Honkai Star Rail Character Tier List

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Honkai Star Rail All Characters

If you are wondering which Honkai Star Rail character to choose, we have the perfect solution for you!

In this article, we will have a listicle of all the characters, as well as stats to help you with your choice. Along with the characters, we will go into a bit more detail about each character, as well as their Rarity Tier list.

Let us begin!

Honkai Star Rail Character Tier List

Tier Honkai Star Rail

S – Tier

Black Swan
Black Swan
Dan Heng Lunae
Dan Heng (Imbibitor)
Dr. Ratio
Dr. Ratio
Fu Xuan
Fu Xuan
Ruan Mei
Ruan Mei
Sparkle Tier Icon
Silver Wolf
Silver Wolf
Topaz And Numby
Topaz & Numby
Black Swan (Nihility)
A substantial investment is necessary to unlock Black Swan’s peak performance, but it pays off handsomely due to her remarkable kit. She inflicts significant damage; her DoT is stackable and ignores DEF, has high synergy with DoT units, and is very flexible. To fully maximize her capabilities, it’s advisable to position her within a DoT-focused team, ideally alongside DoT characters like Kafka and Sampo.

(Max Lv. Ultimate) Bliss of Otherworld’s Embrace – Inflicts Epiphany on all enemies for two turn(s). Enemies affected by Epiphany take 27% more DMG in their turn, and their Arcana effect is regarded as Wind Shear, Bleed, Burn, and Shock effects. In addition, when their Arcana effect is triggered at the beginning of the next turn, the Arcana stacks are not reset. The stack non-reset effect can be triggered up to 1 time(s) in Epiphany’s duration, and its charges are replenished when Epiphany is applied again. Deals Wind DMG equal to 129.6% of Black Swan’s ATK to all enemies.
Bronya (Harmony)
Bronya can advance a single ally’s action by 100%, increase their DMG by up to 66%, and dispel one debuff. She also increases your team’s ATK plus CRIT DMG based on her CRIT DMG stat. Her impressive offensive buffs and action-advanced skills make her ideal for any hypercarry team, provided that you maintain sufficient speed to synchronize with your main damage dealer.

(Max Lv. Ultimate) The Belobog March – Increases the ATK of all allies by 59.4%, and increases their CRIT DMG equal to 16.8% of Bronya’s CRIT DMG plus 21.6% for 2 turn(s).
Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae (Destruction)
With a good balance of single-target and blast damage, Imbibitor Lunae rolls in as one of the most powerful damage dealers in the tier. However, he does demand a considerable amount of SP due to the 3 SP cost of his blast skill, but his Ultimate does give him two Squama Sacrosancta. Nonetheless, he thrives in teams with lower SP consumption, like Gepard and Luocha, or in teams that offer ample SP support, such as Sparkle and Hanya.

(Max Lv. Ultimate) Azure’s Aqua Ablutes All – Uses a 3-hit attack and deals Imaginary DMG equal to 324% of Dan Heng • Imbibitor Lunae’s ATK to a single enemy target. At the same time, it deals with Imaginary DMG equal to 151.2% of Dan Heng • Imbibitor Lunae’s ATK to adjacent targets. Then, obtains 2 Squama Sacrosancta. Consuming Squama Sacrosancta is considered equivalent to consuming skill points.

It’s possible to hold up to 3 Squama Sacrosancta, which can be used to offset Dan Heng • Imbibitor Lunae’s consumption of skill points.
Dr. Ratio (Hunt)
Dr. Ratio is an impressive single-target damager dealer that was given for free to all players from Honkai Star Rail 1.6. A character easily accumulates energy due to his follow-up attack, and with every debuff on the target, his CRIT Rate and CRIT DMG increase, which can stack up to 6 times. When his allies attack a target with his Wiseman’s Folly status, Dr. Ratio launches his follow-up attack. Quite impressive for a free character.

(Max Lv. Ultimate) Syllogistic Paradox – Deals Imaginary DMG equal to 259.2% of Dr. Ratio’s ATK to a single target enemy and applies Wiseman’s Folly. When Dr. Ratio’s allies attack a target afflicted with Wiseman’s Folly, Dr. Ratio launches his Talent’s follow-up attack for 1 time against this target.

