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Clara Honkai Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail is a space fantasy RPG that’s picking up quite the hype lately—and all for a good reason. It’s not your typical RPG; you get to experience the galaxy’s infinite wonders, endless adventure, and superb thrills.

Honkai Star Rail revolves around many characters with Traces (special abilities & skills) in a space RPG world. One of the characters is Clara, The Unstoppable Force, with exceptional survival tendencies and overpowered damage output.

Clara is certainly a character you need to be skilled with. For that, here’s the ultimate guide to Clara’s Best Builds, Teams, and Rotations!

Who’s Clara Anyways?

Clara in Honkai Star

Clara is our 5★ physical character in Honkai Star Rail. Clara’s path of destruction and her unstoppable tenacity are best known for the hybrid DPS style she brings to the game. Clara’s mechanics are health-based, but she still packs a heavy punch.

Clara is one of the tackiest and most potent characters in Honkai Star Rail. This is due to her remarkable attack stats and high base HP.

Clara stats screen

There’s a lot of fuss about how old she is, given her superhuman strength. Clara is said to be about 10 to 12 years old, being about 5’1 (or 1.55m) tall. This girl ain’t a crybaby!

Clara hero card

She has quite a low speed and energy cost. But that doesn’t stop Clara from wreaking havoc—her high base stats add to her overall performance, giving gamers a well-balanced character.

Clara: The Unstoppable Force – Combat Style & Role

Clara stats screen

Clara’s combat style is pretty unique. Her main DPS ability is to deal damage by taking damage. When she takes damage, she returns as a counterattack by using, “Marks of Counter.”

She continues to deal counterattack damage to enemies with her robot companion, Svarog. Clara’s role in a team is that of the Main DPS character, and she lives up to her ability!

Clara’s Traces (Abilities): Unveiling Svarog’s Power

Svarog, an ancient mech, is Clara’s trusty robot companion. They have been best buds for a while now, ever since she was orphaned at a young age.

Clara abilities

Her abilities are deeply connected with Svarog, like their strong bond in Honkai Star Rail. Svarog can also surmount reasonable damage to enemies—Clara isn’t the only DPS here!

TracesPriority & Explanation
Basic ATKI Want to Help: Physical DMG is dealt to a single enemy equal to 50% of Clara’s ATK. 
SkillSvarog Watches Over You: Physical DMG is dealt to all enemies equal to 60% of Clara’s ATK. Additional Physical DMG is dealt to enemies marked by Svarog with a Mark of Counter equal to 60% of Clara’s ATK. All Marks of Counter will be removed after the Skill is used.
TechniqueSmall Price for Victory: Enemies are attacked immediately. When entering battle, the chance of Clara being attacked by enemies increases for 2 turns. Stat Bonus: 1. ATK +4.0%
TalentBecause We’re Family: Under Svarog’s protection, DMG to Clara when hit by enemy attacks is reduced by 10%. Enemies who ATK Clara will be marked with Mark of Counter and retaliate with a Counter, dealing DMG to enemies equal to 80% Clara’s ATK.
UltimatePromise, Not Command: When Clara uses Ultimate, DMG dealt by enemies is reduced by 15%, and she has an increased chance of being attacked by enemies for 2 turns.

Additionally, Svarog’s Counter gets enhanced. Svarog launches a Counter whenever an ally is attacked, increasing its damage multiplier on the enemy by 96%. Adjacent enemies take 50% of the DMG dealt to the target enemy. Enhanced Counters can take effect 2 times.
Bonus Ability (Passive)Kinship: With a 35% fixed chance, debuffs placed on Clara will be removed when attacked. Stat Bonus: 1. Physical DMG +3.2% 2. ATK +4.0% 3. Max HP +4.0%
Bonus Ability (Passive)Revenge: Svarog’s Counter DMG has increased by 30%. Stat Bonus: 1. Max HP +6.0% 2. Physical DMG +6.4% 3. ATK +8.0%
Bonus Ability (Passive)Under Protection: Crowd Control Debuffs resistance chance is increased by 35%. Stat Bonus: 1. ATK +6.0% 2. Physical DMG +4.8% 3. ATK +6.0%

Clara’s Eidolons: Bringing Out Her Absolute Best

Clara’s Eidolons aren’t a joke. These help her to boost a lot of her base abilities. In Honkai Star Rail, the ascension passives, as discussed above, offer a lot of advantages like increasing Counter DMG, removing debuffs, and even CC resistance.

