster Survival
Image: Eldorado Global

Bottom Line

Get ready for an awesome time in Horror Monster Survival! You have super cool bullets and smart tips to help you beat tricky levels and scary bosses. Have fun playing and good luck!

You can download Horror Monster Survival on the Google Play Store.

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