Heroes vs. Hordes: The Ultimate Guide


In the fast-paced landscape of mobile gaming, “Heroes vs. Hordes” has carved a niche for itself as a Rogue-like survival game with a twist. The RPG game that has been well accepted in the global gaming scene was developed by Swift Games, a big name in the gaming industry.

This review aims to provide an in-depth analysis of the game, exploring its gameplay mechanics, progression system, and strategies to help players navigate the challenges that lie ahead. 

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The core gameplay of “Heroes vs. Hordes” revolves around surviving waves of enemies by controlling various heroes, each with its unique weapon and abilities. The game introduces players to a world where strategy and quick reflexes are paramount.

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At the outset, “Heroes vs. Hordes” offers a seemingly easy start, allowing players to become familiar with the controls and mechanics. However, this initial simplicity can be deceptive. Around 10 to 15 chapters into the game, players encounter a significant difficulty spike that demands careful planning and upgrades.

Progression System

A vital aspect of the game’s appeal lies in its progression system. Players can earn gold coins, gems, and rare equipment to enhance their heroes’ capabilities. It is advisable for you to take this section of the article very seriously as it contains information that will be very useful in your advancement and progression in the game. Having said that much, let us take a closer look at some key elements of the progression system:

Grinding for Gold Coins

To bolster your heroes, revisiting previously completed levels to earn gold coins is crucial. As long as you have energy, you can replay levels to accumulate coins. The coin rush and unlocking new star levels provide valuable bonuses.

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Hero Selection

Each hero in “Heroes vs. Hordes” wields a distinct weapon, has varying hit points, and offers different difficulty levels. Choosing the right hero is essential. Early in the game, the knight stands out for its wide-area damage, making it an excellent choice for beginners.

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Talent Unlocks

Talents play a pivotal role in enhancing your heroes’ power. These talents are randomly unlocked but are particularly valuable in the early stages of the game. As you progress, prioritise upgrading equipment over talents.

Equipment Tiers and Rarity

Equipment comes in different tiers, from gray to gold to red, with rarer equipment having a more significant impact. Focusing on upgrading your rarest gear is crucial for success.

Acquiring Gems

Gems are a valuable but limited resource. Completing quests, opening chests, and daily video ads are reliable ways to earn gems. Participating in limited edition events can yield significant gem rewards.

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Unlocking the Spirit Shaman

The Spirit Shaman, arguably one of the game’s best heroes, becomes available after you’ve levelled up talents and acquired rare equipment. Unlocking her using coins is a wise investment given her powerful attacking abilities.

Full Equipment Sets

Equipping a full set of hero-specific equipment can provide substantial boosts. However, be cautious not to sacrifice equipment rarity for set bonuses, as it can negatively impact your effectiveness.

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Coin Rush Mastery

To maximize coin earnings during the coin rush, unlocking the Vampire Aura and Flame Wheel talent evolutions is essential. These skills can help you dispatch enemies quickly, resulting in thousands of coins.

Skills for Mobs, Not Bosses

When selecting active skills, prioritize those effective against mobs rather than bosses. Mobs often pose greater challenges, and AoE (Area of Effect) weapons excel in dealing with them.

Classic vs. New Skills

As you unlock new skills, remember that newer doesn’t always mean better. Experiment with the available skills to determine which ones align with your preferred playstyle.

Guild Play and Raids

Once guild play unlocks, joining an active guild is highly beneficial. Participating in guild play and raid battles can earn you substantial bonuses and facilitate item exchange with fellow members.

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Filling Out the Collection

Completing your collection is not only rewarding but also a source of bonus coins and rare gems. You can claim rewards by encountering new enemies, tomes, or skills.

Embedding Jewels

After reaching chapter 21, you gain the ability to enhance your equipment with jewels. These jewels augment your gear, often adding new perks beyond equipment stats. Strive to fill all available slots.

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Gem Cutting

The gem cutter, much like the blacksmith for equipment, allows you to merge identical jewels to obtain higher-rarity jewels. This feature becomes accessible at chapter 21.

Adjusting Performance

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If the game causes performance issues on your device, consider turning off the performance settings. While this may slightly decrease graphics and frame rate, it can significantly improve stability.

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In-App Purchases

 “Heroes vs. Hordes” offers in-app purchases, but many players enjoy the game without spending money. Exploring the available special packages and rewards can help you make informed spending decisions.

Daily Logins

Logging in daily not only maintains your streak but also increases your coin bonus and provides free rewards. Consistent logins are a worthwhile habit.

Weekly Quests

Completing weekly quests can be highly lucrative, with the final chest offering 100 free gems along with other bonuses. Efficiently using your resources within the same week maximizes your rewards.

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Special Holiday Offers

Keep an eye out for special holiday offers, as they can provide both purchase opportunities and generous free rewards. Events like Thanksgiving have given away 200 free gems.

Best Features of Heroes vs Hordes: Survival

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In this section, we will take a closer look at different features of the game. Features like special holiday packages have been mentioned earlier in the article, but it will be emphasized and put in better perspective in this section of the article. Here are some of the best features of this super game.

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Multiplayer Experience: “Heroes vs. Hordes” doesn’t just shine in its solo gameplay but also offers a multiplayer experience that adds a layer of excitement to the mix. Joining or creating a guild opens up a world of cooperative gameplay possibilities.

