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Holistone Merchant - Side Quest - AFK Journey

Holistone Merchant is a side quest located in Holistone. It becomes available after completing the Truth Behind Fire story quest, after investigating the fire in Northville, and a conversation with Cassadee before returning to Holistone with Valen. This is an introductory side quest to unlocking Keith’s Treasure Hut.

Step-by-Step Holistone Merchant Guide

STEP 1: Return to Holistone

AFK Journey - Side Quest - Holistone Merchant

Once the quest becomes available in your journal, proceed to the Holistone, where you’ll find the Merchant NPC. Remember, side quests can be undertaken at your convenience and have no time constraints.

STEP 2: Talk to the Merchant

Talk to the wealthy-looking Merchant (287;163) found east of the statue, and he will open his store of wonders, the Treasure Hut. His marvelous store offers priceless treasures and rare commodities to strengthen your heroes in exchange for Holistone Coin. These coins can be obtained from rewards and world chest.

STEP 3: Open the Keith’s Treasure Hut

After your conversation with Keith, you will receive rewards, and his Treasure Hut will become available. He will be selling various items, such as Equipment, a Training Manual, and even Soulstone. The more you spend Holistone Coins on Keith’s Treasure Hut, the more items become available for purchase. You can purchase these items using Holistone Coin. Keith’s Treasure Hut will not replenish his goods.

How to Unlock Holistone Merchant

Truth Behind Fire - Story Quest - AFK Journey

Holistone Merchant side quest becomes available after you have accessed the Golden Wheatshire 2 and completed the Ryeham Tales – Truth behind Fire Quest. The side quest will appear in your Quest List along with Bradduck Side Quest.

Holistone Merchant Reward

AFK Journey - Side Quest - Holistone Merchant

You will receive these rewards for completing the Jumeo and Roliet side quest in AFK Journey:

  • 300 Diamonds
  • 300 Holistone Coin
  • 12,000 Gold

You can farm free diamonds in AFK Journey in multiple ways. These include completing quests, unlocking treasures on the map, completing AFK stages, and more. Check out our comprehensive guide in obtaining diamonds here:

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