Harry Potter Magic Awakened: Ultimate Echos Guide

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Welcome to the Echoes world, as they are one of the most important aspects of Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, which can be found on both the Play Store and the App Store, or even on PC!

Echoes are powerful magical spirits that can be used within your deck to enhance your skills and abilities.

In this guide, we will be discussing everything you need to know about the Echoes, starting with how to get them, how to upgrade them, what you get when upgrading them, and which ones are the best to use.

What are Echoes?

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Echoes are powerful artifacts that you can use only 1 in each deck to enhance your cards and attributes.

Every Echo has a unique ability that synergizes in different ways depending on the deck it is assigned to, so make sure to check each of them to pick the one that best fits your deck.

Having an echo in your deck will greatly increase your attacks and utilities as it aids you in combat by providing you with health and an attack bonus.

Echoes can also grant extra level bonuses when the echo bonus card is the same as the current card.

How to obtain and upgrade Echoes?

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Echoes can be obtained by completing levels in the forbidden forest and the higher the level you get, the better Echo you get. Also, don’t forget about Flying Ford Anglia which will be collecting for you Echoes shards while you are away.

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Echoes can be levelled up using Echo Crystals which increase both their health and attack bonuses. Not only that, but they also unlock bonus card slots, which you can use to have more bonuses within your deck.

Remember that the maximum level of Echoes is determined by their rarity, as shown below:

RarityMaximum Level

Echoes can provide a random level bonus to cards in the deck they are equipped with, and that level bonus is determined by their rarity, with epic and higher increasing spell levels by up to +2.

Remember that converting a card requires spending Echo crystals and a single Echo can only convert up to 10 times.

Which Echoes are the best?

1. Harry Potter

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Harry Potter will easily enhance the effects of the simplest spells in your deck, so make sure to have him in a deck that uses low-MP spells.

By simplest spells, we mean that he can only enhance cards that cost 3 MP or less to increase their damage by 47% and their healing by 15%.

2. Dobby

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Dobby, a free elf, is about movement cards and also provides help with Apparition to dodge enemies’ hits.

Dobby grants you 3 extra movement cards and with the apparition, which is activated each time you take a move with the next one, you can teleport to a place, leaving a phantom behind that, if defeated, deals 70% damage of your attack.

3. Rubeus Hagrid

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Hagrid’s love of magical creatures and high-cost summons will greatly increase their attributes.

He increases the attack speed of the highest cost summon by 40%, and if this summon health falls below 50%, it recovers 26% of its max health within 2 seconds, and this effect will be triggered 3 times.

4. Neville Longbottom

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This is one of the best Echoes if you are going for creatures that need healing to get into action, as if there are no opponents in range, your basic attacks will be turned into healing, healing the closest ally unit in range.

The amount of healing is equal to 66% of your attack plus 75% for non-player targets.


Echoes are one of the main keys to winning either in duels or quests such as The Forbidden Forest, so make sure to pick the best one that suits your deck to get the most out of them.

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