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Honkai Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail, a turn-based RPG, takes its players through an Intergalactic trip in Astral Express.

A trailblazer is a person who travels the game’s thrilling science-fantasy setting to fight the universal malefactors.

The Gacha method is used when getting heroes of the game and some have unique powers such as HP, ATK, DEF, and SPD.

To make the battle more strategic, the Speed stat affects each character’s movements, giving the game a second layer of depth.

Honkai Star Rail

Each character is in a certain Paths, reflecting their job and able to receive Light Cones as weapons and Relics as shields for better powers.

The Value of Tier Lists in Honkai Star Rail

Tiers are important in HSR because they give information about the power of different characters.

The game also has a different way of placing players as these lists place characters into groups of different names, like S, A, B, etc.

Tier lists are an important tool in such games as Honkai Star Rail, in which character choosing means much when facing tough themes like the Memory of Chaos and the Simulation Universe.

Honkai Star Rail

They provide a system for trying a role’s fit for different situations, allowing players to decide properly.

Argenti in Honkai Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail 1.5 saw the arrival of Argenti, a five-star physical power character for a path of Erudition.

Honkai Star Rail


  1. Basic Attack: Deals Physical damage equal to 50% ATK to a single enemy.
  2. Skill – Justice Always Prevails: Inflicts 60% ATK Physical damage to all enemies.
  3. Ultimate – Gift of Formless Beauty: Deals 96-168% ATK Physical damage to all enemies, hitting multiple times.


  • Critical Rate Stacks: Gains Critical Rate stacks and Energy regeneration on hits.


  • Physical

Role in Battles:

  • Excels in AoE damage against multiple enemies.
  • Regenerates Energy for sustained damage.
  • Benefits from supports providing ATK buffs and Energy regeneration.

Honkai Star Rail Argenti Tier List

Now, let’s line up all Argenti’s Light Cone options from the coveted S-tier to the miserable D-tier.

Honkai Star Rail


The best we’ve got.

  • An Instant Before a Gaze
  • Today is Another Beautiful Day

A – Tier

Extremely good.

  • Before Dawn
  • Night on the Milky Way

B – Tier

Fine to start with.

  • Genius’s Repose
  • The Seriousness of Breakfast

C – Tier

Nothing special.

  • Data Bank
  • Make the World Clamor
  • Sagacity

D- Tier

Avoid. No.

  • There are no D-Tier Light Cones right now!

Roles and Abilities of Argenti in Honkai Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail

Argenti is the fifth star physical character of the Honkai Star Rail of Erudition and can play the part of a long attacker against many opponents.

Here is an overview of his roles and abilities:

  1. Roles:
    • Main DPS: With his skills and final abilities, Argenti focuses on the main damage-dealing part where he can hurt multiple opponents at the same time.
    • Erudition Character: Argenti plays a special part as an Erudition character whereby he can exploit Erudition skills thereby getting an edge in certain game modes like Pure Fiction.
  2. Abilities:
Honkai Star Rail
  • Basic Attack: Basic strikes by Argenti cause a small chunk of physical damage to one target and release some energy in the process.
  • Skill: His recovery of the energy for himself as well as the critical rate per hit on an enemy has the chance of getting up to 6 stacks.
  • Trait: The trait of Argenti offers up energy recovery and critical hits for enemy strikes
  • Unique Skill: Let’s make them lose their heads (daze) in a small circle, while at the same time doing physical harm to all enemies nearby and gaining energy by hitting one that was dazed.
  • Ultimate: Final power inflicts high physical damage on all foes plus extra for each bounce, and takes four energy points.
Honkai Star Rail
  • Strengths and Weaknesses:
  • Strengths:
    • He is effective against multiple enemies, making him valuable in scenarios with numerous foes.
    • Energy regeneration abilities enhance his ultimate frequency.
    • Critical rate boosts contribute to consistently high damage output.
  • Weaknesses:
    • Vulnerable to enemies with strong defenses or resistance to Physical damage.
    • Relies on proper team composition for optimal performance.
    • Limited utility in single-target scenarios compared to specialized single-target DPS characters.

Knowing Argenti’s jobs and skills allows him to work with other players with specific strengths and weaknesses in different game styles.

Honkai Star Rail

Comparison of Argenti with other Characters

Argenti is a 5-star knight DPS character in Honkai Star Rail that displays unique traits over other characters of similar rank.

Argenti causes a lot of physical damage to various enemies at a time, unlike some peers who are very skilled in continuous damage output.

Argenti’s kit revolves around energy recovery and critical rate boosts depending on how many enemies he hits compared to others in his tier.

His unique Light cone, “An Instant Before a Gaze” increases energy-based critical and ultimate damage scaling allowing a different playstyle than other light cones.

Honkai Star Rail


Players ride along the Astrial Express in turn-based RPG Honkai Star Rail.

There is also a wide range of casts gained using a gacha system in the game, all with different qualities.

The speed stat of a character is the determining factor on what action they take in battle which makes it important for the attacker in the game.

Tier lists are key determiners of successful team forms when faced with tough tasks and help players make good choices on whom to play.

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