Guitar Girl Game Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Anurag Ghosh

Guitar Girl is a charming relaxing game. You will be managing a music-lover’s social media channel and decorate her room with beautiful furniture items.

Help the girl increase viewers to her channel by getting more likes, fans and followers! Find various ways to grow her fanbase and unlock her guitar-playing skills to get more likes for her soothing music.  

The story begins with a nervous, but musically-gifted girl chatting with her friend. She does not muster courage to start her own channel, but her friend Joy assures her that she will always help grow her fanbase.

You will need to help her get more likes to her channel, followers and increase her fan following.  As she attracts more subscribers to her channel, she will start receiving encore gifts from her followers. You can also adorn her room with pets that can indirectly help her get more likes.  

There are so many things to do in Guitar Girl game and we are just getting started. Our guide will help you get more likes, followers and fans.  

Get More Likes per Tap 

The best way to praise Guitar Girl’s musical ability is to tap the screen and collect likes, which are symbolized by hearts. The faster you tap the screen the more hearts you will collect. 

Always check the bottom left corner of the screen to know how many likes you have collected so far. 

If you want to collect hearts faster, then you will have to level up the girl. In the guitar girl tab, tap on the pink LV Up buttonThis will increase the number of hearts received per tap. 

Guitar Girl
Tap the Level Up button to boost hearts per tap

The higher the girl’s level, the more likes you will receive per tap. 

Levelling up the girl requires hearts (likes). If you are short of hearts, just tap the screen to collect more of them. 

Hearts are also used to unlock followers.  

Unlock Followers to Acquire Likes Automatically 

Why tap the screen repeatedly to get likes when you can get hearts per second automatically from your followers?  

Press the Follower tab on the bottom of the screen to unlock follower. You will need hearts or likes to do this. Once you have unlocked a follower, you will Notice that the girl is gaining hearts automatically every second.  You can increase the automatic likes received per second by levelling up her followers. 

Besides manually typing the screen to get likes having followers is another great way to get more likes. 

Obtain Bonuses from your Followers 

Like I said earlier, having more followers and levelling them up will increase automatic likes per second. 

Keep levelling up followers to get bonuses. They grant bonus every 25 levels so make sure you level them up from time to time. 

Get Bonuses from Followers
Bonus Gift Icon Beside Follower

The bonus has a gift box icon, which replaces a follower’s icon when available. Bonuses allow followers to give x2 likes per second. This means that when you claim a bonus the automatic likes per second will be doubled for that follower. This a permanent upgrade for a particular channel. When you will unlock a new channel, your bonus likes won’t be transferred to the new channel.  

You will also get bonuses for levelling up the girl in the Guitar Girl tab. Just like your followers you will receive bonuses every 25 levels so keep upgrading her whenever you have accumulated lots of likes. A bonus from the girl doubles the number of hearts per tap.  

How to Secure More Fans 

Once you start getting more followers you will attract fans at regular intervals. Fans increase over time.

However, if you want more fans instantly just wear a new outfit or receive bonuses after levelling up the girl or her followers. You will get bonus gifts from her or her followers every 25 levels.  

Unlock Medals  

Having more fans in the Guitar Girl game grants special medals. There are a total of 6 color-coded medals: Purple, Brown, Silver, Golden, Pink and Rainbow colored medal.

Unlock medals
Bronze medal increases all likes x2

The fan gauge on the upper-left corner of the screen fills up a bit each time you receive fans. Fill the fan gauge to unlock a medal.  

Each color-coded medal provides some kind of a permanent bonus, such as doubling manual and automatic likes.  

Play Different Songs for Your Followers 

Now that you have fans and followers, it’s time to play various songs for them. Tap on the music tab on the bottom of the screen to play a song. Unlocking and levelling up songs doubles the number of manual as well as automatic likes. You will need hearts (likes) to level up a song.  

To play (unlock) a new song you must unlock a new follower. For example, to unlock the new start song you will have to unlock the home room teacher follower. You will need lots of hearts to get a new follower. I have explained how to get them in the previous sections of this article.   

Each song cools down after playing nonstop for several hours. The cool down time is mentioned below the song in the music menu. 

How to Obtain Encore Gifts  

In Guitar Girl, when you upgrade a song, you also increase the chances of acquiring an “Encore” gift from your followers. This gift contains pink chocolate milk toffees or plain chocolates. 

The higher the level of a song the higher the chances of acquiring encore gifts from followers.  

