Hooked Inc: Fisher Tycoon – Tips and Hints for Armchair Anglers

Anurag Ghosh
Hooked Inc Fisher Tycoon - School of Fish

Hooked Inc: Fisher Tycoon is an idle tapper game from A Creative Endeavor. It lets you catch fish by simply swiping the screen – that’s it. But wait. There are several features that will keep you hooked into this game (pun intended).

As you keep earning money from your prized catches, you will be able to upgrade your trawler, recruit crewmembers and explore deeper seas to catch better fish. As you move to deeper waters, you will be able to search for rare fish and may also stumble upon epic fish.

But catching them won’t be an easy feat as you will need plenty of fishing XP to get them. The game also has a multiplayer tournament mode that lets you compete with several fishermen around the world for rewards and glory.

The game can be pretty exciting once you know how to catch more fish and get rewards for your efforts. With the help of these tips and hints, you will be able to catch lots of fish, rank higher in tournament and get free gems. Don’t miss the gameplay video below to know more about Hooked Inc – Fisher Tycoon:

1. Swipe Diagonally to Catch More Fish

Swiping over digital water to catch fish can be fun, but if you are looking to catch more, then the best way to do this is to swipe diagonally from one corner to the other. This way you will be able to catch as many fish as possible.

There are other ways to earn lots of bucks, which I will explain later, but for now, try to swipe diagonally. You can swipe from the lower-right corner of the screen to the upper left corner of the screen to quickly catch fish that appears on the surface of water.

2. Keep an Eye on School of Fish

A school is large group of fish that swims in the same direction. In Hooked Inc., you can earn lot of money in a very short period of time if you swipe over schools of fish, which appear occasionally.

Hooked Inc Fisher Tycoon - School of Fish

Keep looking for schools and when you see one, juts swipe in a circular motion to catch fish. The higher the value of fish, the more bucks you will earn when you swipe over a group of fish, so make sure you level up necessary upgrades to increase earnings per fish.

3. Max Out the First Two Upgrades and Level up Your Boat

Make sure you max out the first two boat upgrades as soon as possible. These two upgrades are “Proper Rod” and “Bread Crumbs”.

Leveling up the first boat upgrade will increase fish value, which means more dollars per fish. The second upgrade will make sure that more fishes appear on the surface, thereby increasing the chance of seeing schools of fishes.

Maxing Out Upgrades

Once you max out these two upgrades, you will get to catch more fish and earn more money. But this is just the tip of the iceberg; there are several fun upgrades which will be unlocked once your boat reaches a new tier.

To level-up your boat, you will need to earn lots of cold hard cash. For example: To upgrade your boat to level 2, you will need at least $5000. Maxing out the first two upgrades will help you earn 5K pretty quickly.

4. Go to Deeper Waters to Get High Value Fish

Once you hit the $1000 mark, tap the compass icon on the lower-left corner of the screen. With $1000 in hand you can go to “Deep Bay” to find better fish. Going to deeper waters will help you find high value fishes.

Each new fish in a new area carries higher value than the previous area. With every new find, you earn stars, which increase the value of your fishing XP. So when you go to “Deep Bay”, you will earn more fishing XP.

5. Grab Those Shipments Before They Float Away

Look for shipments (cardboard boxes) and tap a box whenever you find it floating on water. It contains a big pile of cash. Tap the box icon on the right side of the screen to get money.

6. Hire Crewmembers to Earn More Fish when you are away

Crewmembers help you earn more fish and will do all the hard work for you when you are not playing Hooked Inc: Fisher Tycoon. When you open the app, you will see a welcome banner displaying the amount earned by your subordinates. You can double the earnings by watching a video. You will need gems to hire a crewmember. The first crewmember will be free as the game gives you a few gems to buy one. For the rest, you will have to save those green trinkets to get the best crew for your boat.

7. How to Get Gems without Paying a Dime

Gems are premium currency and they can be used to hire crewmembers. You can purchase gems with real money, but there are a few ways to get them for free:

Complete goals to get gems. Tap the green box on the right side of the screen to check goals and complete them as fast as possible.

