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Amirul Annuar
Featured image of Bronya in Honkai: Star Rail.

Chinese video game developer, miHoYo, knows how to make wonderful gacha games, with Genshin Impact skyrocketing the company’s fortunes to new heights years prior. As such, it’s no wonder Honkai: Star Rail is well-received by players worldwide too, introducing charming characters and a new unique universe to explore.

Among the many specially-written individuals in the game, Bronya is arguably one of the best you can pull banners for. Many consider her the best support character in-game, period. If you’re lucky enough to get her from Warps, here’s how you can build her according to your playstyle.

Supreme Guardian of Belobog

Bronya lost in her thoughts in Honkai: Star Rail.
Photo: miHoYo

A skilled fighter and intelligent leader, Bronya leads the Silvermane Guards before her ascension as the Supreme Guardian of Belobog. She’s been groomed to succeed ever since she was adopted by the previous Supreme Guardian, Cocolia.

Bronya comes from the same orphanage as Seele, but while the latter learned to survive the harsh, dangerous Underworld, Bronya was brought to the Overworld upon her adoption. Although their lives differ greatly, their distinct personalities, fighting styles, and behaviors supplement each other perfectly.

To play Bronya at her best, knowing her character helps you identify her ideal place in your team composition. As an adept combatant, she’s quite durable and unyielding, able to stand her ground longer while crucially buffing allies to maximize their damage outputs.

Traces (Abilities)

Combat preview of Bronya in Honkai: Star Rail.
Photo: miHoYo

As a 5-Star unit, Bronya is among the most clutch characters in the game. Her presence and skills empower allies, both offensively and defensively.

Understanding all her abilities, a.k.a. Traces in-game, is paramount to bolstering your team’s winning chances. So, let’s go through Bronya’s overall kit briefly (percentage values represent the skills at the lowest and highest respectively):


Windrider Bullet (Basic)
Energy Generation: 20 | Toughness Damage: 30

  • Shoots at an enemy, dealing 50% – 110% of her Attack stat as Wind Damage.

Combat Redeployment (Active)
Energy Generation: 30

  • Targets an ally, and then removes one debuff, instantly lets them take an action, and boosts their damage by 33% – 72.6% for one turn.

The Belobog March (Ultimate)
Energy Cost: 120 | Energy Refunded: 5

  • Bolsters all allies’ Attack stat by 33% – 59.4%, and increases their Critical Damage by 12% – 16.8% of Bronya’s Critical Damage added with 12% – 21.6%, for two turns.

Leading the Way (Talent)

  • After using Windrider Bullet, Bronya’s next action is Advanced Forwarded by 15% – 33%.

Banner of Command (Technique)

  • Outside of combat, Bronya plants her military banner on the ground, increasing all allies’ Attack stat by 15% for two turns in the next battle.
Bronya using her Banner of Command in Honkai: Star Rail.
Photo: miHoYo

Bonus Abilities (Passives)

Elemental boosts

  • Wind Damage is increased by 3.2%.
  • Effect Resistance is improved by 4% (Character Ascension 3).
  • Wind Damage is increased further by 4.8% (Character Ascension 5).


  • The Critical Rate of Windrider Bullet is increased to 100%.
  • Critical Damage is increased by 5.3% (Character Ascension 2).
  • Wind Damage is increased by 3.2% (Character Ascension 3).


  • All allies’ Defense is increased by 20% for two turns at the start of a battle (Character Ascension 4).
  • Wind Damage is increased by 4.8% (Character Ascension 4).
  • Critical Damage is increased by 8% (Character Ascension 5).

Military Might

  • While Bronya is on the team, all allies deal 10% more damage (Character Ascension 6).
  • Effect Resistance is increased by 6% (Character Ascension 6).
  • Critical Damage is increased by 10.7% (Character Level 75).
  • Wind Damage is increased by 6.4% (Character Level 80).

Honkai: Star Rail's promotional banner 1.
Photo: miHoYo

As you can see, Bronya’s primarily built to offer multiple damage-boosting support to your party. This alone makes her an almost indispensable character to have for EVERY battle.

So, characters with supreme damage-per-second (DPS) capabilities, such as Blade or Seele, benefit tremendously from her presence. If you’re looking to play the game as efficiently as possible, playing Bronya entirely as the Attack buffer (gearing her accordingly) is a good way to go.

Bronya’s Eidolons make her even more extreme, but acquiring her duplicates can be a heavy grind of resources and luck. Still, if you’re in it for the long run, here are how her Eidolons transform her:


Hone Your Strength (Level 1)

  • 50% chance to recover 1 Skill Point (SP) after using Combat Redeployment.
  • 1-turn cooldown.

