Hero Wars Alliance – Best Teams 2024

Muhib Nadeem

It’s that time of the year again; the metas have shifted, the scales have tipped, and the princesses have fled in Hero Wars. The only consistency is your game knowledge and heaps of characters. But, that’s a double-edged sword now, isn’t it?

Go for Jet and QingMao, or just bet it all on Dorian? The choices are endless, but the correct answers are a select few. So, in this article, let’s aim to answer once and for all: what are the best teams in Hero Wars Alliance?

Best Teams in Hero Wars Alliance:

1. Julius, Judge, Isaac, Nebula, Ginger

Hero Wars Alliance: Julius, Judge, Isaac, Nebula, Ginger

Being a balanced combination of physical damage, support, and tanking, there’s no going wrong with this one! Julius and Judge bring physical damage to the table, with Julius offering a shield for all types of damage and healing allies.

Isaac serves as a support hero, enhancing physical damage dealers and silencing the opponent team. Nebula is known for her magic and physical attack buffs for nearby allies and can clear negative effects and heal like there’s no tomorrow.

Ginger, a strong marksman, specializes in area damage and provides a physical attack bonus for Progress heroes. The team, however, is not very beginner-friendly; you need to at least be late-game level to leverage its damage potential.

2. Astaroth, Martha, Krista, Cleaver, Lars

Astaroth, Martha, Krista, Cleaver, Lars

What’s better than one tank in Hero Wars? Two tanks! This team composition brings together Astaroth and Cleaver as sturdy tanks, Martha for massive healing, and Krista and Lars for near-bonker levels of magic damage.

The potential strength lies in the sustain from Martha and Astaroth, combined with the raw power of Cleaver, Krista, and Lars, making it particularly effective in Guild Wars and Campaign modes​​.

Evident from the massive sustain and healing, this comp specializes in long-term damage. Therefore, clearing with it can admittedly become annoying. So, experiment with it, and swap damage in as needed.

3. Solaris, Aidan, Kayla, Aurora, Martha

Solaris, Aidan, Kayla, Aurora, Martha

Being the guiding light to success, this comp is known for its great healing, damage, and control. Kayla boosts magic attacks and charms enemies, enhancing the damage potential of Solaris and Aidan.

Aurora contributes to crowd control with abilities like freeze, stun, and silence, while Martha offers sustained healing and debuff cleansing. This team is versatile and works miracles against a variety of opponents, including hydras and bosses​​.

If you’ve got a Hero Wars raid boss in town, this comp will become your Excalibur in slaying it!

4. Astaroth, K’arkh, Jorgen/Martha, Nebula, Faceless

Astaroth, K’arkh, Jorgen/Martha, Nebula, Faceless

This team composition in Hero Wars excels in defensive and offensive strategies. Astaroth, a versatile tank, provides crucial shielding to allies, enhancing the team’s survivability.

Jorgen, alternatively used with Martha for added healing, is a master in controlling the pace of battle by slowing down enemy attacks, which is particularly useful against advanced opponents.

K’arkh is the central gramps in this team, known for his high damage output. His synergy with Faceless, who can copy and amplify the abilities of teammates, particularly K’arkh’s high-damage skills, makes this combination formidable.

Nebula is the secret ingredient, enhancing the abilities of adjacent heroes, which further boosts K’arkh’s damage potential and the overall effectiveness of the team.

5. Andvari, Rufus, Keira, Dorian, Martha

Andvari, Rufus, Keira, Dorian, Martha

This team is specifically designed to counter Twins teams, known for their synergy and magic damage. Rufus shines in this role with his anti-mage abilities, providing a robust frontline defense against magic-based attacks.

Andvari supports the team against displacement effects common with Twins teams, offering stability and protection, making herself very useful. Keira, serving as the primary damage dealer, benefits from the support of both Dorian and Martha.

Dorian improves the team’s sustainability with his healing abilities in Hero Wars, while Martha, known for her substantial healing and buffing capabilities, makes sure the team’s alive and well even when the world comes crashing down.

6. Fafnir, Artemis, Tristan, Luther, Asteroth

Fafnir, Artemis, Tristan, Luther, Asteroth

This team is what makes you a meta-abuser, known for its balanced mix of damage and defense in Hero Wars. Tristan, alongside Fafnir and Artemis, forms the core of the team’s offensive capabilities.

Tristan’s skill set is crazy good against mages due to his high magic penetration, while Fafnir and Artemis contribute to the team’s overall damage output, capitalizing on Tristan’s armor penetration.

The tankiness of the team is provided by Luther and Asteroth/Cleaver. Luther’s popularity as a tank stems from his disruptive abilities and resilience, while Asteroth’s versatility as a tank allows him to adapt to various battle scenarios.

7. Lilith, Phobos, Corvus, Morrigan, Alvanor

Lilith, Phobos, Corvus, Morrigan, Alvanor

So far, we’ve only discussed teams for specific scenarios; but what if you want to adapt to the scenario in Hero Wars? That’s where you rock this bus! Lilith brings to the table her dark magic abilities, offering both damage and control over the battlefield.

Phobos complements her with his crowd-control skills, making it difficult for enemies to execute their strategies. Corvus and Morrigan, often paired together due to their synergistic abilities, provide a solid foundation for the team.

Corvus, as a tank, can absorb significant damage, while Morrigan supports healing and resurrecting fallen allies, which is crucial in prolonged battles. As a topping on the cake, Alvanor rounds the team off with his healing!

8. Krista, Lars, Nebula, Astaroth, Martha

Krista, Lars, Nebula, Astaroth, Martha

Krista and Lars, often referred to as the “Twins” in Hero Wars, are the centerpieces of this team. Their combined magical abilities create powerful synergies, with Lars amplifying the damage dealt by Krista’s ice spells.

This duo can wreak utter chaos on enemy formations, making them effective in both PvP and PvE settings. Nebula’s role as a support hero is vital in enhancing the twins’ damage output.

Positioned correctly, she can boost the abilities of both Krista and Lars simultaneously. Astaro offers protection to the team, especially to the Twins, ensuring they can cast their spells without interruption.

Martha is just here to heal in Hero Wars. Don’t — Don’t bother her, please.


At the end of the day, it all boils down to your specific playstyle, and what you want to do with your team comp. Do you want to bring them in raids, or do you simply care about clearing the stages in Hero Wars? Your decisions will dictate what works best!

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  1. About your #3 team lineup……Solaris is a Titan and can not be in a team with Hero’s. Maybe the PC game is different but in the mobile game “Hero Wars Alliance” Solaris can’t be used in that way.

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