Heroes Of The Sword – MMORPG: Ultimate Beginners Guide

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Heroes Of The Sword
(Last Updated On: October 16, 2023)

Get ready to immerse yourself in an Epic, open-world, RPG Adventure of a lifetime, with Heroes Of The Sword!

Downloadable from the Play Store, this ultimate MMORPG game, developed by Esprit Games, has a significant amount of over 100K downloads!

That may not seem as though it is anything worthy of mentioning, however, if you take into account that the game was released only one day prior to writing this article, you may just agree!

Heroes Of The Sword: Gameplay
Photo: Esprit Games

Your objective? Heroes Of The Sword requires gamers to prove their worth! If you enjoy role-playing, adventure, RPG, and open-world games where you can interact with people all over the world, this game is a must-have!

Let’s dive right in!


Before you begin gameplay in Heroes Of The Sword, you will have to download the additional updates. Keep in mind that the game is pretty large, and you will need quite a bit of space to download it, (756 Mb).

Once you have successfully installed it, you will be taken to a screen that will ask you to choose a server, and then a character of your choice. They are as follows:

Dragonkin: Shadow Warrior

Photo: Esprit Games

Chanter: Bard

Photo: Esprit Games

Shadow Warrior: Assassin

Shadow Warrior
Photo: Esprit Games

Blade Master: Cloud Maiden

    Blade Master
    Photo: Esprit Games

    Now as all games similar to Heroes Of The Sword, each class brings with it a set of certain skills.

    Choosing a class will depend entirely on the sort of gameplay you prefer, whether you like being stealthy, sneaky, a healer, or a long-range fighter, there is a class for your division of gameplay.

    Another great advantage in Heroes Of The Sword, is that if you choose a class and you’re not entirely happy with your choice? You can easily own 4 characters.

    When you exit the game and log back in, you can select your previous character, or choose a new class!

    Speaking of gameplay, let’s get right to it!

    Heroes Of The Sword – Gameplay

    You are able to select a name for your character on this pre-game screen as well. Simply select the icon on the bottom-right-hand side of your screen in the class selection screen. See the image below:

    Change Name
    Photo: Esprit Games

    Once you have done that, select the New Character Icon below your name, also on the bottom right-hand side of your screen.

    Take note that for this guide, the Shadow Warrior is the class we will be referring to, as it was the one chosen for this guide.

    Once you have selected your class, you will be taken to a screen with all sorts of enemies.

    enemies on map
    Photo: Esprit Games

    Your character will automatically begin destroying enemies and collecting items, you will not need to do much.

    However, if you think this is a simple game with not many things to do, the gameplay is extensive with various icons and missions you will need to complete in order to progress.

    Your character will run to different NPCs around the map, those with a question mark (?) icon above their heads. These NPCs will give you missions that you will need to complete.

    NPCs with missions
    Photo: Esprit Games

    Additionally, you are able to toggle the automatic gameplay settings for a limited amount of time, if you wish to do so.

    For a new player just starting out, this feature is highly recommended in order for you to learn the basic mechanics first.

    To toggle the automatic feature, select the “auto” button in the center of your screen at the bottom.

    In addition to this, you can use your joystick on the left-hand side to make your character move to where you want them to go.

    As we mentioned, this is not a permanent solution, and should not be considered a long-term fix to the automatic feature.

    If you’re a gamer who prefers the automatic feature, also note that you cannot leave the game running continuously and expect it to continue. There are some points in the game that you will need to select proceed, or in this instance, challenge.

    Once you have entered the map, you will go on a bunch of quests automatically, don’t be alarmed by all the icons on the screen, we will try to cover them a bit as we go along.

    A few of the extensive features available will be listed below:


    Battle it out against players that are on the map with you. Work your way to the top of the ranking board and show off your skills and power!

    Photo: Esprit Games

    Heroes Of The Sword – Join A Guild

    Joining a guild in Heroes Of The Sword is pretty straightforward, you will need to reach a certain level to achieve this, however, leveling up is really easy in the beginning stages.

    You can join a guild by either searching for one of your choice, or you can select the auto-search feature, which will automatically choose a guild for you.

    Photo: Esprit Games

    Note that if the server is full, you will find it hard to find a guild that is not already full.

    You are able to chat with guild members, just make sure that the guild you join speaks your language, or communication may be a major issue.

    Guild quests are available that help you obtain various rewards of significant value. Make sure you have what it takes, and earn rewards that will help your character become OP.

    You are able to store equipment obtained throughout Heroes Of The Sword, by placing the equipment in the guild storage.

    Guild Storage
    Photo: Esprit Games

    Note that doing so is not a guarantee that your equipment will remain there, you would need to create your own guild in order to set the settings in such a way that other members are unable to take the gear.


