Hellopet House Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Anurag Ghosh

Hellopet House is a cute pet-themed game that lets you decorate a pet house while playing with cuddly animals. Developed by NANALI studios and published by AppXplore (iCandy), the game combines home design with time-management game elements. You will also be collecting pets and interacting with them. Adopt hidden pets and restore grandma’s mansion/pet house to find out the reason behind her mysterious disappearance.   

Hellopet House

While most games combine home decoration with match 3 puzzles, Hellopet House does something different. It offers a restaurant sim-style time management game that allows players to cook various lip-smacking dishes to serve pets.

Players will have to serve dishes to animals on time to complete a level. The stars earned from completing a level is then used to renovate and design the pet house. But the fun does not stop here! Players can also interact with cute animals. They can play with them, feed them and pet them. In return, animals give delicious candies that can be used to adopt more pets or purchase furniture items. 

The game is in early access, but you can download it from the Google Play Store.  

Know your Goals and Game Rules 

Much of HelloPet House’s gameplay revolves around serving food to cute pets. And because it’s a time management game, you will have to be really quick in serving food to them. If you complete your goals on time, you will be rewarded with gold and gems. You will also receive stars with which you can repair grandma’s old pet house and progress through the story.  

Pets appear outside your kiosk and demand certain food items that needs to be prepared in the open kitchen. Food products demanded by pets are displayed above them. You will have to tap on the right ingredients to prepare those food items in your kitchen and then tap on the dish to serve to an animal.  

But the game does not stop here. There are certain objectives and game rules that need to be paid attention to if you want to finish a level comfortably. Tap on the “Play” button on the home screen.

Level Info Screen – Tap on the icons in the game to know more about them

On the level info screen, you will notice certain icons under “Goal”. These icons suggest certain conditions and objectives one must follow to complete a level.  

There are three game goals:  

Green Checkmark: If this appears on the level info screen, it means that you will have to prepare a certain number of food items for your pets. A number appears beside the green checkmark and you will have to finish preparing that much food items to serve to pets.  

Coin: If there’s a coin icon, it means you will have to earn coins to complete a level. The number of coins required to earn appears beside the coin icon.  

Like: If a level info screen has a “Like” or thumbs up icon, it suggests that you will need to collect likes to finish the game. The like icon also appears on the food item’s gauge on top of an animal. Be quick in collecting likes as you will have to get them before the food gauge above them is empty.  

Those were the goals or objectives you will need to finish to complete a level. Most levels have only one of the above goals. You will also have to follow certain conditions to complete these goals. These conditions are:  

Pet Number (Paw): If this appears on the goal screen, then you will have to complete a particular goal before running out of pets. For example, if the goal is to earn 300 coins and if there’s a paw icon beside this goal, it suggests that a limited number of pets will appear in the front of the kiosk. You will have to earn 300 gold by serving all pets and making sure no pet leaves the kiosk hungry.  

Time (Clock): You must reach a goal before running out of time. A timer will appear on the screen and you have to be quick in preparing food for pets before the timer reaches zero.  

One of two of the above conditions may appear along with goals in any level. You will have to fulfill both the objective and condition in order to win a level.  

Besides goals and conditions, there are also certain restrictions that can make level completion quite a challenge. These restrictions are:  

Cannot Leave (Pet dog with a stop symbol): Complete goals but make sure no animal leaves the kiosk. Feed all animals.  

Cannot Damage Materials (Broken box with stop symbol): Don’t break materials while preparing food.  

Cannot Discard (Dustbin): Don’t discard burnt food items. You can discard a burnt food ingredient on a utensil by double tapping on it, but in case such a restriction is in place on a certain level, then discarding food items will end the game abruptly and you will have to play the level again.   

Any one of the above restrictions, goals and conditions will be displayed on the level info screen and you will have to keep in mind all rules before completing a goal. Sometimes more than one restriction or condition may have to be followed in a certain level. Such a level will be hard to complete.  

Serve Water and Instant Foods First  

When a pet arrives at your kiosk and demands food, a callout appears above him. Beside the callout is a green bar. Serve dishes to a pet before the green bar goes down to nil.

Serve Water to a Pet to Raise the green bar

Many times, a pet demands more than one dish, such as a meatball dish and water or a meat dish, meatball dish and water. Since it won’t be easy for you serve altogether to a pet, you can give those that can be served instantly. If a pet demands a meatball dish and water, then serve water first. This will increase the green bar, giving you some more time to cook the meatball dish and serve him.   