Wiseman’s Folly can be triggered for up to 2 times and only affects the most recent target of Dr. Ratio’s Ultimate. This trigger count resets after Dr. Ratio’s Ultimate is used.
Fu Xuan (Preservation)
Fu Xuan is, by far, the best Sustain in the Tier by a considerable margin. Her talent provides Misfortune Avoidance, reducing the damage taken by her allies, while her skill grants Matrix of Prescience, diverting 65% of the DMG they receive to Fu Xuan herself. Needless to say, she’s pretty durable, and since her performance is scaled based on her HP, she not only excels in sustaining her team but also contributes significantly to damage output.

(Max Lv. Ultimate) Woes of Many Morphed to One – Deals Quantum DMG equal to 108% of Fu Xuan’s Max HP to all enemies and obtains 1 trigger count for the HP Restore effect granted by Fu Xuan’s Talent.
Huohuo (Abundance)
Huohuo presently ranks among the top-tier healers alongside Luocha. What sets her apart is her remarkable passive healing over time and an Ultimate ability that not only regenerates energy but also buffs all allies, enhancing their ATK for two turns. It’s worth noting, however, that she does have a higher SP consumption compared to Luocha and Fu Xuan.

(Max Lv. Ultimate) Tail: Spiritual Domination – Regenerates Energy for all allies (excluding this character) by an amount equal to 21% of their respective Max Energy. At the same time, increases their ATK by 43.2% for 2 turn(s).
Jingliu (Destruction)
Flexible and boasting high damage output, you can never go wrong with Jingliu. Her talent, triggered after stacking at least two Syzygy, activates the Spectral Transmigration state, which will immediately advance her action by 100% and gain up to 50% CRIT Rate. She may need heavy investment to maximize her full potential, such as maxing out her Traces, but it’s all worth it. Notably, due to her low SP consumption, Jingliu seamlessly integrates into any team composition.

(Max Lv. Ultimate) Florephemeral Dreamflux – Deals Ice DMG equal to 300% of Jingliu’s ATK to a single enemy, and deals Ice DMG equal to 150% of Jingliu’s ATK to any adjacent enemies. Gains 1 stack(s) of Syzygy after attack ends.
Kafka (Nihility)
Kafka is easy to build since she’s heavily focused on DoT damage, leaving the CRIT stat the lowest priority. All she needs is ATK%, Effect Hit Rate, and SPD—Kafka benefits greatly from high-speed stats. Since CRIT isn’t necessary for her damage output, you best opt for support that boosts her SPD and DMG%, such as Ruan Mei and Tingyun. Alternatively, if you require a sub-DPS, pairing Kafka with Black Swan or Sampo can amplify the effectiveness of your DoT-focused team.

(Max Lv. Ultimate) Twilight Trill – Deals Lightning DMG equal to 86.4% of Kafka’s ATK to all enemies, with a 100% base chance for enemies hit to become Shocked and immediately take DMG from their current Shock state, equal to 104% of its original DMG. Shock lasts for 2 turn(s).

While Shocked, enemies receive Lightning DoT equal to 318.3% of Kafka’s ATK at the beginning of each turn.
Luocha (Abundance)
Luocha has a unique type of healing compared to his peers in the Tier. Once he gains two stacks of Abyss Flower, his Talent will automatically deploy a Field for two turns; when any enemy is in the Field is attacked by an ally, the attacking ally’s HP immediately restored by an amount equal to Luocha’s ATK. Additionally, his Skill offers healing that activates instantly when any ally’s HP drops to 50% while also removing one debuff at A2 Trace. Given Luocha’s low SP consumption, he synergizes exceptionally well with SP-hungry DPS such as Dan Heng • Imbibitor Lunae.

(Max Lv. Ultimate) – Removes 1 buff(s) from all enemies and deals all enemies Imaginary DMG equal to 216% of Luocha’s ATK. At the same time, Luocha gains 1 stack of Abyss Flower.
Ruan Mei (Harmony)
A genius who sits on her rightful throne. Ruan Mei is the only character that can easily grant DMG team buff and increase Break Efficiency with her Skill. With her talent, she gives her team a decent amount of permanent SPD, and when allies Break an enemy target’s Weakness, Ruan Mei deals to this enemy target Break DMG equal to her Ice Break DMG. Furthermore, she seamlessly integrates into a hypercarry team alongside other amplifiers like Bronya or Tingyun.

