Heir Of Light Eclipse – Ultimate Game Guide, Tips & Codes

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Heir of Light Eclipse guide
(Last Updated On: September 21, 2023)

Welcome to the latest 2023 saga of the “Heir of Light” universe, Heir of Light: Eclipse, published by Com2us Holdings.

Like taking on challenging quests? Well, that’s exactly what you’ll be doing in this game. The expansive worlds of Eclipse won’t let you get bored in the gacha-style action-packed battles.

Below will be an in-depth guide to the game, starting from the basics to the ultimate tips. Moreover, there are some coupon codes at the end for free rewards!

Heir of Light Eclipse – Gameplay

Heir of Light Eclipse is a tactical role-playing game where the players assemble their team of five servants to take on the enemies. The battles are automatic and don’t usually require any human input.

Heir of Light Eclipse gameplay
Image: Com2uS Holdings Corporation

However, you can manually configure the combat style of your servants by tapping on their image at the bottom. This will activate their ranged skill. But if you want complete autoplay, then the ranged skills or the ultimates of the servants will activate automatically once their skill bar is filled.

One place where the players must intervene is while composing the team. The characters in Heir of Light Eclipse belong to specific classes and have particular purposes. Make sure you understand the ins and outs of the characters to assemble the perfect 5!

Moreover, you would want to keep your servants upgraded to compete in the later stages. It’s needless to say that Heir of Light Eclipse gets more difficult with time. These upgrades play a crucial role in facilitating progress and success as players continue their journey within the game.

The gameplay mechanics are simple, with no hard-and-fast logic. Similarly, the user interface is straightforward as well.

The game features many chapters with multiple levels. Once you complete all the stages of one chapter, you will move on to the next one.

Chapters and stages in Heir of Light Eclipse
Image: Com2uS Holdings Corporation

Furthermore, the game features two to three primary resources, which hold significant importance. Players can allocate these resources to enhance their servants and other in-game elements

Heir of Light Eclipse – Game Sections

There are multiple sections in the game which you will explore as you progress, I’ll explain the main ones below:

Servants Section

Here you can access the servants you have unlocked as well as the ones that are locked. You can learn everything about the servants here since the section gives a detailed overview of each one of them.

Additionally, this is where you can upgrade your servants/heroes. The steps for upgrading them are as follows:

  1. Go to the Servants section at the bottom.
  2. Select the servant you want to upgrade.
Servants in Heir of Light Eclipse
Image: Com2uS Holdings Corporation
  1. The servant’s page will open with information about all the resources needed to upgrade them.
  2. If you have enough resources, tap on Level Up and the servant will upgrade.
Saighead Servant
Image: Com2uS Holdings Corporation

Oracle Section

Heir of Light Eclipse battle screen
Image: Com2uS Holdings Corporation

The Oracle section introduces various engaging game modes to enhance your gameplay experience. Here are the sections you’ll find:

  • PvP: Engage in player-vs-player battles, climbing the ranks for greater challenges and rewards.
  • Abandoned: Confront waves of enemies, with the challenge restarting if you fail on a floor.
  • Corrupted Waterway: Navigate a map with choices that impact your progress, facing numerous challenges and foes.
  • Request: Complete servant requests either with your guild or individually to earn valuable rewards.
  • Expedition Records: Unlock rewards by completing assigned missions and tasks in this section.

Estate Section

The Estate serves as the central hub where players can access various essential features and entities integral to their gameplay experience. These include:

  1. Guild: Here you can make your own guild to invite players from all over the world or join an existing one. I’d suggest doing the latter when you are just starting out.
  2. Library: Just as a real-world library has books, the library in HoL Eclipse has information about in-game events, challenges, and other triumphs players have gone through in their gaming journey.
  3. Shop: This is your go-to for buying different in-game items and resources. The shop will help you a lot whenever you need something important.
  4. Summon: As evident from the name, this is where you will be summoning new characters of every rarity to join your team. Just so you know, the characters can repeat as well.
  5. Ludmilla’s Temple: This temple holds some secrets of the game, which I won’t spoil for you.
  6. The Hall of Honor: This is where the players showcase their accomplishments and achievements in the game.
  7. The Gate of Regression: This is another place where you can get your hands on new challenges.
  8. Training Grounds: This pretty much explains itself. The Training Grounds section is where you can put your team to the test and try different strategies for the actual battles.

