Honkai Star Rail Codes – April 2024

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Hankai Star Rail Codes

In the world of mobile gaming, anime-style games are becoming popular among players all around the world.

Honkai Star Rail is a new HoYoverse space fantasy RPG game developed by Cognosphere PTE. LTD. Players will experience the galaxy’s infinite wonders while navigating through the stars.

You can download Honkai Star Rail From the Play Store.

In Honkai Star Rail, players can explore distinct worlds, have an exciting RPG experience, make new friends and enemies, and use their tactical combat skills in battles.

In this article, players will find the best codes for Honkai Star Rail for October 2023. These codes will benefit the players trying to get an edge in the game.

Honkai Star Rail Introduction
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Codes for October 2023

Honkai Star Rail Codes can provide players free Stellar Jade, Credits, and a character and Light Cone experience. These rewards can be helpful in your Honkai Star Rail journey. Below players can find the best codes for October 2023.

Players need to ensure the codes are used before they expire. When a code is expired it will be useless to any player.

Players need to make sure they know how to redeem the codes in-game or on the website. More about redeeming codes later in the article.

  • PT8TF72MQ93X: This code will give you 50x Stellar Jade and 10,000 credits.
  • STARRAILGIFT: This code will give you 50x Stellar Jade, 2x Traveler’s Guide, 5x Bottled Soda, and 10,000 credits to use in-game.

These are the only two active codes available at the moment for Honkai Star Rail. New codes drop every month for players of the game.

Honkai Star Rail reward codes
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How to redeem Honkai Star Rail Codes

Players of Honkai Star Rail, are required to complete the Trailblaze Mission “A moment of peace” before redeeming any codes. Once this mission is completed, the mailbox function will be unlocked.

There are two ways to redeem the codes. The first method is to visit the official redemption website and log into your account. The second method is to redeem the codes in-game.

Redeeming codes on the website

  1. Firstly the player needs to sign into their account on the website.
  2. The player must then select the correct server and character that they would like to use the code on.
  3. Enter your Honkai Star Rail code and then you need to click redeem.
  4. Players can regularly check their in-game mail to get Prime Gaming rewards.
Website for code claim
Photo: Cognosphere PTE. LTD

Redeeming codes in-game

  1. Players will need to open the main menu in Honkai Star Rail on their phone.
  2. After the player has opened the menu, they have to select the three dots icon that is located above their Trailblazer Rank.
  3. Then the player can click on “Redemption Code”.
  4. Players can then insert their Honkai Star Rail code.
  5. Once the player has entered their code, they can simply click on confirm.
Trailblazer menu
Photo: Cognosphere PTE. LTD

When players enter a valid code that has not been redeemed before, they will receive their rewards in the in-game mailbox. Players must then go to their mailbox and claim their rewards. The rewards will then be added to the inventory.

Phone menu - reward codes
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It is important for all players playing Honkai Star Trail to know all the necessary information regarding the rewards they will receive for using a code.

What is Stellar Jade?

Stellar Jade is the most valuable currency in Honkai Star Rail. This currency can be used to redeem Star Rail Passes where players can perform warps which is the main gacha mechanic in the game.

This can be used to unlock new characters and weapons for players to use in-game.

Upgrade characters abilities
Photo: Cognosphere PTE. LTD

What are credits used for?

Every time a character levels up in Honkai Star Trail, it will cost a certain amount of credits depending on the character and the new character level. Credits are also used to upgrade Light Cones and Relics. Traces can also be upgraded using credits.

Credits can be obtained by entering the reward code and completing limited-time events which are usually during the six weeks of each Honkai Star Trail update.

There are usually four or five limited-time events on during this period. Players can also obtain more credits by completing the game’s story, completing daily missions, farming the simulated universe constantly, and defeating overworld enemies.

Credits and Stellar jade
Photo: Cognosphere PTE. LTD

What is a traveler’s guide?

A travelers guide in Honkai Star Trail is a Character EXP Material that provides 20,000 characters EXP. Players will be able to travel through countless worlds when they use the traveler’s guide.

What is Bottled Soda in Honkai Star Trail?

The Bottled Soda is a red carbonated soda beverage with a smiling face on the bottle. Setting the sugar apart, the drink will give players optimism towards the future.

What is a Light Cone?

Light cones in Honkai Star Trail are all the weapons used in the game. The weapons strengthen characters with abilities and boost stats.

The gacha system used in the game means that players won’t be guaranteed the Light Cone they want from the standard and limited-time banners.

Light Cone Menu
Photo: Cognosphere PTE. LTD

Inventory items

The inventory in Honkai Star Trail features a bunch of elements that are constantly used in the game.

The inventory items are things like world currency, mission items, Light Cone EXP Materials, Synthesis materials, consumables, rare currency, Trace Materials and Character Ascension Materials.

Inventory items
Photo: Cognosphere PTE. LTD


Honkai Star Trial is a must-play game for players who like anime, and outer world-type games. Taking time to search for new codes every month can only benefit the players.

Players can receive a variety of rewards like credits, to boost their characters. I would recommend using the codes every month. Players need to ensure their code is valid to receive any rewards.

For people who are interested in other anime-style games, check out Luna Rebirth, Lovebrush Chronicles, and Will Of Hashira.

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