(Max Lv. Ultimate) – Ruan Mei deploys a field that lasts for 2 turns. The field’s duration decreases by 1 at the start of her turn. While inside the field, all allies’ All-Type RES PEN increases by 27%, and their attacks apply Thanatoplum Rebloom to the enemies hit.

When these enemies attempt to recover from Weakness Break, Thanatoplum Rebloom is triggered, extending the duration of their Weakness Break, delaying their action by an amount equal to 20% of Ruan Mei’s Break Effect plus 10%, and dealing Break DMG equal to 54% of Ruan Mei’s Ice Break DMG.

Enemy targets cannot have Thanatoplum Rebloom re-applied to them until they recover from Weakness Break.
Sparkle (Harmony)
Bid farewell to your SP woes with Sparkle, who not only elevates your team’s SP cap but also restores a portion of it. While Sparkle is on the battlefield, additionally increase the maximum number of skill points by two. Whenever an ally consumes an SP, all allies’ DMG dealt increases, and this effect lasts for two turns and stacks up to three times. Furthermore, her Skill increases the CRIT DMG of a single target ally and Advances Forward their action, rendering her an invaluable asset for a team comprising SP-hungry sustain or DPS with follow-up, such as Jing Yuan and Clara.

(Max Lv. Ultimate) The Hero with a Thousand Faces – Recovers 4 Skill Points for the team and grants all allies Cipher. For allies with Cipher, each stack of the DMG Boost effect provided by Sparkle’s Talent additionally increases by 10.8%, lasting for 2 turns.
Seele (Hunt)
If we’re talking about speed, Seele will be at the top of the list. She’s a single-target damage dealer, but her kit allows her to attack multiple times per turn. Using her Skill increases Seele’s SPD for two turns and deals Quantum DMG equal to her ATK. She enters a buffed state after defeating an enemy with Basic ATK, Skill, or Ultimate, granting an extra turn. While in the buffed state, the DMG of her ATK increases up to 88%. Strong, fast, and the ideal DPS choice, Seele proves to be the quintessential option for a hypercarry team in the Tier.

(Max Lv. Ultimate) Butterfly Flurry – Seele enters the buffed state and deals Quantum DMG equal to 459% of her ATK to a single enemy.
Silver Wolf (Nihility)
Silver Wolf is at the top of the Tier for an impressive reason. She’s a single-target focused support, but her kit will surely obliterate any opponents in the field. She can create three types of Bugs that reduce ATK, DEF, and SPD, which last for three turns. At the max level of her Skill, there’s an 87% chance she will add 1 Weakness of an on-field character’s Type to the target enemy, plus reduce the enemy’s DMG RES to that Weakness Type. Don’t have characters that fit the weakness type of your enemy? Silver Wolf will take care of it!

(Max Lv. Ultimate) User Banned – There’s a 103% base chance to decrease the target enemy’s DEF by 46.8% for 3 turn(s). And at the same time, deals Quantum DMG equal to 410.4% of Silver Wolf’s ATK to the target enemy.
Topaz & Numby (Hunt)
Topaz & Numby sits as a support more than a DPS in the tier. She shines in follow-up teams since her Skill grants Proof of Debt status on a single target enemy, which increases the DMG it takes from follow-up attacks. She also summons Numby at the start of the battle. When taking action, Numby launches a follow-up attack on a single enemy target afflicted with Proof of Debt, dealing fire DMG based on Topaz’s ATK. They prove to be an ideal addition to a team featuring characters with follow-ups like Jing Yuan, Clara, or Dr. Ratio.

(Max Lv. Ultimate) Turn a Profit! – Numby enters the Windfall Bonanza! state and its DMG multiplier increases by 165% and CRIT DMG increases by 27.5%. Also, when enemies with Proof of Debt are hit by an ally’s Basic ATK, Skill, or Ultimate, Numby’s action is Advanced Forward by 50%. Numby exits the Windfall Bonanza! state after using 2 attacks.
Qingque (Erudition)
Qingque requires a lot of investment to maximize her potential, but she’s an impressive damage dealer in late-game content. Her skill grants her DMG increase until the end of her current turn, and Talent gives her ATK increase once the conditions are met. With her powerful damage buff and flexibility, she shines in a hypercarry setup that generates SP.

