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AFK Journey - Holistone Mystery Feature

After arriving at Holistone and reporting the crisis to Hogan, you decided to conduct a small investigation by asking the residents around the town for additional information.

Step-by-Step Holistone Mystery Guide

Holistone Mystery Quest: Part One

AFK Journey - Holistone Mystery

Ask the Merchant: To proceed with your investigation, head to the Mithril Consortium (286;169) and ask the Mythril Merchant for information.

Check out the Sound: After talking to the merchant, your attention is drawn to a bustling gathering southeast of Holistone (298;159). Approach the crowd to investigate the cause of the commotion.

AFK Journey - Holistone Mystery

Talk to Eddie: A resident of Holistone (290;145) witnessed the perpetrator of the village fire in Northville. Talk to Eddie to gain further information.

AFK Journey - Holistone Mystery

Return to Square to Meet Hogan: With enough information, return to Hogan (276;157) and decide what to do next.

AFK Journey - Holistone Mystery Story Quest

Completing the first part of Ryeham Tales, Holistone Mystery. You receive:

100 Diamonds and 12,000 Gold.

Holistone Mystery Quest: Part Two

AFK Journey - Holistone Mystery

Go to Southville: The Northville fire, the strange grapes… Every clue points to Southville. Go there and find out the truth. (357; 133)

AFK Journey - Holistone Mystery Story Quest

Defeat the Gruglins: Valen said there are gruglins (359;131) ahead. Defeat these strange gruglins blocking your path.

AFK Journey - Holistone Mystery Story Quest

Combat Commence: The battle is fairly easy as long you place a tank on the frontlines to mitigate the damage and keep your units safe.

AFK Journey - Holistone Mystery Story Quest

Head to the Drawbridge: With the gruglins no longer a threat, head to the drawbridge leading you to the Southville. As you approach the drawbridge, you notice Rowan standing at its base, appearing troubled.

AFK Journey - Holistone Mystery Story Quest

Completion: Before you can approach and interact with Rowan, the Holistone Mystery concludes, providing you with rewards:

200 Diamonds and 24,000 Gold.

How to Unlock

AFK Journey - Story Quest - Journey Guide 
 Dura's Statue

Complete the previous Ryeham Tales Quest, Journey, to unlock the Holistone Mystery questline. Talk to Hogan (275; 156), and he will ask you to investigate the strange occurrence around Northville and Southville in AFK Journey.

Holistone Mystery Rewards

Part One100 Diamonds
12,000 Gold
Part Two200 Diamonds
24,000 Gold

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