Guide to Idle Inn Tycoon – Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Anurag Ghosh

Idle Inn Tycoon gives a mediaeval twist to the Hotel Empire Tycoon game on Android. Instead of managing plush hotels, you will oversee beautiful taverns of the middle ages.

Idle Inn Tycoon

Build rooms for the weary traveler; construct the bar and the kitchen to get some refreshments for them, upgrade rooms to give the best services and comfort to your visitors and expand your tavern to earn more profits. Our Idle Inn Tycoon guide will help you increase your earnings, earn more stars, attract more and make the most of boosts/pet cards to always be in profits!

How to Play

Visitors arrive at the front desk to book a room. There are single and double rooms in Idle Inn Tycoon. Couples will always book a double room and if there isn’t any, they will leave your inn angrily.  If all rooms are occupied, then new visitors will leave your tavern.

You will need more rooms to accommodate more visitors. More rooms = More Income. To add a new room, tap on the stats (bar graph) icon on the top-right corner of the screen and go to the “Management” tab (it has a hammer icon). You will need loads of coins and some “Magic” to build a double room.

Magic is the “electricity” of Idle Inn Tycoon. You will need it to upgrade certain objects in a room or service or when you add a new room. Find the magic room, usually located outside your inn and upgrade the “magic kettle” or purchase the magic generator (costlier than kettle) to obtain more magic.  The amount of magic you currently possess is displayed on the top-left corner of the screen beside total coins.

A room earns hourly income, only if it’s occupied. Empty rooms do not earn income per hour. To know how many rooms have been occupied, tap on the stats (bar graph) icon and check the number under “room occupancy”. If all rooms are occupied, then it will show as 4/4 or 6/6 depending on the number and size of rooms (single/double).

To know the hourly income of a room, tap on it. You can find the hourly income just beside its name (Example – “5.50/h”). Hourly income suggests that you will gain income from all occupied rooms every hour. It will be displayed on the screen every hour. Pay attention to the in-game time on the upper-right corner of the screen.

You can increase the hourly income of a room by purchasing and leveling-up upgrades such as beds, bedside tables, toilet, bath etc.

While rooms earn hourly income, if occupied by visitors, certain services, such as the Bar and the Kitchen earn income only when a visitor visits and drinks/eats over there. A visitor will pay for the service soon after he finishes eating/drinking or using a service. When the green circle above a visitor eating/drinking is full, it suggests that he has finished using that service. The money paid by the visitor is added to your total income. Visitors visit these services frequently, more than twice a day.

Always level up upgrades of each service, such as the Bar and Kitchen and level them up. Remember that the income from services also adds to your total income and higher price of each service will surely increase your profits.

As more and more visitors start checking in, you should have more tables in the kitchen and chairs at the bar. More tables and chairs = more income. Doing this, visitors won’t be miffed and leave your tavern early.

You will have to hire cooks for your kitchen to make food and serve to your customers, a bartender to serve drinks to your visitors and cleaners who will clean each room every day early in the morning. Wages to your cooks, cleaners and bartenders are deducted from your total daily income at the end of the day.

Like most hotel tycoon games, this game too has a parking lot. Since the game is set in the mediaeval era, you will be building “stables”. If there are more visitors to your inn and few stables, then visitors that arrive on horseback won’t be able to book a room or two. They will leave your tavern. As you attract more and more visitors you will have to expand stables to accommodate them. Upgrade stables to add more. Remember that stables also add some income to your total profits. So the higher their level, the more money you will earn for an occupied stable every hour.

Along with the stable, you will also have to upgrade the bridge, so that visitors on horseback arrive and park their horses on the stables fast.

You should give importance to housekeeping as dirty rooms will be a huge turn-off for most visitors. A clean tavern ensures that visitors don’t exit your inn quickly. Tap on the housekeeping room and then upgrade “cleaning products”, “mops”, and the “cleaning truck” to speed up cleaning of all rooms. You will also need cleaners to clean rooms. If you have several rooms, then you should hire more cleaners. The maximum number of cleaners you can hire is four.

Obtain Investments from the King

You might have heard the sound of a bugle every now and then. When you hear this sound, quickly move to the outskirts of your inn to see a flying ship. Tap on the ship to obtain king’s investment. Just watch a 30-second video by pressing the “Get” button.

VIP campaign - Flying ship

The flying ship will keep appearing throughout the day. Pay attention to the bugle sound and the bag of coins icon on the right side of the screen and then claim king’s investment before his men leave your tavern.

Level-up Room Upgrades

Leveling up items in a room will improve your room’s hourly income. Every in-game hour, your occupied rooms will generate income for you. Your room’s hourly income is shown on the top of the “upgrade” button, just beside your room’s name.

Room upgrades

You can view the hourly income of a room when you tap on it. The higher the earnings from each room, the more profits you will earn at the end of the day, minus the staff and advertising expenses.

You will see several upgrades as soon as you tap on a room. These upgrades are:

  • Bed (single/double)
  • Bedside table
  • Décor
  • Fireplace
  • Magic Ball
  • Bath
  • Sink
  • Toilet
  • Extra items

Launch the VIP Campaign

Do this immediately after having 2-3 rooms in your tavern. You will need loads of money to expand your tavern and upgrade all furniture/services. What you need is a quick VIP campaign that increases income from your rooms and services by 2 times for several minutes or hours.

In Idle Inn Tycoon, a VIP campaign boosts all income temporarily. You will have to watch a short video to activate it.

Tap on the “x2” button (Play Button) on the lower-right corner of the screen. Press the green button to play a 30-sec video and increase your earnings x2 for 30 minutes. You can increase the duration to 2 hours by watching 4-5 video ads.