    In certain games, there are a few bosses you need to challenge, however, in Heroes Of The Sword, the bosses are everywhere! More bosses are equivalent to more rewards, so we are not complaining!

    boss fight
    Photo: Esprit Games

    A few of the Bosses are as follows:

    • World Boss – You can go against various players on your server, and try to reach the top of the ranks while attacking these bosses, as your rewards are worth so much more if you manage to beat other players!
    World Boss
    Photo: Esprit Games
    • House Of Bosses – Make sure you are geared up for each type of boss, as some of them are really hard to defeat! Certain bosses open up after various achievements have been completed, this boss is one of them.
    House Of Bosses
    Photo: Esprit Games
    • Personal Boss – This may sound easy, but trust me when I say, it is not! You will go up against your own personal boss, and if you are not well-equipped, you will die!
    Personal Boss
    Photo: Esprit Games
    • Guild Boss – Your guild Leader is the only person who can activate the guild boss, so be sure to look out for when the boss will be activated!

    These are only a few mentioned, however, there are additional bosses on the map as you progress, as well as throughout the game. Quests give you additional bosses you will need to defeat.

    Find Romance!

    This may seem cheesy to some, however, if you’re the romantic type, this is meant to be! You can find your own romantic partner in Heroes Of The Sword!

    Photo: Esprit Games

    If you want to make your romance public? Get hitched! You can either sit and watch on the sidelines as someone else gets married, or you can be brave enough to tie the knot yourself!

    Remember that you will need to date someone first before you can achieve the perfect romance. If you attend a wedding, gift the happy couple, and watch as your EXP soars through the roof, gain rewards just by being at the wedding!

    Example of tie the knot
    Photo: Esprit Games

    Who doesn’t love all the extra food at a wedding? Not only can you enjoy the festivities, shoot some fireworks to make it a day for everyone to enjoy!

    More Battles Await!

    Heroes Of The Sword may look like a simple game, however, you may change your perspective after playing it for a while!

    From Dungeons, weddings, multiple bosses, and team matches, among others, there really is no shortage of available activities to keep you hooked!

    Dungeons in Heroes Of The Sword

    A few of the dungeons available are listed below:

    • Challenge – You can choose to challenge the WarGod Tower, or you can challenge the Ruins Path, either one will give you awesome rewards!
    • Valley – Challenge the Valley and obtain additional EXP to help you progress faster!
    • Wings – Earn level-up items for your wings when you challenge this dungeon!
    • Tomb – Earn level-up items for your Guardian when you take on this dungeon!

    Team Matches

    Team matches are one of the coolest features in Heroes Of The Sword! You can team up with two additional players and take on challenges that are really hard to overcome by yourself.

    Team matches
    Photo: Esprit Games

    Doing these challenges will give you items of very high quality! Items of various Rarities can be obtained throughout these challenges, so don’t miss out on this opportunity!


    Guardians in Heroes Of The Sword are one of the best buff advancement features to obtain. These little creatures increase your character’s stats and enable your character to defeat tough bosses.

    Photo: Esprit Games


    Mounts are a fantastic feature in Heroes Of The Sword. These enable you to move faster around the map and add additional stats to your character.

    Photo: Esprit Games

    You don’t need to do much to obtain them, as you will receive your first mount at the beginning of the game.

    Level them up often, as they are a great help to you as you progress!

    Tips & Tricks

    A few tips for Heroes Of The Sword may just come in handy, so we will list a few below:

    Upgrade, Upgrade, and Upgrade Again!

    • Practically every item you obtain in Heroes Of The Sword is upgradeable to a certain extent. If you cannot upgrade an item, you can be sure you will be able to consume it, use it, or sell it.
    • Coins earned in the game are valuable, as they help you upgrade items, as well as purchase necessary items you will need further along.
    • In-game purchases are available, so be sure to manage your payment plan, especially if you would not like to purchase items accidentally.
    Shop: Mall
    Photo: Esprit Games
    • If you’re not sure of what to do, or where to go, follow your questline found on the left-hand side of your screen. This will help you level up and additional features will become available.
    • Also, remember to scroll down on the questline, additional quests can be found there when you reach a high enough level.
    • If you are unsure of which quest you are doing, take note that the quest will say “AUTO“. If you don’t want to do that quest, select another quest and the game will automatically take you to the quest you selected.
    • If you are constantly dying, remember to upgrade your equipment, soul, guardian, and character. This is an important milestone as you are playing Heroes Of The Sword!
    • You can embed gemstones to make your equipment even stronger, doing so will increase your character’s stats.
    Embed gems
    Photo: Esprit Games
    • Additional quests can be found throughout the game, check on the right-hand side of your screen, under the icon that says “quests“.
    • Save your game on a platform to ensure your gaming progress will not be lost, it would be ideal to have a backup!
    • Find a world map, as well as an area map, on your main screen, by selecting the icon with the name of the area you are in. This Icon is found in the upper right-hand side corner of your screen.
    world map
    Photo: Esprit Games

    Final Thoughts

    Heroes Of The Sword is by no means an easy game to grasp, therefore, we hope this beginner guide has helped you in your adventures thus far!

    Take note that there will be additional information on this game as there are updates, so be sure to return and keep an eye out for those!

    Are you enjoying Heroes Of The Sword? Leave your comments in the section below!

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