Hearthstone – Showdown In The Badlands: New Update

Muhib Nadeem
(Last Updated On: November 16, 2023)

From flipping wins to pulling out twins, Hearthstone – Showdown in Badlands is here, and it might just be one of the best updates to Hearthstone so far.

The game is a global phenomenon, and its gameplay perfectly correlates to it, but how does one take it to grander heights?

That’s a question only Blizzard could answer, and it seems like they’ve done that perfectly well. So, what’s so good about this new expansion, and why should you start prepping for it? Let’s cover that and more below!

The Bloodrock Mining Company

Bloodrock Mining Company
Photo: Blizzard

You can tell from the name that this company is up to no good, and it really reflects when the corrupt Sherrif Barrelbrim makes its appearance. Standing at 4 cost, this card is capable of opening Badlands jail if your health is 20 or under.

As for the jail card, you are able to make any minion Dormant for the next 3 turns. Seeing how it’s also four costs, it won’t be wrong to consider both of them a complete package.

However, the fun doesn’t end there:

Elise, Badlands Savior

When there’s a baddie, there is bound to be a savior as well, and in this case, that’s Elise. Costing eight energy, this card can only be called a power move, where, you’re able to summon 4/4 copies of any four minions (you cannot choose) – given that your deck has no duplicates.

Elise, Badlands Survivor
Photo: Blizzard

So, while it is effective, it’s only the tip of the iceberg, and to reach these conditions, you have to condition your deck accordingly.

Keyword: Quickdraw

Photo: Blizzard
Trolley Problem
Photo: Blizzard

These cards, particularly Dehydrate and Trolley Problem, come with the new Quickdraw keyword that essentially allows you to get a special bonus if you play them as soon as they reach your hand.

Think of it as flinging a pistol; the faster you do it, the greater the effect.

Keyword: Excavate

Photo: Blizzard

Whenever you play this keyword, you’re bestowed upon a treasure, following the theme of the bad company making profits. Whenever you Excavate, you obtain a treasure.

All of this is dictated by a tier system, where each treasure makes you jump the tier you’re currently on. It’s almost like you’re exploring a mine, where deeper means better, but also scarier.

How Do You Keep Track?

Hearthstone cards
Photo: Blizzard

These excavated treasures have rarities bestowed upon them, so based on these, you can more or less tell where you’re at during the current stage.

Some Excavate cards are much better than the rest, and can get a bonus 4-mana Legendary Excavate Treasure whenever they reach the 4th tier:

  • Death Knight
  • Mage
  • Rogue
  • Warlock
  • Warrior

Other Bonuses in Hearthstone

Badlands Trailer
Photo: Blizzard

Aside from these, you also get the Thunderbringer Login Reward, as mentioned in their announcements. While it’s not the strongest, that Deathrattle ability certainly packs a punch!

There was also a pre-purchase showdown happening which included 60 Hearthstone – Showdown in Badland card packs. However, with the arrival of the update, this is no longer there.


In essence, the Hearthstone – Showdown in Badlands update is shaping up to be a banger of an event, and with YouTubers claiming a 100% win rate with these new cards, you’re bound to give it a go. Be warned though, being a Hearthstone hero is not for everyone!

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