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Honkai Star Rail

Team building proves important in Honkai Star Rail’s cosmic journey, with Hanya becoming a flexible backer.

Famous for giving “Burden” to enemies, making them less immune to more damage.

Hanya is crucial in recovering skill points and works best with the specialized healing of the team – the main DPS.

However, unlike most harmful friends, Ultime Hanya’s benefits go far beyond raising a single ally’s ATK & SPDs.

Honkai Star Rail

Hanya: Support

The lively world of Honkai Star Rail sees one of its main characters Hanya making the fascinating story and enjoyable play possible.

She is a 4★ physical unit in the Path of Harmony where she acts to be the judge in the Ten-Lord Commission in Honkai Star Rail.

Her abilities on the field are fantastic, which makes her one of the strongest FGU units providing buffers, hitting strikes, and generating SPs for other players.

Honkai Star Rail

Hanya’s Abilities in Honkai Star Rail

In essence, Hanya is a 4★ support character in Honkai Star Rail whose special traits separate her from her peers

Oracle Brush (Basic Attack)Deals physical damage to a single enemy based on Hanya’s ATK.
Samsara, Locked (Skill)Inflicts physical damage and applies the Burden status to a single target.

Allies recover 1 Skill Point for every 2 attacks on enemies with Burden, up to 5 times.

Burden increases damage taken by affected enemies.
Ten-Lords’ Decree, All Shall Obey (Ultimate)Boosts an ally’s SPD and ATK for 3 turns, scaling with Hanya’s stats.
Sanction (Talent)Increases ally damage by 15% for 1 turn when attacking an enemy with Burden.
Eidolons and TraitsEidolons enhance Hanya’s abilities, providing bonuses such as increased SPD after skill use.
Honkai Star Rail

Her playstyle is that of support to the team by putting more damage on her friends due to the Burden Debuf and helping them regain their skill points.

Finally, her last, adds to the team’s success as she boosts a close ally’s speed and power with the ability.

Using different builds and relics, it is possible to perfect Hanya – a 4★ Harmony character in Honkai Star Rail – to improve its performance.

Honkai Star Rail
  1. Light Cones:
    • Hanya’s powers are synergized by the 5★ Light Cone “But The Battle Isn’t Over,” which improves energy regeneration rate.
    • For instance, “Memories of the Past”, “Past and Future” and “Dance!” Dance! They appeal to a range of playstyles, as well as team comps.
  2. Relics:
    • For best-in-class buff uptime and Hanya/allies speed, the 4-piece “Messenger Traversing Hackerspace” Relic Set stands out.
    • As an alternative to keeping efficient support when the “Musketeer of Wild Wheat” set is absent, the suggested replacement set can be used.
  3. Ornaments:
    • Some ornament sets like Broken Keel, Fleet of the Ageless, Penacony, Land of the Dreams for SPD, ER Rate +%, HP +%, and ATP +%.

Best Teams for Hanya

Hanya has good synergy with other characters in the team setups which focus on skill point creation and power buffs.

Honkai Star Rail

She takes into account her ability to hit enemies with “Burden” state which makes them suffer more damage and she can recover her skill points.

  • Imbibitor Lunae + Hanya + Silver Wolf + Luocha
    • It is worth noting that Imbibitor Lunae also gains from Hanya’s skill point recovery; she can use strong skills more often this way.
    • Silver Wolf is in sync with Hanya because enemies weakened by Hanya will be struck with more damage.
    • Luocha completes the team with extra power and usefulness.
Honkai Star Rail
  • Seele + Bronya + Hanya + Fu Xuan
    • With Hanya’s damage boost to a single enemy and improved speed, Seele gets an extra edge that increases the general efficiency of the team.
    • Having Hanya as a tank and Bronya as a support, the damage output becomes equal.
    • In turn, Fu Xuan acts as the nurse for the team and provides skill points that support the life of the team.
Honkai Star Rail
  • Argenti + Huohuo + Hanya + Tingyun
    • Argenti is also a fighter of Hanya’s kind, so she complements her friend and gets the advantage of renewing skill points.
    • Huohou acts as a healer helping the group to stay strong whilst keeping Hanyao alive.
    • Tingyun offers an extra source of damage and usefulness for the team
  • Dan Heng + Imbibitor Lunae + Hanya + Qingque
    • Hanya also offers replenishing skill points for Dan Heng which allows harder hits and blows on the opponent to be thrown frequently.
    • Imbibiator Lunae is in combination with Hanya, making one group of gaining points and cause harm.
    • Qingque serves as an additional boost to the team while further improving skill point usage.
Honkai Star Rail
  • Sushang + Yukong + Hanya + Lynx
    • Hanya, as a backup DPS, will add on some damage and give some skill points back to Sushang.
    • Yukong offers extra help and strikes, completing a full group.
    • In the team, Lynx heals thus providing continuation in long fight action.

Good light cones and riches would also improve Hanya’s chances of winning in Honkai Star Rail.

But The Fight Still Isn’t Over!” and “Dance! Dance! Dance!” are suggested.

Improved speed and skill point effectiveness (4-piece relic set) with “Messenger Traversing Hackerspace.

Honkai Star Rail

Final Thoughts on Honkai Star Rail

The team combinations in Honkai Star Rail are based on the carefully synergized makeup of the character Hanya.

However, an adaptable 4★support character known as Hanya is successful in raising allies’ speed and attack rate while producing necessary Skill Points.

The unique skills of Hanya make her one of the best-helping characters giving debuffs, sp buffs, and skill points for a good cosmic journey in Honkai Star Rail.

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