Hero Making Tycoon – Tips & Tricks

Abdullah Iqbal
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We have all been fans of Spider-Man, Batman, Iron Man, and so on. But those who play Hero Making Tycoon know Potato-Man is the best superhero (no lies detected!).

In this game, you have multiple Hero Factories where the heroes grow and get their weapons, armor, and other power-ups. Once equipped, they are ready to fight a horde of monsters coming their way.

There are over 500 levels in this simulation game by Hello Games. And as expected, each level is more complex than the previous.

The final dragon will be waiting for you at the Dragon’s Retreat factory. So, you need to be fully prepared beforehand to fight him.

But not to worry, I am here with the best Hero Making Tycoon tips and tricks that will help you defeat the final boss.

1. Upgrade your Least Efficient Equipment

Keeping your weapons, armor, and other equipment upgraded will help you a ton while fighting the mobs and bosses.

Photo: Hello Games

If you don’t care about upgrading them, then the game can be punishing. You won’t be able to climb up the levels and unlock further factories.

Upgrading equipment will help your heroes become more productive, efficient, and powerful. This, in turn, will help you progress faster in the game.

2. Upgrade your Hero Factories, Weapon Stations, Armor, and Managers

The upgrading never stops in Hero Making Tycoon. Just like the weapons and armor, you need to upgrade your hero factories, weapon stations, and managers.

Photo: Hello Games

Upgrading the Device Efficiency in the Hero Factories will help reduce the time a hero pops up.

Besides, you can have more heroes pop up by increasing the Channel Numbers.

Photo: Hello Games

Similarly, upgrading the Weapon Stations will improve your combat power by many folds. It not only enhances the base damage but the critical hits as well.

Photo: Hello Games

Armor upgrades help your heroes to have more health and combat power. When you encounter bigger bosses, having strong armor will be essential.

Photo: Hello Games

Lastly, the Managers also power up your attack and provide some unique add-ons. For instance, they can decrease the upgrade cost, give new combat skills, and more.

So, make sure you keep collecting the batteries (more on that later) and keep upgrading the managers.

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3. Compete in the Expedition and Trial Game Modes

There are multiple mini-games in Expedition where you can earn treasures, batteries, medals, and more.

Compete in the Treasure Hunt and snatch the treasures of other players. Similarly, challenge real players in the Arena to get medals and exchange them for exclusive rewards.

You also have the Tower Challenge, where you can fight against bosses to get batteries. This will help upgrade your Managers.

The Geocentric Lair will unlock after level 80, and it will have its own requirements and rewards.

For the Trial game modes, we have 4 at the moment.

Photo: Hello Games

The Goblin’s Treasure will give you coins and Soul Stones which are necessary to upgrade our Potato-Men.

Hero Arena has Diamonds as rewards, while Dragon’s trial will give you equipment.

Lastly, the Siren’s Treasure gives the player Armor Scroll which is used to increase Armor’s HP.

You’ll get two tickets daily to play these games. However, you can watch two videos for each mode and play them again.

Just make sure to participate and get the rewards.

4. Double your Income by Watching ADs

There are many opportunities to increase your coins simply by watching advertisements.

Now, I know it can be annoying, but a huge part of this game depends on them. You will even have to watch ads to get some rewards.

Photo: Hello Games

Anyway, I suggest watching the ones that give you coins and diamonds.

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5. Keep Doing New Research in the Lab

Collect Amethyst and start doing lab research. These researches basically help you in battles by reducing ad time, increasing offline earnings, and a lot more.

The more advanced the research, the better the result. Just keep collecting Amethyst from its treasure box and keep experimenting in the lab.

6. Collect all the Available Rewards

There are dozens and dozens of rewards to collect in Hero Making Tycoon. Some of them will give you coins and diamonds, while others will help you upgrade your factories and equipment.

Photo: Hello Games

Besides, there’s a spin wheel as well, which gives daily gifts, alongside a card game called Tarot. The latter has you picking random cards out of 4 for different rewards.

But if the Black Hole card shows up, you’ll lose the rewards. Nevertheless, you can watch an ad to retrieve them.

And that’s pretty much it for the Hero Making Tycoon tips and tricks. Implement them in the game, and you’ll see yourself skyrocketing toward the top!

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