Haze Piece Tier List & Reroll Guide

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Haze Piece
Photo: Roblox

This One Piece-themed Roblox game has become a huge hit thanks to its unique graphics and wide range of races to control.

We can help you decide which one is best if you’re not sure.

This guide will rank all of Haze Piece’s races so far, so you can choose which ones to use your roll tokens on.

You’ll be ready for a tough Roblox fight knowing that you’re using the best race possible. If things don’t go as planned, you can redo the roll.

Haze Piece
Photo: Roblox

Race Tier List – All Races Ranked

Our ranks are based on how rare each race is, with the strangest and hardest-to-get races at the top.

As a result, the most important Haze Piece races to focus on right now are Dragonoid, Lunarian, and D-Clan.

All of them are Legendary or Mythic-level races with the best power and life regeneration in their class.

  • S-Tier: OP! These races provide huge stat boosts for your game. Worth keeping.
  • A-Tier: Insane races! Still amazing with great stat boosts. Don’t sleep on them just because they’re not S-tier!
  • B-Tier: Our average. These races are still great, but nothing spectacular
  • C-Tier: Decent. We’d suggest these to beginners, but keep rerolling when you can!
  • D-Tier: Perhaps try rerolling. These are not worth retaining at all.
Haze Piece
Photo: Roblox

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  • D. Clan [Mythical]
    • 0.1% chance
    • +10% Health, +10% Stamina, +10% Health Regen, +1 Observation Haki Dodge, +1 Skywalk, +50% WalkSpeed, Free Conquerors Haki
    • The D. Clan gets S-Tier! This race is the top of the elites! With max score boosts, it is the perfect race to be given from rolls.
  • Lunarian [Legendary]
    • 1% drop rate
    • +25% Jump Power, +10% HP Regen, +10% Stamina, +1 Skywalk
    • Naturally, the famous race goes in S-Tier! With so many perks to follow this race, it brings huge perks for the player
  • Dragonoid [Legendary]
    • 1% drop rate
    • +10% HP, +10% HP Regen, +1% Observation Dodge, +25% Jump Power
    • Again, with this race being of legendary rare, it has legendary stats to match the player
  • Demon [Rare]
    • 8.9% drop rate
    • +5% Stamina, +5% HP, +50% Walk Speed
    • First S-tier rare! Despite the drop in frequency from the other two tiers, we love this race as it still provides the player with a great blanket of stats
Haze Piece
Photo: Roblox


  • Celestial Dragon [Rare]
    • 8.9% drop rate
    • +5% HP, +5% Stamina It’s still a great race to have if you roll this one.
    • This race is A-tier because it has fewer benefits than the Demon in the S-tier! If you roll this one, it will still be a fantastic race.


  • Cyborg [Uncommon]
    • 35% drop rate
    • +2.5% HP, +2.5% HP Regen
    • This tier is just average. It’s useful in the early game, but you’ll want to attempt a re-roll later.
  • Mink [Uncommon]
    • 35% drop rate
    • +15% Jump Power, +15% Walk Speed, +2.5% Stamina
    • Pretty good race! Similar to the Cyborg, it’s an amazing early game, but long term, you’ll want to invest in a higher tier.
Haze Piece
Photo: Roblox


  • Fishman [Uncommon]
    • 35% drop rate
    • +2.5% HP
    • Bit meh on the perk front. This race is okay if you’re a total newbie but with one low-rewarding stat boost it isn’t ideal long term
  • Skypeian [Uncommon]
    • 35% drop rate
    • +2.5% Stamina, +25% Jump Power
    • This race may be better than the Fishman, but it still isn’t great past the starting stages of the game.
  • Elf [Common]
    • 55% drop rate
    • +2.5% HP Regen
    • Considering this race has a similar perk to the Fishman, it gets a C-tier.


Haze Piece
Photo: Roblox
  • 3 Eyed Tribe [Common]
    • 55% drop rate
    • +2.5% Stamina
    • Overall, the race is rather poor with little stat bump. If possible, reroll instead of continuing this race.
  • Human [Common]
    • 55% drop rate
    • No buffs
    • Self-explanatory, you don’t want this race at all. You’re already a plain person in the real world! Anything is an improvement on this stat-less race.

How to get races in Haze Piece

Getting races in Roblox – Haze Piece eventually goes down to luck.

When you initially launch the game on the Roblox game page and enter the world, you are assigned a race; however, you will need certain race spins to roll for a new one.

Haze Piece
Photo: Roblox

Race spins aren’t the easiest to come by in Haze Piece, but there is one surefire way to get them.

The makers constantly release new Haze Piece codes, and luckily, they often contain race spins and rerolls.

As such, make sure you’ve earned all the latest Haze Piece codes in the hope of spinning an S-tier race!

Haze Piece Reroll Guide

Currently, you can only reroll your stats in Haze Piece, not your race spins or jewels.

Therefore, it’s only a helpful feature if you’re happy with your current race, but want to change numbers like Combat or Defense with ease.

Haze Piece
Photo: Roblox

To perform a stat reroll in Haze Piece, head to the Stats part of the menu, then use one of the Stat Refund pieces you can get by entering Haze Piece codes.

These will set all of your stats back to zero, but return your Stack points, letting you shift them to other areas again.

If you want to start from scratch in Haze Piece, you’ll have to boot the game up on a different Roblox account and go again.

Haze Piece
Photo: Roblox


Roblox’s growth has been greatly helped by Haze Piece, which come in a wide variety of races, each with unique powers.

Rare races like Dragonoid, Lunarian, or D-Clan will rank higher on the list if that’s the focus.

Players are always looking for the ideal race to play with for better games and more enjoyable hours of play since code redemptions and hollows occur often.

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