Honkai: Star Rail – Kafka Build Guide

Muhib Nadeem

Honkai Star Rail – developed by miHoYo, has been blowing up like a bullet train lately. With so many cute characters joining the roster every update, players tend to forget about our “Ara-Ara nee-san” that was once the main act of this game.

miHoYo loves pumping items and characters, such that aspects like build paths, and in-game progression feels rather blurry, especially for Kafka, who relies on her build to rampage, let’s try to fix that, shall we?

Ability Priority

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Kafka’s main damage comes from her Ultimate, therefore, your primary focus should be on upgrading her Ultimate ability.

Simply follow this route to have your Kafka sunder foes as destructively as possible:

Ultimate => Skill => Talent => Normal Atk


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While you can spec Kafka according to your playstyle, the following Traces have shown to be the most effective with Kafka’s kit.

Be sure to upgrade them to a suitable level before investing in anything else:

  • Torture
  • Plunder
  • Thorns


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Eidolons are successive upgrades that enable your character to micro-manage their specific quirks.

For Kafka, the key upgrade Eidolons go as follows:

E4 : Recitativo (Lv. 4) => E2 : Fortississimo (Lv. 2) => E1 : Da Capo (Lv. 1)

Once these are done, you may choose to spec other Eidolons to customize Kafka according to your playstyle:

EidolonLevel Requirement

Best Relics on Kafka

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Kafka wants to focus on ATK, CRIT, Lightning, and ER, hence the following relics work wonders for her:

1. Band of Sizzling Thunder (4 Set)

This relic focuses on improving Kafka’s lightning damage:

  • 2 Set Effect – Boosts Lightning DMG by 10% the normal amount.
  • 4 Set Effect – Upon each skill use, the wearer’s ATK is boosted by 20% for the next turn.

2. Space Sealing Station (2 Set)

This relic focuses more on ATK based on your SPD. Here is how it works:

  • 2 Set Effect – The wearer’s ATK is increased by 12% of his/her damage. This effect is further increased by 12% once the weilder’s SPD reaches 120 or higher.

Best Light Cones For Kafka

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You’d be hard-pressed to find anything better than In the Name of the World for Kafka.

However, since light cones are gacha-based, it’s better to stick with Eyes of the Prey until you find the mentioned cone.

Here’s how they essentially work:

  • In the Name of the World: This light cone boosts Kafka’s damage on debuffed enemies, allowing you to become the main DPS in your team.

    The second buff comes on every skill hit. You essentially get an 18% increase in the hit rate while getting an additional buff on your base attack.
  • Eyes of the Prey: Your hit rate is increased by 20% while your DoT is increased by 24%.


In essence, Kafka is a damage-heavy character who benefits greatly from the lightning element, and damage amplifiers – kind of like Raiden Ei from Genshin Impact. That said, she only flourishes in a team with enchanters, and tanks, so use her at your own discretion!

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