Clara eidolons

As far as trace priority is concerned. Focus on Clara’s Ultimate, next talent, next skill, and finally basic.

Eidolons: Clara’s Secret Weapon

Clara’s secret weapon enhances her abilities significantly, such as:

1. A Tall Figure

The first eidolon maximizes DMG to enemies as it allows her skill to no longer remove Marks of Counter.

2. A Tight Embrace

The second eidolon gives a 30% ATK boost after she uses her Ultimate.

3. Cold Steel Armor

The third eidolon increases Clara’s Basic ATK and Skill levels.

4. Family’s Warmth

The fourth eidolon gives a 30% extra DMG reduction on hit.

5. A Small Promise

The fifth eidolon gives a boost to Ultimate and Talent levels. This boosts Counter-damage output as well as total damage reduction.

6. Long Company

The final eidolon allows Svarog to trigger Talent’s Counter as well as mark enemies with the Mark of Counter whenever any other ally takes a hit.

Honkai Star Rail – Clara’s Best Builds

Clara Honkai Star Rail Best Builds

Honkai Star Rail seems incomplete without our tanky DPS Clara and her trusty mech, Svarog.

When together, they cause enough trouble—but what if they had their best builds, teams, and optimum rotations too? That would be insane, right?!

Team with Clara in Honkai Star Rail

So, each character’s build in Honkai Star Rail includes a Relic Set, their Planar Ornaments, Light Cones, and their best team compositions.

This guide will help you make the best out of Clara’s build, teams, and rotations:

Honkai Star Rail – Clara’s Relic Set: Increasing Her Destructibility

Choosing the right relics for Clara will have a significant impact on her damage output. She’s shy but she’s a DPS monster and a reliable tank with her best build.

Clara relic sets

Here’s a deeper outlook:

1. Four-Piece Physical Set

Clara is an AoE DMG dealer. So any relic set, like this one, that enhances Physical DMG output will be best suited for her.

This allows her to maximize her potential as a DPS Tank and emerge a formidable unit in any battle.

2. Longevous Disciple Set

It’s quite advantageous. But it’s not up to par because its HP% bonus does not directly contribute to the DMG increase.

Clara dialogue screen

3. Ashblazing Grand Duke Set

Clara’s kit must have something for follow-up attacks. This relic is a newer addition, assisting Clara with follow-up attacks.

The Champion set gives more ATK boost than this set, regardless, its 2-piece combo with the physical set can be a game changer.

4. Musketeer Combo

Combine two Physical pieces with two Musketeer pieces for the Musketeer Combo—and truth be told, it’s a vicious combination.

Using the Musketeer Set will invariably increase Clara’s DMG output as it enhances her ATK.

5. Champion of Streetwise Boxing

This relic increases Clara’s Physical DMG by 10% per 4 pieces.

When Clara attacks or is hit, she gets a 5% increase in ATK for the rest of the battle. That’s not all, this effect can stack up to 5 times.

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Best Planar Ornaments

These are the best Planar Ornament sets for Clara in Honkai Star Rail to hit her heaviest punches!

1. Space Sealing Station

This ornament increases Clara’s ATK by 12%. As soon as her SPD approaches 120 or higher, she gets an extra 12% ATK increase.

2. Inert Salsotto

Adds 8% increase in Clara CRIT Rate. Her Ultimate and follow-up DMG increases by 15% when her current CRIT Rate approaches 50% or higher.

Salsotto's moving city

Both of these Planar Ornaments magnify Clara’s existing abilities, granting her more CRIT and DMG to eradicate enemies with a blast! The Unstoppable Force indeed.

Best Light Cones

Clara light cone details

‘Something Irreplaceable’ is Clara’s best Light Cone. It’s her signature weapon, a 5★ Destruction Cone increases Clara’s DMG by a stunning 24% and heals Clara every time she attacks!

But not everybody has piles of cash to spend on a Gacha game, do they? Worry not! Clara has another 5★ weapon that you can unlock free of cost in Honkai Star Rail through Simulated Universe mode on Herta’s Space Station.

A battle in Honkai: Star Rail

This weapon, ‘On the Fall of an Aeon Light Cone’ as an alternative to ‘Something Irreplaceable,’ can be bought for eight Herta Bond currency. The following are Clara’s best Light Cones in Honkai Star Rail:

1. Something Irreplaceable

Triggering only once per time, and non-stackable, it increases Clara’s ATK by 24%. Clara also restores HP equal to 8% of her ATK when she defeats an enemy or takes a hit.