Guild Play: Guilds in “Heroes vs. Hordes” provide a sense of community and collaboration. Team up with fellow guild members to tackle challenging raid battles, where the stakes are higher, and the rewards more substantial. Successful guild participation can yield valuable resources and boost your progression.

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Item Exchange: Within your guild, you can engage in item exchange, which fosters teamwork and helps members acquire items they need. This system encourages interaction and ensures that no hero is left behind in their journey.

Collection and Rewards

The game’s collection system offers not only a sense of achievement but also tangible rewards. Building up your collection becomes a satisfying side quest that can significantly benefit your hero’s growth.

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Collection Completion: As you venture through the game’s chapters, you’ll encounter new enemies, bosses, tomes, and skills. Each encounter contributes to your collection. The more you fill out your collection, the more rewards you unlock. This includes bonus coins, which can be a game-changer in upgrading your heroes.

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Star Levels: One intriguing aspect of the collection is the concept of star levels. Defeating enough of one particular enemy increases your star level with that specific foe. This system encourages players to diversify their gameplay and offers additional incentives for taking on various challenges.

Jewels and Equipment Enhancement

Once you reach chapter 21, “Heroes vs. Hordes” introduces a game-changing mechanic: the embedding of jewels into your equipment. This enhancement system opens up new avenues for customizing your heroes and fine-tuning their abilities.

Jewel Slots: Your equipment now boasts jewel slots, and each jewel you add augments the statistics of the corresponding gear. These bonuses go beyond what the equipment itself provides, making it a critical part of your hero’s development.

Jewel Rarity: Just like equipment, jewels come in various rarities. The higher the rarity, the more significant the impact on your hero’s performance. Striving to fill all available jewel slots should be a priority as you advance through the game.

Gem Cutter: To further enhance your jewels, “Heroes vs. Hordes” introduces the gem cutter, akin to the blacksmith for equipment. This feature allows you to merge identical jewels to obtain a jewel of the next highest rarity. This mechanic adds an extra layer of strategy as you decide which jewels to merge for maximum benefit.

Optimizing Performance

One aspect that can’t be ignored in a comprehensive review is the game’s performance and graphics. While “Heroes vs. Hordes” is a visually appealing game, it’s important to note that you have control over the performance settings.

Performance Settings: In the game’s settings menu, you have the option to adjust the performance settings. Turning off the performance sticker may slightly reduce graphics quality and frame rate, but it can significantly improve the game’s overall stability. This is especially valuable if you’ve encountered performance issues on your device.

In-app purchases and Special Packages

While many players derive immense satisfaction from progressing through “Heroes vs. Hordes” without spending money, it’s worth exploring the in-app purchase options and special packages available in the store.

Special Packages: The store frequently offers special packages that include a combination of in-game items, currency, and bonuses. These packages can be tempting, and their contents change regularly. If you’re considering making an in-app purchase, browse through these packages to find one that aligns with your goals and playstyle.

Limited-Time Events: Keep an eye on limited-time events and promotions. Some of these events may include purchase offers, but others provide generous free rewards. For example, a recent Thanksgiving event distributed 200 free gems to players. Participating in such events can significantly boost your resources.

Daily Logins and Streaks

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Developing a habit of daily logins can yield substantial rewards and bonuses in “Heroes vs. Hordes.” The daily login system encourages consistency and engagement.

Login Streaks: By logging in daily, you not only continue to increase your coin bonus but also claim free rewards and other bonuses. These rewards can be a valuable resource for enhancing your heroes and progressing through the game more efficiently.

Weekly Quests and Planning

“Heroes vs. Hordes” introduces weekly quests that can be a game-changer in terms of rewards and progression. However, efficient planning is key to making the most of these quests.

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Weekly Quest Completion Chests: The weekly quest system offers completion chests that become increasingly lucrative as you progress through the week. The final chest, in particular, is a treasure trove, providing 100 free gems alongside numerous other bonuses. To maximize your weekly points, strategically allocate your resources to complete quests within the same week, as the quests reset with the start of a new week.

Special Holiday Offers and Events

The developers of “Heroes vs. Hordes” frequently roll out special holiday offers and events. These events not only celebrate the season but also provide opportunities for players to reap significant rewards.

Holiday Offer Bonuses: Some holiday offers may include purchase opportunities, but many of them are designed to be generous. The recent Thanksgiving event, for instance, distributed 200 free gems to players. Being attentive to these special events can be highly rewarding.


“Heroes vs. Hordes” is a mobile gaming gem that offers a rich and dynamic gameplay experience. From mastering your hero’s abilities to optimizing your equipment and participating in guild adventures, the game provides a plethora of avenues for growth and enjoyment. Whether you’re a casual player or a dedicated strategist, the game’s depth and variety make it a standout in the Roguelike survival genre.

As you embark on your heroic journey, remember that success in “Heroes vs. Hordes” hinges on strategy, adaptability, and wise resource management. With this comprehensive guide, you’re equipped with the knowledge to face the hordes, conquer the challenges, and emerge as a true hero in this captivating adventure. So, gear up, assemble your team of heroes, and venture forth into a world where bravery and cunning are your greatest assets.

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