(Max Lv. Ultimate) – Deals Quantum DMG equal to 216% of Qingque’s ATK to all enemies, and obtains 4 jade tiles of the same suit.
Tingyun (Harmony)
Undoubtedly, Tingyun holds the title of the best 4-star support character in the Tier. Despite the arrival of numerous new 4-star supports, none have managed to dethrone her. This charming foxian lady bestows a single ally with Benediction, enhancing their ATK significantly, and when the buffed ally attacks, they unleash additional Lightning DMG. Additionally, her ultimate skill regenerates energy for a single ally. If you’re constructing a hypercarry team, including her is a must—you won’t regret it.

(Max Lv. Ultimate) – Regenerates 50 Energy for a single ally and increases the target’s DMG by 56% for 2 turn(s).

A – Tier

Jing Yuan
Jing Yuan

Argenti (Erudition)
Are you looking for a high AoE damage dealer? Argenti would be your best bet in the tier. To properly maximize his potential, you will need his Ultimate to fill per rotation constantly; otherwise, his damage output drops. However, with enough investment, Argenti becomes your strongest AoE damage dealer. His talent grants CRIT Rate, and the presence of more enemies on the field enhances his strength further. Remarkably, you don’t require any Eidolons to augment this magnificent Knight; Argenti shines brightly even at e0.

(Max Lv. Ultimate) Merit Bestowed in “My” Garden – Consumes 180 Energy and deals Physical DMG equal to 302.4% of Argenti’s ATK to all enemies, and further deals DMG for 6 extra time(s), with each time dealing Physical DMG equal to 102.6% of Argenti’s ATK to a random enemy.
Blade (Destruction)
Blade basically consumes his own HP to inflict massive damage and, at the same time, recover his HP once his follow-up attack is triggered. This mirrors the mechanics of a berserker-type character in many RPG games, where they boost their ATK power at the cost of their HP. With his low SP consumption, DMG scaled on his HP, self-sustain, and impressive damage output, it’s safe to say that he’s one of the most powerful damage dealers in the tier, provided you have a decent healer to keep him alive.

(Max Lv. Ultimate) Death Sentence – Sets Blade’s current HP to 50% of his Max HP and deals Wind DMG to a single enemy equal to the sum of 43.2% of his ATK, 108% of his Max HP, and 108% of the tally of Blade’s HP loss in the current battle. At the same time, deals Wind DMG to adjacent targets equal to the sum of 17.3% of his ATK, 43.2% of his Max HP, and 43% of the tally of his HP loss in the current battle.

The tally of Blade’s HP loss in the current battle is capped at 90% of his Max HP. This value will be reset and re-accumulated after his Ultimate has been used.
Clara (Destruction)
Don’t let her adorable look fool you. Clara is a solid counter-based DPS and, to this day, still the best standard 5-star character in the Tier. She reduces DMG dealt to her and increases the chances of being attacked by enemies, which quickly counter back with impressive damage in both singer-target and AoE.

(Max Lv. Ultimate) Promise, Not Command – After Clara uses Ultimate, DMG dealt to her is reduced by an extra 27%, and she has greatly increased chances of being attacked by enemies for 2 turn(s).

In addition, Svarog’s Counter is enhanced. When an ally is attacked, Svarog immediately launches a Counter, and its DMG multiplier against the enemy increases by 172.8%. Enemies adjacent to it take 50% of the DMG dealt to the target enemy. Enhanced Counter(s) can take effect 2 time(s).
Gepard (Preservation)
Gepard is the best standard 5-star sustain unit, so exceptional that even with a competent healer at your disposal, you’ll find yourself gravitating Gepard back into your party. This amazing tank has a passive that increases enemy aggro, and his Ultimate shield is very strong, preventing your allies from being one-shot by enemies. Furthermore, Gepard possesses a self-revive passive that restores his energy to the maximum upon revival, granting all allies a free shield once he’s back in action.

(Max Lv. Ultimate) Enduring Bulwark – Applies a Shield to all allies, absorbing DMG equal to 48% of Gepard’s DEF plus 668 for 3 turn(s).
Jing Yuan (Erudition)
This spectacular General of Xianzhou Luofu provides good AoE and single-target damage. His Talent, summoning Lightning-Lord at the start of the battle, acts as a separate damage instance with its independent turn. When the Lightning-Lord takes action, its hits are considered follow-up attacks, and each hit deals with Lightning DMG. Consider placing him in a hypercarry team with Bronya and Tingyun to increase his DMG output.

