Hero Wars Alliance Tier List 2024

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Say no to mediocrity, and shine with your characters in Hero Wars Alliance! Hold your horses though, the meta constantly shifts, so how do you keep up with what’s good and what’s bad? For starters, aren’t all heroes balanced out of the box?

Turns out, there’s more to strategy than battling mindlessly. The heroes you pick in Hero Wars are your stairs to that glorious higher echelon of players. So, here is a complete tier list for you to bring out the best in your hero pool!

Hero Wars Alliance Tier List:

S Tier

S Tier

This is the golden standard of Hero Wars alliance. The characters chosen here won’t just do you well; they will grab you by the collar, and drag you to the heights of a champion.

The only challenge with these is managing their synergies, but even that comes extremely later on in the stages, so it’s pretty much smooth sailing as far as you’re concerned!

  • Astaroth: Exceptional tank with revival ability.
  • Krista: High AoE damage, synergizes well with Lars.
  • Lars: Complements Krista, strong AoE control.
  • Aurora: Good at crowd control, synergizes with mages.
  • Celeste: Versatile, acts as healer and damage dealer.
  • Jorgen: Leeches energy, good support.
  • Amira: Effective in disabling enemies.
  • Iris: Versatile with impactful abilities.
  • K’arkh: Extremely high physical damage output.
  • Martha: Best healer in the game.
  • Yasmine: High single-target damage, good against tanks.

A Tier

A Tier

Also known as the tier of greatness and prestige, this is where you step your foot into the unfair category. The term is dubbed, not for the player, but for the enemies that’ll be facing them.

The caveat is to manage synergies, and strive for the best team comp progression in Hero Wars!

  • Satori: Effective against magic teams.
  • Andvari: Protects against knock-ups, good support.
  • Cleaver: Strong tank with pull ability.
  • Dorian: Vampirism aura, good with backline damage dealers.
  • Heidi: Known for a unique style that sets them apart in battles.
  • Helios: Counters critical hit heroes.
  • Isaac: Has abilities that can influence the course of combat in subtle ways.
  • Jhu: High single-target physical damage.
  • Keira: Fast AoE physical damage.
  • Lian: Provides a unique element to Hero Wars gameplay, affecting battles in their own way.
  • Maya: Plant summons heal and deal damage.
  • Nebula: Boosts adjacent heroes’ damage.
  • Orion: High magic damage, synergizes with Helios.
  • Sebastian: Counters control effects.
  • Xe’Sha: Offers a different approach to challenges faced in the game.
  • Mushy and Shroom: Bring a combined unique dynamic to the game.
  • Julius: Known for a distinctive style in combat scenarios.
  • Kayla: Adds a special element to team compositions with her unique abilities.
  • Aidan: Offers a distinct approach to challenges in the game.

B Tier

B Tier

Not the best, not the worst; this is where legends can prove their skills to the world in Hero Wars. Do you have what it takes to pilot these heroes? Stay put, because while they are not the worst of the bunch, let’s just say they have limitations.

Once the fine tunings are done; you’re pretty much set for the majority of your Hero Wars gameplay.

  • Alvanor: Brings a certain uniqueness to team compositions.
  • Cornelius: Effective against magic users.
  • Corvus: Known for a presence that can be felt in various game scenarios.
  • Elmir: Stands out with a distinct approach to combat situations.
  • Faceless: Copies strongest enemy’s skill.
  • Fox: Provides a unique element to gameplay, affecting battles in their own way.
  • Galahad: Versatile tank, good survivability.
  • Jet: Offers capabilities that can subtly shift the dynamics of a fight.
  • Peppy: Known for contributing in their own special way to the team’s success.
  • Qing Mao: Brings a distinct flavor to combat encounters.
  • Rufus: Effective against magic damage.
  • Tristan: Adds a certain dynamic to the game with their presence.
  • Ziri: Good tank, burrows to recover health.
  • Cascade: Known for a unique influence in various combat scenarios.
  • Octavia: Brings a distinct flavor to gameplay with her abilities.
  • Oya: Known for adding a unique dynamic to battles.
  • Sebastian: Offers a specific style that can subtly influence the course of combat.

C Tier

C Tier

Now it’s going down; this is where we enter the lower-tier characters in Hero Wars. They’re certainly not good, but they’re not too bad as well. What you’re trying to achieve here is beyond the understanding of professionals.

But hey, at least they’re good for an early game? If that even matters.

  • Arachne: Known for a style that can influence battles in subtle but noticeable ways.
  • Astrid and Lucas: Their combined abilities add a unique aspect to team strategies.
  • Dante: Offers a distinctive approach to challenges in the game.
  • Daredevil: Known for a unique combat style that sets them apart.
  • Ginger: Brings a special element to the gameplay, affecting battles in their own way.
  • Ishmael: Has a distinct way of influencing the course of combat.
  • Kai: Known for a unique approach to in-game challenges.
  • Luther: Chain lightning, good against backline.
  • Markus: Adds a different dynamic to team compositions and battles.
  • Morrigan: Offers a unique set of skills that influence gameplay in subtle ways.
  • Phobos: Known for bringing a distinct flavor to combat encounters.
  • Thea: Healer, reduces enemy magic attack.

D Tier

Hero Wars - D Tier

These are the niche picks; they either work or they don’t. You can either be a hero, using them for their unique strengths to supercharge a comp, or you’re stuck with a character that’s virtually just a placeholder.

What you’re aiming for here is to find those subtle strengths, and mix them with your expertise to find avenues to break the meta.

  • Artemis: Provides a specific style to gameplay scenarios.
  • Chabba: Offers a unique presence in the game, affecting team dynamics.
  • Dark Star: Known for a distinct approach that influences combat in subtle ways.
  • Judge: Adds a unique element to gameplay, particularly in battles.
  • Lilith: Falls short in many areas.
  • Mojo: Known for contributing in their own special way to the game’s challenges.


To sum it all up, some characters are good beyond common sense, but some require you to bear the chills of tundra to make them work in Hero Wars.

The key lies in your creativity, and as long as you know what’s working for you, it’s all that matters.

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