The Purification Pass

This is an in-game feature that assigns specific missions exclusively for the pass. By completing these missions, players can level up their pass. The pass is available in two variants: the Free Pass and the Premium Pass.

purification pass in Heir of Light Eclipse
Image: Com2uS Holdings Corporation

Players can earn valuable rewards, including resources like Karats and Shards, by progressing through these missions.

Heir of Light Eclipse – Characters

The characters in this game are available in three rarities: normal, mythical, and unique, and are classified into five classes: warrior, tank, ranger, mage, and support.
The game has 30+ servants currently. Following are some top-tier ones:


Celestial Sphinx is an Epic rarity Servant categorized as a Support type. In her ultimate ability, her primary weapon turns into a sword and she attacks the area where more enemies are standing.

Celestial Sphinx servant
Image: Com2uS Holdings Corporation

This ultimate ability grants Sphinx the capacity to deal increased damage with her basic attacks after the initial transformation and offers a valuable defensive mechanism through the conversion of her HP into Shields. Both aspects contribute to her effectiveness as a support-type Servant.


Skadi is an Epic rarity Servant categorized as a Ranger type. Her ultimate ability summons an ice crystal to target the enemies standing in front. The attack damage increases by 280%, which helps out the team a lot!

Skadi servant
Image: Com2uS Holdings Corporation

This ultimate ability emphasizes both area damage and crowd control, making Skadi an effective Ranger type Servant with the capacity to deal substantial damage to multiple foes while hindering their mobility.


Laura is an Epic Rarity Servant belonging to the Mage class. For her ultimate ability, she summons mists and bats, which deal constant damage to the enemies for 12 seconds. The damage is equivalent to 70% of her attack power.

Laura servant
Image: Com2uS Holdings Corporation

Laura’s ultimate ability focuses on dealing sustained damage to all enemies on the battlefield and rewards her with significant healing based on the damage dealt when the mists dissipate.

This makes her a potent Mage-type Servant with the ability to both damage enemies and sustain her health during battles.


Nua is an Epic rarity Servant and falls into the Support category. Her ultimate ability can be a game-changer.

Basically, she follows an ally with the highest Combat Power (CP) and restores their energy with a minimum of 200 energy units.

In essence, Nua’s ultimate ability allows her to support a specific teammate by replenishing their energy, aiding them in using their abilities more frequently during battles.

It’s important to note that her ability is particularly effective when no preset Servants are chosen for battle.

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Heir of Light Eclipse – Tips and Tricks

1. Starting Solid with Re-rolling

Re-rolling stands out as one of the most effective strategies to kickstart your journey with a significant advantage. While it does demand a bit of your time, the potential rewards make it well worth your while.

Re-rolling involves summoning characters repeatedly by either creating new accounts or wiping the data of your existing ones to secure the desired characters right from the beginning.

This technique allows you to obtain this sought-after summons as part of the pre-registration rewards in Heir of Light Eclipse, offering a powerful boost to your account without extensive effort.

2. Earn Rewards through Quests

The game boasts an impressive progression system that generously rewards players for completing a wide array of quests.

While this might initially sound like a familiar concept, it goes beyond the ordinary, as some of these quests offer not just rewards but also challenging tasks that promise substantial benefits.

Heir of Light Eclipse gameplay
Image: Com2uS Holdings Corporation

This unique system is known as the “Renown” system and can be accessed by navigating to the Quest tab positioned at the upper left corner of the main menu.

Within this system, players will find a series of quests that serve as a guiding roadmap, helping players understand how to make significant progress in the game.

Think of these quests as milestones, as they are not only instructive but also offer generous rewards, making them an integral part of the player’s journey.