(Max Lv. Ultimate) Lightbringer – Deals Lightning DMG equal to 216% of Jing Yuan’s ATK to all enemies and increases Lightning-Lord’s Hits Per Action by 3 for the next turn.
Asta (Harmony)
Asta is a 4-star widely regarded as a universal support character owing to her remarkable teamwide Ultimate, which provides a SPD boost. She’s best added to the team at E4 for a higher energy regeneration rate, and by far, she fits into any team composition.

(Max Lv. Ultimate) Astral Blessing – Increases SPD of all allies by 53 for 2 turn(s).
Hanya (Harmony)
Hanya is a 4-star support buffer that regenerates a significant amount of SP for the team and boosts up a single target’s SPD. She’s a perfect addition to a hypercarry team with an SP-hungry DPS, such as Dan Heng • Imbibitor Lunae, Jing Yuan, or Argenti.

(Max Lv. Ultimate) Ten-Lord’s Decree, All Shall Obey – Increases the SPD of a target ally by 21% of Hanya’s SPD and increases the same target ally’s ATK by 64.8%, lasting for 2 turn(s).
Lynx (Abundance)
Lynx is a 4-star support that provides consistent AoE healing. She’s undoubtedly better and stronger than Natasha and Bailu at her higher Eidolons and very SP-positive with her A6 Trace. Unlike Bailu, Lynx’s Ultimate grants an AoE cleanse.

(Max Lv. Ultimate) Snowfield First Aid – Dispels 1 debuff(s) from all allies and immediately restores their respective HP by an amount equal to 14.4% of Lynx’s Max HP plus 401.
Pela (Nihility)
Pela would be your best choice if you’re looking for excellent 4-star debuffer support. She does an AoE DEF Shred to her enemies and can dispel buffs with her skill. Not only is she SP-positive, but her Ultimate is up most of the time. She’s great in any team composition, especially with Jingliu.

(Max Lv. Ultimate) Zone Suppression – Deals Ice DMG equal to 108% of Pela’s ATK to all enemies, with a 100% base chance to inflict Exposed on all enemies. When Exposed, enemies’ DEF is reduced by 42% for 2 turn(s).
Sampo (Nihility)
With a high damage multiplier, impressive Damage over Time (DoT), exceptional Breaking capabilities, and SP-positive and powerful at E6 thanks to the permanent 15% Wind Shear DMG multiplier. This makes Sampo an ideal addition to your DoT-focused team, perfectly complementing DoT characters like Kafka and Black Swan.

(Max Lv. Ultimate) Surprise Present – Deals Wind DMG equal to 172.8% of Sampo’s ATK to all enemies, with a 100% base chance to increase the targets’ DoT taken by 32% for 2 turn(s).
Xueyi (Destruction)
Xueyi is an impressive 4-star damage dealer who ignores element type as she can inflict toughness damage easily. Her Ultimate deals Quantum DMG equal to 270% of her ATK to a single target enemy. This attack ignores Weakness Types and reduces the enemy’s Toughness. She excels both as a main DPS in a hypercarry setup and as a secondary to support Quantum DPS like Seele.

(Max Lv. Ultimate) Divine Castigation – Deals Quantum DMG equal to 270% of Xueyi’s ATK to a single target enemy. This attack ignores Weakness Types and reduces the enemy’s Toughness. When the enemy’s Weakness is Broken, the Quantum Weakness Break effect is triggered.

In this attack, the more Toughness is reduced, the higher the DMG will be dealt, up to a max of 64.8% increase.

B – Tier

Trailblazer (Fire)
Trailblazer (Fire)
Dan Heng
Bailu (Abundance)
Bailu is an excellent standard 5-star with reactive healing and a one-time ally revive ability once they’re down. Her skills heal a single ally, then bounce to random allies two times. They’re very dependent on RNG, but her kit is SP-positive. She also grants Invigoration to all allies with her Ultimate; after an ally with Invigoration is hit, they restore an HP based on a percentage of Baidu’s Max HP. If you don’t have any limited 5-star healer, go for Bailu, but she is easily replaceable by other 5-star sustain such as Luocha or Fu Xuan.

