Heroes VS Hordes – Best Heroes to Use

Nivenka Stanton
Heroes vs Hordes
(Last Updated On: September 26, 2023)

Heroes vs Hordes is a rouge-like action survival-type game developed by Swift Games and is available to download and play for free in the Play Store

The object of Heroes vs Hordes is to utilise various Heroes to enable you to survive waves of enemies. Each of your heroes has various skills and abilities. 

Choosing the best hero in Heroes vs Hordes depends on your strategy, gaming style, and skill level. 

Heroes vs Hordes
Photo: Swift Games

Here are a few of the best Heroes to utilise in Heroes vs Hordes:


This is a good choice at the beginning of gameplay. Knight can deliver damage in a wide area using his sword as well as blocking damage with his shield. He can also survive longer as he has high health, therefore he is a formidable hero on the battlefield.

Upgrades are available as you progress which will allow you to improve his weapons as well as his speed and evasion skills.

Heroes vs Hordes
Photo: Swift Games

Dark Ranger:

Reputed to have one of the best weapons in the game, (the crossbow), makes the Dark Ranger a great choice of hero. 

She is an archer who can shoot multiple arrows that penetrate the enemies’ defenses, making her a great choice when facing multitudes of enemies.

Heroes vs Hordes
Photo: Swift Games

Additionally, her arrows will penetrate through the hordes of enemies to damage the bosses that are behind them. 

She requires a medium skill level to be able to utilise her effectively which makes her a better choice when you have progressed in the game. 

Big Game Hunter:

A versatile hero with a shotgun and high health. His shotgun allows him to blast through a wide-ranged area therefore destroying hordes of enemies all at once. 

He also has a medium skill level requiring skill and strategy to use him effectively. 

Heroes vs Hordes
Photo: Swift Games

Pirate Queen:

A fearless hero who will cause enormous damage with guns that fire ricocheting bullets. 

A great asset for aggressive play, however, she has medium health and therefore needs to be used strategically so as not to be damaged too easily by the enemy hordes. 

Heroes vs Hordes
Photo: Swift Games

Fire Wizard: 

Fire Wizard’s main weapon is a fireball that causes massive damage and is best utilized to clear zones quickly and effectively. 

The Fire Wizard is a powerful yet fun hero to use. He lives up to his name by burning all his enemies. 

Heroes vs Hordes
Photo: Swift Games


Blademaster has two katana swords that allow him to cut through the enemies as easily as 1,2,3.  

He is a fast and aggressive hero who emits destruction and kills bosses easily.

However, he has a hard or difficult skill level and therefore is better equipped to make use of later in the game as your own skills develop. 

Heroes vs Hordes
Photo: Swift Games


These are some of the main heroes in the game. Knight, Dark Ranger, Big Game Hunter, Pirate Queen, Fire Wizard, and Blademaster. 

There are more that can be unlocked as you progress throughout the game. 

Every hero has its own advantages and disadvantages which makes for interesting gameplay. 

Upgrade your favorite heroes’ talents as well as performance to ensure a rewarding Heroes vs Hordes experience. 

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