3. Effortless Rewards with Quick Purify

The casual nature of the game extends to the reward system, which allows players to reap benefits without requiring an extensive time investment.

A notable feature in this regard is the “Quick Purify,” a mechanism that accumulates rewards over time. As the name implies, players can effortlessly claim all the accumulated rewards with a single click.

Collecting auto purify rewards
Image: Com2uS Holdings Corporation

These stored resources are available for collection for a maximum of 12 hours. For optimal efficiency, players can collect these rewards twice within a 24-hour cycle, with a 12-hour interval in between.

Additionally, players can claim 120 minutes’ worth of free resources once daily, enhancing the overall rewarding experience.

4. Keep Upgrading Your Servants

Upgrading servants improve both their attack and defense. It goes without saying that both of these factors are extremely important to winning battles. Moreover, these upgrades will also increase the overall power of the team, which is necessary to compete in the later chapters.

Upgrading servants in Heir of Light Eclipse
Image: Com2uS Holdings Corporation

I have explained the process to upgrade servants above, so make sure you check that out.

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Heir of Light Eclipse – Codes

The codes serve as a means for players to receive free in-game items and bonuses that can assist in their game progression. The sad thing, as always, is that these codes provide exclusive rewards that can be redeemed only once.

Additionally, it’s important to note that these codes can expire soon. So make sure not to be late. Here are the working codes for Heir of Light Eclipse:

  • GBAVICPLY1 – free rewards (new)
  • HPRIMKUNG5 – free rewards (new)
  • TMHEENOIG7 – free rewards (new)
  • LNONATAKN4 – free rewards (new)
  • HLGSTUDIOF – free rewards (new)
  • CHAICHAT1Q – free rewards (new)
  • HOLANDAB10 – free rewards (new)
  • SHBLUJOVAH – free rewards (new)
  • SAHEHOTVHL – free rewards (new)
  • NECRMELPHM – free rewards (new)
  • MHEEGAMERL – free rewards (new)
  • SPOOKYTVHL – free rewards (new)
  • HLAUAWSOME – free rewards (new)
  • FPGPONGPIT – free rewards (new)
  • HLUCKFAST1 – free rewards (new)
  • LTHEYOYSO2 – free rewards (new)
  • OTHERNUALAST – free rewards
  • MUCHK3oo – free rewards
  • YOUNSJ11 – free rewards
  • VERYK3K1 – free rewards
  • LOVEGSN10 – free rewards
  • MUCHAGSL – free rewards
  • YOUSS6M60 – free rewards
  • WELCOMEGIFT – Summon Stone Chest x30
  • GETSERVANT – Summon Stone Chest x30
  • SORRYnTHANKS – Karat x3,600
  • LAUNCH0913 – free rewards
  • IDEALTYPE16 – free rewards
  • ECLIPSEGM – free rewards
  • OTHERNUA1 – free rewards
  • EMOJISPHINX – free rewards
  • SUPPORT1ST – free rewards
  • EMOJINUA – free rewards
  • THANKS100RT – free rewards
  • WEAGSD13 – free rewards
  • WELCOMENSB – for free rewards

How to Redeem Codes in Heir of Light Eclipse?

To redeem these codes in Heir of Light Eclipse, follow these simple steps:

  1. Launch the Heir of Light Eclipse on your device.
  2. Tap on the profile avatar, located at the top-left corner of your screen.
Profile avatar
Image: Com2uS Holdings Corporation
  1. Access the account tab within the profile menu.
  2. Tap the “redeem coupon” button.
Redeem coupon button
Image: Com2uS Holdings Corporation
  1. Next, select “coupon code exchange”.
  2. Enter a valid code from the provided list.
  3. Enjoy your rewards, which will be automatically added to your in-game inventory.

Heir of Light Eclipse – Conclusion

So, this was all about the ever-rising Heir of Light Eclipse. If you like gacha-style games, you will love this one. So, get in there, assemble your squad, and start winning those battles!

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