(Max Lv. Ultimate) Felicituos Thunderleap – Heals all allies for 14.4% of Bailu’s Max HP plus 401. Bailu applies Invigoration to allies that are not already Invigorated. For those already Invigorated, Bailu extends the duration of their Invigoration by 1 turn. The effect of Invigoration can last for 2 turn(s). This effect cannot stack.
Himeko (Erudition)
Himeko has strong AoE damage but generally shines against enemies that respawn; one of the scenarios would be Pure Fiction. But with a single target, she would be struggling. She needs a lot of investment if you want her to be at top performance and may need Topaz in her team to boost her follow-up attack output.

(Max Lv. Ultimate) Heavenly Flare – Deals Fire DMG equal to 248.4% of Himeko’s ATK to all enemies. Himeko regenerates 5 extra Energy for each enemy defeated.
Trailblazer (Preservation)
Preservation Trailblazer have decent damage and have the capability to provoke enemies to focus their target on them. Each time the Trailblazer is hit, they gain one stack of Magma Will for a max of eight stacks, which can be consumed to enhance their basic ATK and Fire DMG. While this sounds impressive, it’s worth noting that the Preservation Trailblazer’s kit may not suffice on its own in the late game.

(Max Lv. Ultimate) War-Flaming Lance – Deals Fire DMG equal to 110% of the Trailblazer’s ATK plus 165% of the Trailblazer’s DEF to all enemies. The next Basic ATK will be automatically enhanced and does not cost Magma Will.
Welt (Nihility)
Welt is very flexible, and his utility and damage are decent. He can slow enemies, and his Ultimate has a 100% base chance of being Imprisoned, rendering them immobile. However, it’s important to note that Welt requires substantial investment, particularly in Effect Hit Rate. Nevertheless, he shines brightest when paired with Dr. Ratio or Dan Heng • Imbibitor Lunae.

(Max Lv. Ultimate) Synthetic Black Hole – Deals Imaginary DMG equal to 162% of Welt’s ATK to all enemies, with a 100% base chance for enemies hit by this ability to be Imprisoned for 1 turn.

Imprisoned enemies have their actions delayed by 41.6% and SPD reduced by 10%.
Dan Heng (Hunt)
Dan Heng is a 4-star single-target damage dealer and quite strong in the early stages of the game. However, his effectiveness may wane in prolonged combat encounters due to his absence of AoE damage, necessitating the presence of a sub-DPS for efficient performance. While he requires investment with Eidolons to remain competitive, Dan Heng compensates with his impressive speed and commendable ability multipliers.

(Max Lv. Ultimate) Ethereal Dream – Deals Wind DMG equal to 432% of Dan Heng’s ATK to a single enemy. If the enemy is Slowed, the Ultimate’s DMG multiplier increases by 129.6%.
Guinaifen (Nihility)
To fully benefit from Guinaifen, you may need a high investment due to her demand for Effect Hit Rate, which isn’t typical for 4-star support. This may not be necessary when other supports with simpler builds are available. However, Guinaifen stands out as exceptionally SP-positive, yielding high damage output. Additionally, this 4-star possesses an impressive enemy debuff that amplifies the total damage they take, capable of stacking up to three times.

(Max Lv. Ultimate) Watch This Showstopper – Deals Fire DMG equal to 129.6% of Guinaifen’s ATK to all enemies. If the target enemy is currently inflicted with Burn, then their Burn status immediately produce DMG equal to 96% of their original DMG.
Herta (Erudition)
Herta, a 4-star Erudition, can quickly accumulate Energy for her Ultimate thanks to her follow-up attacks, enabling her to unleash impressive damage against multiple enemies on the battlefield. Similar to Himeko, who shines in scenarios with multiple and spawning enemies but may struggle in single-target content.

(Max Lv. Ultimate) It’s Magic, I Added Some Magic – Deals Ice DMG equal to 216% of Herta’s ATK to all enemies.
Luka (Nihility)
For a 4-star, Luka impressively contributes to single-target scenarios thanks to his excellent damage and bleed effect. He’s also easy to build since he doesn’t rely on CRIT stats. However, to effectively handle multiple targets, he may benefit from the assistance of other DoT DPS and debuffers, such as Kafka and Black Swan.