How to Cook and Serve Food Faster to Pets   

Levels will be difficult to beat, especially when there are more than one restriction and condition to complete a goal. In such circumstances, you must upgrade kitchenware and ingredients to prepare food at a faster rate.  

To level up ingredients and kitchenware, tap on the Play button and then tap on “Upgrade”. You will see a carousal of food items and utensils that need to be upgraded.  

Here are a few kitchenware and ingredients you must upgrade first if you want to finish hard levels in HelloPet House:  

Meat: One of the main ingredients that you put in a frying pan to cook; Meat can earn you extra coins if you upgrade it. Keep earning coins from levels and spend them to upgrade this ingredient. When you upgrade it, the coins gain from serving meat dishes will increase.  

Vegetable 1 and Vegetable 2: Same as meat, upgrade them to get more coins when you serve a dish that has vegetable on it.  

Meatball: Another delicious ingredient. Upgrade it to increase coins gained from dishes that has meatballs on them.  

Water Bowl: Upgrade it to gain more coins per serving.  

Water pot: Used to fill the water bowl. Upgrade this to increase the speed to fill the bowl and also increase count. With upgraded water pot, you will be able to fill water quickly and have more than one water bowls to serve pets.  

Frying Pan: As more and more pets demand meat dishes, you must upgrade frying pan to fry a greater number of meat pieces and increase food preparation speed. When you level up a frying pan using coins, you will increase the number of frying pans in your kitchen and also decrease the time spent to fry meat on them.  

Placement Mats (Purple and Golden): Dishes or bowls are placed on these mats. The more mats you have, the more dishes will be placed on them. Having more mats would mean more dishes can be served at a time. If there’s only 2 mats, then only two dishes or bowls can be placed, which means that only two dishes can be served to pets at time.  

Meat Dish and Meatball Dish: These are the bowls where cooked food is served and then given to pets. Upgrade these two dishes to get bonus coins.  

Pot: You will cook meatballs on a pot. Upgrade the pot to cook meatballs faster and increase count. The more pots you have, the more meatballs can be cooked at once.  

Those are some of the ingredients and kitchenware to upgrade from time to time, if you want to cook food faster and earn more coins per serving. Try to max out upgrading each of these items to complete hard levels.  

As you keep playing Hellopet House, you will soon unlock additional dishes and ingredients. Reach level 65 to unlock items such as pastry, pastry platter and the oven.   

Mingle with Pets to get Candies  

The game not only lets you decorate and repair grandma’s pet house, but also interact with pets. In return pets give candies that can be used to purchase Funiture or adopt new pets.  

When a pet is ready for play and petting, an exclamation mark appears on the pet icon on the bottom of the pet house. Tap on the icon and then tap on a pet’s portrait. You will see various action buttons below the pet. Just tap on an action button and then tap on a pet to complete an action.  

Interact with a pet to get candies

There are four ways to mingle with a pet – bathe him, feed him, pet him and play with him. Each action fills the bar above the interactive buttons. When full, you will obtain candy.  

To use candy to adopt a pet, tap on the pet icon on the bottom of the screen and then tap on the “Adoption” tab. You will need several candies to adopt a new pet.  

To buy new furniture and replace the current furniture with a new one, tap on the couch icon on the bottom of the screen. You will see several tiny icons above furniture. Tap on one of these icons to change furniture and purchase the new one with candies.  

Use Boosters

Before playing a level, you can use a booster. This will help you complete a level much comfortably. There are three main types of boosters – protection, double coins and instant complete. You will unlock them one by one once you reach certain levels of the game. Use them wisely and according to the condition and restriction of a level.

Example: If a level has a restriction that you can’t discard items, you can use protection booster to prevent ingredients from being burned or damaged.

If the goal is to quickly serve 40 animals, then the best booster would be “instant complete” as it removes wait times for preparing lip-smacking dishes.

Any ingredient in the pot or frying pan will be cooked instantly. If a goal is to obtain an X number of coins, then use the “Double Coins” booster will help you collect coins from animals faster.

You will get free boosters to try when you unlock them. You can purchase additional boosters using gems. Collect gems from cooking levels or by replaying the same level 2-3 times. Play the game daily to get gems as rewards.

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