Play the “Lucky Wheel” mini-game. You will get one free spin and then will have to watch ads to play it. Tap the anchor icon on the bottom-right corner of the screen to access Lucky Wheel. You might get gems, but the real deal is those 2X, 3X “fishing luck” bonuses. If you get one, then it will multiply all income, including cash from shipments.

Along with cardboard boxes (shipments), you may have also noticed treasure chests floating on the sea surface. Quickly tap to collect a floating treasure chest. Now tap it on the right side of the screen. You can get 2-3 gems or more if you unlock it by watching a video.

Another way to get gems is by tapping the Daily Gift button. The gift section is underneath the Lucky Wheel and “Boosts”. Tap the “Collect for Free” button to get your rewards and come back after 24 hours to get more!

Tip: Try not to spend your precious gems on time-bound boosts. Such boosts will provide the much-needed benefits to improve your fishing, but they will be restricted by time and their effect will be over once the timer hits zero. Instead of spending on boosts, collect and save gems to hire crewmembers as their benefits won’t be temporary.

8. Participate in the Grand Fishing Tournament to Compete with Other Players

The Grand Fishing Tournament is Hooked Inc: Fisher Tycoon’s multiplayer mode where you will show your fishing (Read: Swiping) skills to other players. You will receive gems, which is based on your ranking on the score board. Let’s know tournament rules:

In tournament mode, all participating players will be given 6 minutes to catch as many fish as possible. At the end of the tournament the game will display the top anglers based on their earnings. A player’s ranking on the leaderboard will decide how many gems he/she has earned.

The tournament’s info page shows rand-based rewards. Example: Players who have secured 3-5 rank on the scoreboard will receive 50 gems, whereas rank 2 players will receive 80 gems.

Tournament Mode

Before participating in this tournament, a player has to select up to 3 crew members to join. Also, there’s a joining fee – one has to spend a few gems to take part in the tournament. First-timers won’t have to use gems but later on there will be fees for joining.

Now that you know the rules, here are some tips you can follow to increase your earnings and rank higher:

– Have at least two crewmembers before joining a tournament.

– Remember that the tournament will end in six minutes. Swipe as quickly as possible (diagonally) and don’t forget to swipe over schools of fish.

– Level up your boat upgrades whenever a notification appears on the upgrade section at the bottom of the screen. This will help you increase your fishing efficiency and value per fish. Try not to level up if the upgrade cost is too much and only 10-20 seconds are remaining. This will eat up your profits which you have earned in 5 minutes and you won’t be able to recover them in such a short time period.

– You will come across cardboard boxes. Just tap them and open them up quickly to get extra cash. It will be added to your total money earned.

– Do remember that the money you earn in tournament mode won’t be added to your main game. Whatever you have earned will determine your rank on the scoreboard. When the tournament ends, tap the “Score” tab to check your rankings. The more money earned, the better the ranking.

  1. I upgraded the guy that gives you buoys using the green gems and my third buoy has disappeared hours later. I can’t find it anywhere and the guy is maxed out on upgrades and stillsays that I have 3. Any ideas how to get it back?

  2. You must swipe when you are moving between paradise bay and the big sea (right after you upgrade), that’s how I got it.

  3. Ok, I’ll keep resetting and swiping. It’s just frustrating that I’ve almost made it to the last fishing area and can’t get the rainbow fish.

    1. You can get crab/lobster cages and other items from boxes (basic, common, rare, legendary). You can purchase them (common, rare. legendary) using gems. The higher the rarity the more chances of getting better items. Tap the anchor icon on the bottom of the screen and scroll until the “Boxes” section. Tap the tiny “i” (info) to know how many items each box contains. You may also find boxes floating on the seas. Tap a box when you spot one. I found a basic box in “silver pond”. The box contained bird catcher, lucky spinner, swift line pro and bamboo stick. Make sure you upgrade a item using gems before equipping it. If you find a box on the sea, make sure you wait for a few minutes to open it for free. Don’t spend gems to open it. Save gems only for purchasing boxes and upgrading items.

  4. I have been unable to get the Rainbow fish. I have reset over 50 times with no luck. I’ve tried at all times of the day and night. Suggestions?

    1. Rainbow fish can be found between paradise bay and the big sea. Keep swiping and hopefully you will find one. Some say it’s found beneath the boat at the big sea.

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