(Max Lv. Ultimate) Coup de Grâce – Receives 2 stack(s) of Fighting Will, with a 100% base chance to increase a single enemy target’s DMG received by 21.6% for 3 turn(s). Then, deals Physical DMG equal to 356.4% of Luka’s ATK to the target.
Natasha (Abundance)
Natasha is a great starter 4-star healer, especially in the early stages of the game, and that’s all thanks to her low energy cost Ultimate and decent Outgoing Healing value. However, compared to her peers, her healing output falls short, and she lacks a unique kit, rendering her easily replaceable and outclassed by other sustain characters.

(Max Lv. Ultimate) Gift of Rebirth – Heals all allies for 14.7% of Natasha’s Max HP plus 409.
Serval (Erudition)
To maximize Serval’s capability, you may need to max out her Eidolons to thoroughly enjoy her kit at the endgame. Thanks to her low Energy cost, you can use her Ultimate often, but unlike other DoT characters, she needs decent CRIT stats for better damage output.

(Max Lv. Ultimate) Here Comes the Mechanical Fever – Deals Lightning DMG equal to 194.4% of Serval’s ATK to all enemies. Enemies already Shocked will extend the duration of their Shock state by 2 turn(s).
Sushang (Hunt)
Sushang is strictly a single target and improves further with her Eidolons. However, her effectiveness is limited by a lack of strong team synergy and the fact that she only deals substantial damage against Broken enemies. Consequently, for a 4-star Physical type character, Luka would be a preferable choice due to his broader utility than Sushang.

(Max Lv. Ultimate) Shape of Taixu: Dawn Herald – Deals Physical DMG equal to 345.6% of Sushang’s ATK to a single enemy target, and she immediately takes action again. In addition, Sushang’s ATK increases by 32.4% and using her Skill has 2 extra chances to trigger Sword Stance for 2 turn(s).

Sword Stance triggered from the extra chances deals 50% of the original DMG.
Yukong (Harmony)
Yukong is undeniably a good support for a 4-star, thanks to her powerful buff and impressive utility. However, due to her kit being dependent on non-fluctuating speed and ideal turn, benefiting from her buff will take a lot of work and planning.

(Max Lv. Ultimate) Diving Kestrel – If “Roaring Bowstrings” is active on Yukong when her Ultimate is used, additionally increases all allies’ CRIT Rate by 29.4% and CRIT DMG by 70.2%. At the same time, deals Imaginary DMG equal to 410.4% of Yukong’s ATK to a single enemy.

C – Tier

Trailblazer (Physical)
Trailblazer (Fire)
March 7th
March 7th
Trailblazer (Destruction)
Eidolons are easy to unlock, a reasonably decent damage dealer, and flexible in the early game. Still, they are not worth investing in as other Physical type characters easily outclass them in terms of both stats and kit.

(Max Lv. Ultimate) Stardust Ace – Choose between two attack modes to deliver a full strike.

Blowout: Farewell Hit deals Physical DMG equal to 480% of the Trailblazer’s ATK to a single enemy.

Blowout: RIP Home Run deals Physical DMG equal to 288% of the Trailblazer’s ATK to a single enemy, and Physical DMG equal to 172.8% of the Trailblazer’s ATK to enemies adjacent to it.
Hook (Destruction)
Hook has decent 4-star single-target damage that inflicts Burn on her target. When afflicted with Burn, enemies take Fire DoT at the beginning of each turn, but without the burn effect, her damage noticeably drops. As a result, investing in Hook is not recommended, as there are superior characters available with more consistent performance.

(Max Lv. Ultimate) Boom! Here Comes the Fire! – Deals Fire DMG equal to 432% of Hook’s ATK to a single enemy. After using Ultimate, the next Skill to be used is Enhanced, which deals DMG to a single enemy and enemies adjacent to it.
March 7th (Preservation)
March 7th is flexible and fits in any team, thanks to her versatile kit. A 4-star that grants a shield to an ally, and her skill can cleanse, and she’s decent in freezing targets. However, her single-target shield requiring SP is not considered worthwhile, as it can lead to challenges for your healer and DPS in mid-to-end game content.

