He-Man Tappers of Grayskull: 8 Tips, Hints and Strategies for New Players

Anurag Ghosh
He-Man Tappers of GraySkull - Fighting Skeletor
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

He-Man Tappers of Grayskull is Animoca’s tribute to one of America’s greatest animated television series. An idle clicker game, it features your favorite heroes and villains from the Masters of the Universe franchise. With the help of an ancient sorcerous stone, Skeletor has turned all monsters to giants. Now it’s up to He-Man and his allies to defeat them and restore peace in Eternia.

You will have to tap enemies to attack, use Prince Adam’s special skills and the combined strength of all his friends to vanquish Skeletor and his minions. This beginner’s guide provides useful tips, hints and strategies that will help you defeat boss monsters faster, recharge He-Man’s skill quickly and make Masters more powerful:

1. Know How Much Damage Team He-Man Dishes Out to Enemies

You will find damage stats underneath the animated battle screen. “Tap Damage” shows how much damage He-Man will deal every time you tap an enemy. To increase his tap damage, go to the “He-Man” tab and level him up. Leveling up He-Man and the Masters requires gold, so make sure you have collected plenty of them.

He-Man Tappers of GraySkull - Fighting Skeletor

“Master DPS (Damage per Second)”, shows the combined damage dealt by all unlocked “Masters” (He-Man’s allies). Masters dish out damage automatically, helping our hero defeat enemies with minimum effort. The higher the Master DPS, the faster an enemy’s HP will drain. To increase damage per second, level up each character under the “Master” tab.

Normal enemies can be easily defeated by high-DPS masters. You can close the app to let them do their job and collect gold for you. However, you will need He-Man’s help and use his skills when fighting a boss monster. Here your main hero’s “Tap Damage” will contribute to the total damage dealt to the boss monster and defeat the enemy before the timer runs out.

2. Level-Up Masters to Unlock Their Skills

Each ally and friend of He-Man has his/her own unique skill, which can be unlocked once they reach a certain level. For Example: Ram-Man’s “Coiled Leg” skill can be unlocked when he reaches level 10. You will need to tap the “level up” button beside each Master’s portrait pic to level him up.

Level Up Masters

Leveling up not only increases a Master’s DPS, but he/she also inches closer to unlocking a passive/active skill. Some unlocked skills increase your tap damage, whereas others boost critical chance or DPS of that master by a certain percentage. However, there are some Masters that boost gold drop from defeated enemies. For example: Snout Spout’s “Frozen Offensive” skill increases amount of gold dropped by 10 percent.

To know each unlocked character’s skill, go to “Masters” and tap on his/her portrait pic.

3. Upgrade He-Man’s Skill to Boost Damage

He-Man has some really useful skills that can help you defeat bosses faster. To unlock his skill, you will need to upgrade him to a certain level. To activate an unlocked skill, go to “Skill” tab and tap it.

Upgrade He-Man's Skill

Use the gold dropped by defeated enemies to upgrade your hero and unlock his skills. What’s more, you can also level up each of his unlocked skill using gold. For example: He-Man’s “Power Slam” skill increases the damage dealt by 100 every time you upgrade it. Tap the “He-Man” tab and then tap the red “Level Up” button that appears beside each unlocked skill.

Besides skills that deal damage to enemies, there are also certain skills that let you gain plenty of gold. Orko’s Fund is one example of a skill that delivers a certain percentage of monster gold when activated.

4. Save These He-Man Skills for Boss Monster Rounds

Boss monsters are tough to beat as you will have to drain their HP before the timer runs out. The orange bar below the monster’s HP bar is the timer. If it decreases and reaches zero before the boss’s HP, you fail. However, you can come back later with a much stronger team to defeat him.

Along with leveling up Masters to increase the total DPS and leveling up He-Man to increase tap damage, use these skills when a boss monster battle begins:

1. Insight: Activating this skill will make “weakpoints” appear more frequently. When a weak point (bull’s eye icon) appears, tap it to inflict extra damage to a boss monster. Weak points keep appearing in quick succession until the skill is active. Don’t forget to level up this skill to deal more damage to a boss monster.

2. Power Slam: Deals a huge blow to the enemy. Level up this skill to increase damage percentage.

3. He-Man Smash: Increases tap damage by a huge percentage.

4. Summon Battlecat: He-Man’s most trusted companion arrives and attacks the enemy. Upgrade this skill to increase attacks per second.

5. Watch Videos to Recharge His Skills Faster

Each skill of He-Man has a cooldown time. You will need to go to “Skills” and tap a skill to activate it. A skill will remain active for a few seconds and then will take some time to recharge fully. You can bypass the recharge time by tapping on the play button on a skill which is turned off. This will allow you to watch a 30-sec advert. After watching the full advert, the skill will be recharged and you can use it again. In a nutshell, watching an ad recharges a skill instantly.

6. Tap the Flying Orko to Get Battle Boosts and Lots of Gold

Orko can appear any time on the screen but he usually appears after defeating a boss monster. He keeps flying for a few seconds and then disappears. You must tap him to make him drop battle boosts or rewards like Gold and crystals. Orko may drop plenty of gold or provide special offers (under “Orko’s Magic”) that you can receive after watching an advert.

Tap Flying Orko


Orko’s Battle Aura will give you a +10% DPS bonus which lasts until next time travel. To activate this boost, you will need to watch a short video. There are also gold offers that may require you to watch a 30 second advert. “Orko’s Shiny Gems” gives 5 gems after watching a short advert.

7. Watch an Advert to Double the Collected Gold

While you were away, your masters did their best to defeat monsters and collect gold for you. What you can do is double the amount collected by watching a short video. Tap the gold icon at the top-left corner of the screen and tap the “Double” button.

8. Go to the Store to Get Free Offers and Lots of New Power-Ups

Tap the “Store” button. There you will see a few free offers such as “Gold Bonus” and “Gem Bonus”, which you can get by watching short videos. There are also lots of power-ups, but you will need gems to unlock them.


Completing achievements and playing the game daily might earn you some gems. The achievements section can be accessed by tapping the trophy icon at the top-right corner of the screen. Orko may also provide some gems so keep an eye on the flying Trollan and tap him to get rewards. You never know what gifts he has in store for us.

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