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Honkai: Star Rail Yanqing
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Enjoying any character in Honkai: Star Rail is only possible with the best build, and one important character that you need to know its build is Yanqing. The 5-star ice character is known for heavy-hitting individual damage and his Achilles heel, i.e., he should not receive any damage.

Yanqing Honkai: Star Rail
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Getting the best Yanqing build is possible by understanding the character and having the right items, such as Light Cone and Relic (and team). Therefore, this article will act as a guide, showing players how to build Yanqing. Newbies, this is gold. Existing players, you will also have some things to take note of.

What is the Best Honkai: Star Rail – Yanqing Build

Yanqing Honkai: Star Rail
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For newbies, this is the best Yanqing you can ever build:

  • Relics – Inert Salsotto (2pc) and Hunter of Glacial Forest (4pc)
  • Light Cone – Sleep Like the Dead
  • Stats – ATK%, Crit Rate/DMG, Ice DMG%, SPD, Break
  • Role – DPS
  • Team – Tingyun, Gepard, Yanqing, Bronya
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Yanqing follows the Hunt Path making it suitable as a single-target main DPS. Unlike Honkai Star Rail Seele, considered by many players as the best damage dealer, Yanqing has a complex damage buff associated with receiving no damage.

Best Relics for Yanqing Build

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The four-piece Hunter of Glacial Forest and two-piece Inert Salsotto are the relics of choice for Yanqing to build as they improve his damage and offensive stats.

Screenshot – SevyPlays

The Hunter of Glacial Forest is the ideal relic, as Yanqing is an Ice user. It improves his offensive stat by improving Yanqing’s overall Ice DMG by 10%. Furthermore, it increases the Crit DMG for two turns after Yanqing uses Ultimate, together with Inert Salsotto, which increases Crit Rate, ultimate, and follow-up attack damage when the Crit Rate is equal to or greater than 50%.  

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You can also replace Inert Salsotto with Sealing Space Station, which increases ATK%. Another relic you can use is Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise, which increases the character’s Effect Hit Rate and grants a slight ATK boost.

Best Light Cone for Yanqing Build

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The Sleep Like the Dead is the signature Yanqing Light Cone and is a five-star light cone that increases the character’s overall damage potential. It is very rare but used increases the character’s Crit DMG. Furthermore, when Yanqing’s basic attack/skill does not land a Crit Hit, the Crit Rate increases greatly for a turn.  

Screenshot – SevyPlays

Cruising in the Stellar Sea is another five-star light cone alternative that increases the character’s Crit Rate, especially against low-health enemies and ATK for three turns after defeating an enemy.

Screenshot – SevyPlays

Unlike Cruising in the Stellar Sea and Sleep Like the Dead, Swordplay is a four-star light cone alternative that increase the damage for successive attacks on the same target. Another four-star light cone is Only Silence Remains, which increases the character’s ATK and Crit Rate when facing nothing more than two enemies.  

Best Team Comp Yanqing Build

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Tingyun, Bronya, and Gepard are the best team comp for Yanqing. Yanqing has to avoid damage to deal the most damage possible. As a result, Gepard (a healer) and offensive supports like Tingyun and Bronya are perfect. The best team comp should protect Yanqing and increase his offensive abilities.

Final Thoughts

Yanqing is an exciting character to play with, and getting the best build is only possible by understanding the character, the right Relics, Light Cones, and team comp. Using the article, you can make the best build for the character. However, if you don’t have each component, you can use the understanding of his ability to gain the best build. Don’t forget. You can check out builds for other Honkai Star Rail characters like Bronya, Himeko, and Gepard. Good luck!!!  

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