(Max Lv. Ultimate) Glacial Cascade – Deals Ice DMG equal to 162% of March 7th’s ATK to all enemies. Hit enemies have a 50% base chance to be Frozen for 1 turn(s). While Frozen, enemies cannot take action and will receive Additional Ice DMG equal to 66% of March 7th’s ATK at the beginning of each turn.
Misha (Destruction)
Misha’s kit is unique. Each time this 4-star uses his skill or an ally consumes one skill point; his next Ultimate hits increase by one. While he can synergize well with DPS characters that frequently consume SP, Misha’s weakness lies in his underwhelming AoE multiplier and output. As of now, he is not deemed worthy of significant investment.

(Max Lv. Ultimate) G—Gonna Be Late! – Has 3 Hits Per Action by default. First, uses 1 hit to deal Ice DMG equal to 64.8% of Misha’s ATK to a single target enemy. Then, the rest of the hits each deals Ice DMG equal to 64.8% of Misha’s ATK to a single random enemy. Just before each hit lands, there is a 21.6% base chance to Freeze the target, lasting for 1 turn.

While Frozen, enemy targets cannot take any actions, and at the start of their turn, they receive Additional Ice DMG equal to 32.4% of Misha’s ATK. This Ultimate can possess up to 10 Hits Per Action. After the Ultimate is used, its Hits Per Action will be reset to the default level.

D – Tier

Honkai Star Rail Characters

Yanqing (Hunt)
Yanqing is, at best, decent in the early part of the game. He gains a Soulsteel Sync buff that grants Yanqing CRIT Rate and CRIT DMG. While active, Yanqing’s attacks hold a chance of triggering a follow-up attack against the targeted enemy. Despite the promising mechanics, the Soulsteel Sync effect disappears once Yanqing receives damage. Given his reliance on a conditional buff and subpar damage output, he does not merit significant investment.

(Max Lv. Ultimate) Amidst the Raining Bliss – Increases Yanqing’s CRIT Rate by 60%. When Soulsteel Sync is active, increases Yanqing’s CRIT DMG by an extra 54%. This buff lasts for one turn. Afterwards, deals Ice DMG equal to 378% of Yanqing’s ATK to a single enemy.
Arlan (Destruction)
Arlan is a single target 4-star damage dealer with a berserker playstyle. Instead of consuming SP, Arlan uses his health to deal damage, but unlike Blade, who can recover some HP, Arlan has to rely on sustain that grants a shield for his survival. However, despite his unique approach, Arlan is currently not recommended for investment, as there are superior alternatives available.

(Max Lv. Ultimate) Frenzied Punishment – Deals Lightning DMG equal to 345.6% of Arlan’s ATK to a single enemy and Lightning DMG equal to 172.8% of Arlan’s ATK to enemies adjacent to it.

Tier List Explanation

Remember that Honkai: Star Rail focuses on team building, and the tier list mentioned above evaluates characters based on their performance and builds within their respective roles. Even 4-star characters can reach high tiers when properly invested in with suitable builds and strong team synergy.

S – Tier

Characters placed in the S Tier possess impressive kit functions that excel in various situations. They are considered overpowered and dominating within their role. Their performance is easily elevated when incorporated into a synergized team and carries them with minimal effort. These are the meta that won’t be easily replaced.

A – Tier

While A Tier they are undoubtedly powerful and versatile within their roles with great utility and effectiveness, what places them in the A-Tier is the presence of minor flaws. However, these shortcomings can be easily balanced by putting them into a well-composed team and investing more in their build.

B – Tier

B Tier are decent but greatly lack versatility, power, or utility compared to high-tier characters. They have more noticeable weaknesses and may require specific team composition to complete the job. They’re ideal at the early-mid stages of the game but may struggle with the later content.

C – Tier

Characters in C Tier are less viable or ineffective due to their significant weaknesses and limited utility. They are easily outclassed by other characters available within similar roles despite having complete build and traces. While they may serve some purpose in the early stages of the game, they are generally not considered worth investing in.

D -Tier

D Tier are characters you must avoid. They’re regarded as the most ineffective, having severe weaknesses, and simply don’t work in any composition. They struggle to compete against other tiers, and despite receiving the best builds and maximizing their Eidolon, they still fail to catch up.


There you have it. Each Honkai Star Rail character has his or her unique trait to bring to the game. The choice is yours as to what sort of gameplay style you are looking for.

Having said that, we hope this tier list has made it a bit easier for you to choose from these well-strategized characters.

Feel free to leave a few comments below on your favorite characters.

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