Hoppia Tale Guide: Tips, Hints and Strategies for Beginners

(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Hoppia Tale reeks of nostalgia and simpler gaming times. The in-game graphics and music will remind many gamers of their gaming roots. This action adventure game requires focus but can be played at your own pace.  

If you wish to power through this game you can turn off the sound and put your head down, but if you’re here to enjoy the old game graphics and style, take it slow and let it all sink in. 

Here are a few tips and strategies to help you on your journey through the game! 

Hoppia Tale

1. Get Used to Moving 

Moving is incredibly important to progress in the game and avoiding or killing enemies is extremely important. Move your character by swiping on your screen, if you wish to move continuously, swipe and hold in a specific direction.

By holding down on the screen you don’t need to make continuous swipes but can move on a whim. Make note that you cannot walk over water or through it. You are subjected to hopping on land. 

Tip: when moving from one room to another, you will occasionally come across Saving rooms. These rooms automatically save your progress if you decide to leave the game, exit the dungeon or die in another area and need to respawn. 

2. Destroy Enemies  

To destroy enemies run your character into them. Some enemies need more than one hit in order to kill them. There are different types of enemies that will attack you. Some have a ranged attack and can hit you from a distance.

Move to avoid these enemies and time your attack. Before the enemy is ready to attack an exclamation (!) mark will appear above their heads. Use this as an indicator to avoid losing your health. 

Some obstacles can block enemy attacks. Utilize tree stumps, trees and other fixtures to block enemy fire. 

3. How to Earn Coins and Gems 

Earning coins is important because this in game currency can be used to buy specific aesthetic wear or accessories for battle. Earn coins by defeating enemies and breaking items in the game. Collect coins by passing over them with your character. 

Gems are the premium in-game currency in Hoppia Tale and can be used to purchase extra lives, different upgrades and more coins!  

4. Solve Puzzles 

In some stages there are simple puzzles you need to solve. Some by moving different items onto specific squares and unlocking an area. Without completing the puzzle you cannot advance out of the current room. 

On some stages it gives you the option of skipping puzzles by either watching a short ad, or by using some of the premium in game currency – gems. 

5. Get Your Login Rewards Each Day 

Everyday there is a basic login reward, rewarding people for consecutive days of play. These rewards give you coins and gems and are a great incentive to continue playing.

Although you may not have the ability to actively play every day, taking a minute to log in is worth it. You can even watch a short ad to double your reward and on days that reward gems, the premium currency, it is highly advisable to double down on this great deal. 

6. Customize your characters 

The game gives you the opportunity to customize your character with different accessories for aesthetic pleasure.

Shirts, pants and boots allow you to make the character your own. The addition of other accessories may help in your characters special abilities, but for the players who enjoy customization, Hoppia Tale offers a nice selection of garb. 

7. Purchase Accessories and Items from the Town 

In the Town there are a variety of different shops that you can purchase various accessories, clothes, and other upgrade items from. These items can help you complete difficult stages, customize your character and increase your overall enjoyment of the game. 

Accessories: These items consist of weapons with different effects and strength. These accessories can be used in all aspects of the game except “Time Attack” and “Workshop” 

Ride: The Ride shop has premium methods of travel ranging from a flying carpet, cloud and vehicle. Each can be test run on a mini track inside the building, but all cost gems.  

Clothes: The Clothes shop has a variety of different shirts, pants and boots to buy. These are for aesthetic purposes and allow you to customize your character. 

Your Home: You can upgrade your home as well as decorate your house with a variety of different items. Coins can be used to buy decorations while gems are needed for adding rooms onto your house. Your home is a place you can customize to your liking. 

8. What to Buy First? 

At first when just starting out it is important to save your coins for items that will help you progress in the game. The farther you progress, the more coins and gems you will acquire. Purchase accessories first before getting clothes.

Although personal customization is important and allows you to make the game your own, progressing further through various stages is a necessity. Use your coins and gems to help yourself purchase accessories with special abilities. 

After progressing through the game a bit, then focus on personal customization if you so choose. 

9. Play the Time Attack Mode 

Time attack is a special mode of the game that allows you to compete against other players by pitting you against other players around the world, your friends and other people who fall under the same ‘league’ as you.

This game mode allows you to earn extra coins and gems by completing 3 stages in a row in as short amount of time as possible. Place in the top positions with the fastest time to move up in the league standing. Higher leagues earn more coins and gems.  

10. Create Your Own Levels in the Workshop 

Hoppia Tale’s Workshop is a unique building in your town that allows you to create new stages as well as play past stages. You can select different worlds and levels of difficulty. There are other options such as puzzles, chaos and enemies or no enemies. This acts as a filter so you can play through different stages and learn more about the game.

The Workshop requires specific tickets that allow you to venture through these stages. These tickets can be acquired with gems or watching ads. These stages allow you to rank them and upon completion you can see how other players 

Customize your characters, play against friends and rivals alike through the Time Attack stages. Advance in the leagues to earn more gems and coins. Test run stages in the Workshop or create your own so others can enjoy them.