Warp result Honkai Star Rail

Simultaneously, her DMG increases up to 24% until the end of the next turn.

2. On the Fall of an Aeon

Clara’s ATK increases by 8% up to four times, during the battle whenever she attacks.

As soon as Weakness Break is inflicted on enemies by Clara, her DMG increases by 12% for two turns.

3. Nowhere to Run

Clara’s ATK increased by 24%. Whenever she defeats an enemy, she restores HP equal to 12% of her ATK.

Honkai Star character list

4. A Secret Vow

Clara’s DMG increased by 20%. She also deals an additional 20% of DMG to enemies whose current HP% is equal to or higher than her current HP%.

5. The Moles Welcome You

Clara gains 1 stack of Mischievous whenever she uses Basic ATK, Skill, or Ultimate to attack enemies. Each such stack will increase Clara’s ATK by 12%.

Clara during battle

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Clara – Best Stats

There are two types of stats to keep in check. Main Stats and Substats.

Main Stats for Clara

When it comes to Clara, you have to make sure that you give priority to the following main stats on your relics:

  • CRIT Rate
  • ATK%
  • Physical DMG%

These main stats relate best to Clara’s role and combat abilities as a hefty tank Physical DMG dealer.

Clara level 80

Substats for Clara

In the case of substats for Clara, keep your focus on SPD until it reaches around 96, after that, give priority to CRIT Rate and ATK%.

Remember that Clara is a tank, therefore any bonus tank stats are also advantageous. This will help her tank even more damage than before.

Clara hero screen

Keep your focus to reach at least around 3K ATK, a strong CRIT Ratio, and choose SPD stats based on team needs and battle scenarios.

Rotations & Team Comps

Clara’s rotations and team compositions can make or break Honkai Star Rail. The specific rotations depend on what kind of battle scenario it is.

Each team has its strengths and weaknesses, so it’s great to experiment casually to find what works best for your playstyle.

Clara team compositions

Clara shows diverse functionality in different settings, scenarios, and team comps to touch her maximum potential:

Clara – The Main DPS

Let’s face it. Clara is a heavy-duty tank and a pretty solid DPS, so she can be used as the main DPS with the right kind of support.

Such a team composition may include:

  • 2 Supports
  • 1 Solo Sustain

For instance, a team of Yukong, Luocha, Tingyun, and Clara. Yukong and Tingyun do with the range buffs. In the meanwhile, Luocha helps with critical sustain and cleansing abilities. Excellent synergy!

Clara main dps

Clara – The Sub DPS

Clara is great as a Main DPS, however, a team with Clara as a Sub DPS can also do pretty well in which she provides Main DPS with DMG and Skill points.

Such a team composition may include:

  • A solo or double sustain
  • A Main DPS

For example, team comps like Clara-Seele-Tingyun-Bailu or Clara-Sushang-Natasha-FireMC will work wonders!

Clara sub dps

Clara boasts high base stats and a hefty DMG output. These abilities help her relieve some pressure from the Main DPS.

A Mono Physical Team

A Mono Physical Team is also a great option. This team composition focuses on Physical Damage Dealers, maximizing the DMG output.

Clara mono physical team

For example, Clara, Silver Wolf, Natasha, and Sushang can be a pretty dope team.

Keep in mind that Clara’s potential damage output in Honkai Star Rail might decrease because of added breaks from some other characters.

Some More Team Comps

  1. Huohuo: Provides hefty sustain along with supporting Clara’s playstyle giving additional ATK boosts as well as healing.
  2. Blade: Clara with Blade gives rise to a dual DPS team. Blade accompanies Clara’s Counter-based damage playstyle.
  3. Topaz: Synergizes well with Clara’s counters and helps in dealing with extra DMG in the team. Easily one of the best teammates Clara can vouch for!


Clara is truly “The Unstoppable Force” in Honkai Star Rail on the battlefield, isn’t she?! Her base stats are up to par and hell, no one would think a shy little girl would be a super tanky, high DPS unit!

In Honkai Star Rail, she is worth mastering and investing in. If you are a skilled gamer and love to play DPS units, Clara is your best pick.

What do you think about Clara: The Unstoppable Force? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to download Honkai Star Rail!

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