Acquire Encore Gift from a Follower
Check the notification below fan count and the gift box icon to claim encore gifts

When a follower gives an encore gift, the song’s icon in the music tab changes to a gift box. You will also be notified when you receive this gift. The notification will be displayed just below the fan gauge on the top-left corner of the screen. Tap on the gift box to claim milk chocolate rewards.  

Get a New Guitar 

In the beginning, the girl will strum a basic acoustic guitar. You can switch to a more advanced string instrument from the “Guitar” tab. Switching to a new musical instrument increases all likes – manual and automatic – by a certain percentage.  

You will need pink coloured milk chocolates to unlock a guitar but before that, the girl must reach a certain level.  

To level up a girl, go to the left-most tab, the first tab on the bottom of the screen and then tap on the first upgrade.  

Unlock New Skills 

There are quite a few skills that can help you obtain more likes at a very short period of time. They can be unlocked when Guitar Girl reaches a certain level. You will also need plain brown chocolates to unlock a new skill. Skills have a cooldown time that ranges from a few minutes to hours, but they can grant lots of likes instantly in a very short period of time. 

There are 3 skills in the first channel:  

Shining Heart: When you activate this skill, it auto taps 10 times per second for a certain number of seconds. Increase the duration by upgrading this skill using chocolates.  

Heartful Song: When activated, receive a lot of likes per tap instantly. Unlocks at level 300.  

Light of Dawn Melody: Once activated, all like output, including manual and automatic likes or hearts, will be increased to a certain percentage for some seconds. 

Get Cute Pets  

This charming idle game has its own pet system, but they are called mates. You can access them from the first tab. Just scroll down until you find the mate section. 

You can unlock a mate when the guitar girl reaches a certain level. You will also need plain brown chocolates to unlock a pet. There are two mates in the first channel. These are Calico CAT Navi and Chick Plush Toy Pico.  

Calico Cat Navi auto taps 30 times per minute. Chick plush Toy Pico increases the like output per tap by a certain percentage. 

How to Unlock a New Channel 

The girl keeps playing the guitar at her home, earning likes, followers and fans. At some point of time, you may want to change the current location to a more eye-catching location to give a visual treat to her fans and followers:  

New channel requirements

To unlock a new channel/location in Guitar Girl game, follow these steps:  

Tap on the “close” button on the lower-right corner of the screen. This will close the bottom menu.  

Tap on the big play button on the lower-right corner of the screen.  

Note down the requirements to unlock a new channel displayed in the screen. These requirements are unlocking the gold medal and then having the Happy Bakery follower and upgrading her up to level 15. You can unlock this follower when you reach level 1000.  

Do read this guide in its entirety to know more about medals and followers.  

Equip New Outfits 

You can dress up the girl with new costumes to get bonuses that will increase your fan count by a certain percentage. There are some requirements to be met to unlock a new costume. Keep levelling up the girl and reach a certain level to unlock it. You might also need additional materials such as chocolates to purchase the dress. 

For certain costumes you may not have to wait for the girl to level up. The 7-day attendance event is where you will get the snowy dress when you login on the second day. Make sure you log in every day to play the game and get cool attendance rewards for seven days.  

Check the mailbox to claim outfit rewards. Tap the green messaging button on the top right corner of the screen to access the mailbox. 

You might get certain costumes as celebration rewards. Special events such as the Facebook like event also grant exclusive outfits. Check the mailbox to find new outfit gifts and don’t forget to claim them before they expire. 

Always pay attention to events displayed on the right side of the screen. The current meow event grants a new outfit when you reach guitar girl level 200. Complete tasks mentioned in each new event to unlock various rewards, including costumes.  

Furniture Grants Bonuses 

Place furniture and decor items to get bonuses. Tap on the shop to get a list of furniture. You will need the pink milk chocolate to purchase a new furniture.  

Furniture increases hearts per tap and likes from followers.  

How to get Chocolates 

Plain brown chocolates are used to unlock and level up Guitar Girl skills and unlock pets (mates). Pink milk chocolates are used to unlock new guitars and furniture items. Here’s how to get them:  

From the 7-day attendance event: Play the game daily to claim your rewards from the seven-day attendance event.  

Pay attention to special events mentioned on the right side of the screen. The current “Meow” event grants more than 300 chocolates if you unlock the Calico Cat.  

From the 9-day event – Collect star points and reach new star tiers to get chocolates, milk chocolates and lots of hearts. See the below screenshot to know how to earn stars:  

Star Points

Complete daily missions and achievements. Tap on the trophy icon on the top-right corner of the screen to claim your mission/achievement rewards.  

Get free chocolates by watching an advert in the “Shop” menu.  

Check the mailbox (green messaging icon on the top of the screen) for some cool event and announcement rewards.