Heroes Of The Sword – MMORPG: Weapons Tier List

Nazarii Verbitskiy
heroes of the sword weapon tier list
(Last Updated On: October 16, 2023)

Heroes of The Sword – MMORPG is an exciting fantasy-style game that will take you to an amazing magical world full of danger and adventure! In this game, you should fight against powerful enemies and bosses who try to conquer the world.

This guide is your key to victory and a game-changer in Heroes of The Sword. Right here, we’ve collected all the weapons and ranked them from the strongest to the weakest, creating Heroes Of The Sword – MMORPG: weapons tier list.

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Heroes of the Sword – Tier S

Tier S
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Tier S collects the best weapons in Heroes of the Sword – MMORPG. Getting this equipment might be tough, but it can change your in-game experience. Weapons from Tier S allow you to dominate in the battles against enemies and bosses. 

  • Source of Knowledge 
  • Sea Oath
  • Light Wave

At the moment of writing, the best weapon from Tier S is Source of Knowledge, and here are the boosts it provides:

  • ATK +562
  • DEF +112
  • HP +9,000

Heroes of the Sword – Tier A

Tier A
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Tier A includes weapons that can prove good even in the late game. Just like weapons from Tier S, they can significantly increase your battle effectiveness and make you effective against powerful bosses and enemies.

  • Summer Revelry
  • Savage Winter
  • Elite Huntership

From Tier A, we would like to highlight Summer Revelry. Here are the buffs provided by this weapon:

  • ATK +300
  • DEF +75
  • HP +4500

Heroes of the Sword – Tier B

Tier B
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Tier B collects weapons that offer a balanced mix of performance and accessibility. These weapons are the perfect choice for those who haven’t yet reached the late game, but already passed the early game’s stages.

And once you finally reach the end game, you can replace Tier B weapons with better options from Tier S and Tier A.

  • Hercules
  • Fall of Gods

Both Hercules and Fall of Gods have the same buff of +4,500 HP, so it doesn’t matter which one you choose.

Heroes of the Sword – Tier F

Tier F
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Tier F consists of the low-quality weapons that are considered the worst of the worst. They show poor performance and have limited usage in the game, and that’s why they are not the choice for players who seek for victory in Heroes of The Sword – MMORPG.

  • High Clouds
  • Bright Stars
  • Ephemeral 
  • Dragon Roar
  • Thousand Autumns

Every weapon from Tier F provides the same boost of 2,250 HP, which is a critically low amount even for the newbies. 

Note that the buffs mentioned in this guide are at the first level. As you level up, you can greatly increase the battle boosts weapons provide.


That’s it with Heroes of The Sword – MMORPG weapons tier list. As you can see, having a powerful weapon in Heroes of The Sword is a game-changing aspect that can drastically change your in-game experience. So, try your best to equip your character with the best weapon.

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