Quick March (Level 2)

  • After using Combat Redeployment, the ally’s Speed is increased by 30% for one turn.

Bombardment (Level 3)

  • +2 levels to Ultimate, The Belobog March (up to Level 15).
  • +2 levels to Talent, Leading the Way (up to Level 15).
Bronya and Seele watching a star in Honkai: Star Rail.
Photo: miHoYo

Take by Surprise (Level 4)

  • If an ally attacks a Wind-weakness enemy using their Basic Attack, Bronya follows through with her own, dealing 80% of her Basic Attack Damage as Wind Damage.
  • Once per turn.

Unstoppable (Level 5)

  • +2 levels to Skill, Combat Redeployment (up to Level 15).
  • +2 levels to Basic Attack, Windrider Bullet (up to Level 10).

Piercing Rainbow (Level 6)

  • Combat Redeployment‘s damage boost lasts for one more turn.

Combat Style & Role

Bronya executing her Ultimate in Honkai: Star Rail.
Photo: miHoYo

Now, with Bronya’s kit fully explored, her best role in a party is definitely DPS buff/ support. Depending on how she’s geared and her skills leveled, you’ll be using her Skill, Combat Redeployment, often.

This doesn’t mean alternative playstyles, like SP-Bronya (focusing on Basic Attacks more to accumulate Skill Points), aren’t viable or explorable. However, you’re likely wasting your team’s overall attack efficiency in exchange.

Bronya shooting in Honkai: Star Rail.
Photo: miHoYo

Plus, her passive, Command, ensures 100% critical hits for her Basic Attack, slightly supplementing her weak base Attack stat (which is intentionally not her main strength). So, it’s more beneficial to let her help her allies instead, especially those with the strongest DPS potential.

If a DPS Bronya is still what you’re going for, in case your current team is in such dire need of one, then speccing her towards dishing tremendous Critical Damages is a great alternative. Characters, such as Yukong, can synergize their Ultimates with Bronya’s, making everyone’s Critical Rate and Critical Damages crazy high.

Best Equipment Sets (Relics)

Relics in Honkai: Star Rail.
Photo: miHoYo

Relic gearing is flexible depending on how you play Bronya. That being said, sets that jive with her best suits, such as Energy Regeneration and Critical Damage, should be prioritized the most.

For Basic Attack builds focusing on SP, you can consider:

Eagle of Twilight Line Set (Cavern Relics)

  • 2-Piece: Wind Damage increases by 10%.
  • 4-Piece: Bronya’s turn is Advanced Forwarded by 25% after using her Ultimate, The Belobog March.

Musketeer of Wild Wheat Set (Cavern Relics)

  • 2-Piece: Attack stat is increased by 12%.
  • 4-Piece: Speed increased by 6% and Basic Attack Damage improved by 10%.

Celestial Differentiator Set (Planar Ornaments)

  • 2-Piece: Critical Damage is increased by 16%. If Critical Damage is above 120% upon entering battle, the Critical Rate is improved by 60% for the first turn (redundant for Bronya).

Space Sealing Station Set (Planar Ornaments)

  • 2-Piece: Attack stat is increased by 12%. If Speed is at 120 or above, the Attack stat is further boosted by another 12%.
Planar Ornament display in Honkai: Star Rail.
Photo: miHoYo

When it comes to Bronya’s more familiar gear sets, you can opt for:

Messenger Traversing Hackerspace (Cavern Relics)

  • 2-Piece: Speed is increased by 6%.
  • 4-Piece: After using her Ultimate, The Belobog March, all allies receive +12% Speed for one turn (unstackable).

Broken Keel (Planar Ornaments)

  • 2-Piece: Effect Resistance increases by 10%. If Bronya’s Effect Resistance becomes 30% or higher, all allies’ Critical Damage is increased by 10%.

Fleet of the Ageless (Planar Ornaments)

  • 2-Piece: Maximum HP is increased by 12%. If Bronya’s Speed is at 120 or higher, all allies receive an 8% Attack buff.

Sprightly Vonwacq (Planar Ornaments)

  • 2-Piece: Energy Regeneration Rate is improved by 5%. If Speed is at 120 or higher, Bronya’s action (turn) is Advanced Forwarded by 40% upon entering battle.


Peace in the Trailblazers' space station in Honkai: Star Rail.
Photo: miHoYo

Bronya’s an exciting character to have on any team, justifying her low gacha chance. Unless you’re mix-maxing her, it’s fine to experiment with her using different builds, letting you explore unconventional methods and strategies.

You can check out Gepard’s best build or how to heal effectively as well if you’re up for it, but make sure to leave a comment about what you think of Bronya’s general kit first, down below!

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