Level Up All Bar and Kitchen Upgrades

Along with room upgrades, you should consider upgrading services, such as the kitchen and bar. Unlike inn rooms, which generate hourly income, services generate income only when visitors use it. Max out all upgrades in a service to get earn max number of coins from them, every time a visitor takes the service.

Tap on a bar and kitchen and upgrade everything you see.

Note: In Idle Inn Tycoon, some upgrades require magic, which is equivalent to electricity in this magical mediaeval-themed idle game.  Always check the total magic consumption on the top of the screen. If it is close to the total consumption cap, then it’s time to upgrade the magic kettle and the magic generator.

The magic room can be found outside your tavern. Make sure you upgrade the kettles first using coins. You may also have to buy additional kettles to increase the magic cap so that you can purchase or upgrade more room and service items that require magic.

Have More Chairs and Tables

No guest will like to stand in a queue to wait for his/her turn for food and drinks in any inn. They will be disappointed and may not eat or drink in your tavern. To avoid this, always max out chairs and bar stools so that no visitor has to wait in a line. Also, make sure you level up upgrades in the Kitchen and bar that speeds up cooking and serving food/drinks.

How to get Pet Cards

In Idle Inn Tycoon, Pet Cards provide certain buffs that may benefit your tavern a lot. Some increase the speed of a service (barman or chef), whereas some permanently increase the income of a certain room or service. There are also those that decrease hiring cost of staff. There are many more buffs that will ultimately help you grow and expand your tavern.

Pet card

There are two types of pet cards – common and rare. Both are found in chests. You will have to obtain a certain number of cards to unlock the pet. Once unlocked, you will see the pet roaming around your tavern freely, indicating that the buff’s being activated.

You will have to acquire chests first to get cards from them. Here’s how to acquire cards from chests:

1. Get King’s investment by watching adverts. Keep an eye on the flying ship that arrives frequently outside your tavern. Tap on the ship, watch an advert and get funding from the king.

Pay attention to the green bar under “Invest Coast”. It fills up a bit when you complete watching a 30-sec advert. Keep watching adverts to get investments from the king to fill the green bar to obtain a card chest.

2. The VIP campaign also lets you obtain chests. Tap on the x2 button on the lower-right corner of the screen. Watch at least five 30-sec video to fill the green bar. You will not only double your income for 2 hours, but also obtain a cards chest.

Check the green bar above a boost and fill it to acquire chest
Fill the green bar above each boost to get card chests

3. The instant morning boost (moon icon), which is displayed on the right side of the screen only at night, also lets you earn card chests once you have availed this boost four times. Keep watching adverts to get instant mornings fill the green bar to unlock card chests.

Once you have acquired a chest from any of these three boosts, tap on the inventory satchel on the lower-right corner of the screen. Open the chest to obtain pet cards.

Improve Your Advertising Campaign

Activate an advertising campaign to attract more visitors to your inn. Tap on the notepad icon on the bottom-right corner of the screen and go to the campaign tab (loudspeaker icon) to activate a campaign. The cheapest campaign is “posters” as it attracts 100 percent visitors to your tavern. The costliest campaign is “magic attraction”, but it attracts 600 percent visitors to your inn.

Advertising campaigns are charged every hour. The poster campaign is charged every 4 hours and the magic attraction campaign is charged 350 every hour. You will also have to pay a one-time fee to start a campaign.

Campaigns can be paused any time. If you think that your current campaign is affecting your profits, you can just pause it for some time and resume again when you need it.

In the beginning, the best form of advertisement is poster as it’s cheap and since you won’t have much money to expand your inn (such as adding more rooms and upgrading services), the poster campaign will be more than enough to attract a good number of customers to your tavern.

Once you have enough money, it’s time to upgrade your advertising campaign, but make sure you have more rooms, more tables and more bar chairs so that you give the best services to your customers. Max out all double rooms first and then go for advanced form of advertising campaigns to attract more visitors to your tavern.

Start with the “herald” campaign. It grants +200% visitors, has a one-time fee of 200 coins (one-time fee might increase for new inns). If you keep this campaign active, then 25 coins will be deducted from your total income every hour.

How to get Stars

There are several exotic taverns to unlock in Idle Inn Tycoon. You will need stars to open a new tavern. Some inns can be opened once you acquire 4 stars, whereas some will require at least 10 stars to open.

To know the star requirement for unlocking taverns, tap “T” on the upper-right corner of the screen.

The total number of stars acquired so far is displayed on the top-right corner of the screen. You will earn a star when the orange bar below them fills up.

Here is a step-by-step guide to get 5 stars in each tavern:

1. Build all rooms. Tap on the notepad icon on the lower-right corner of the screen and go to the “Build” tab under “Management”. Make sure you have constructed all rooms. If there’s a green tick beside each room, it means you have maxed out construction. In most occasions, it’s the double rooms that need to be built. For example: In the first tavern, the Fat Boar Inn, you will have to purchase all 6 double bed rooms. Along with coins, you will also need magic to build rooms.

2. Tap on each single and double bed room and max out all upgrades. Pay attention to the completion percentage of each room. You will find this when you tap on a room. The upgrade completion percentage for each room should be 100 percent, which means that you should max out upgrades for all items, including those that require gems for upgrades. Yes I am referring to those dark pink items.

3. Max out all upgrades in the Front desk. Again check the completion percentage of the front desk. It should be at 100%.

4. Do the same for the Bar and the kitchen. Max out all upgrades, including the dark pink ones. You will need pink gems to upgrade them.

5. Don’t forget the magic room. Upgrade everything in the magic room and reach 100 percent max upgrades to earn stars.

6. Build and upgrade stables in the parking. Max out all upgrades under parking.

7. Housekeeping should also be upgraded to the max. Everything, from the cleaning truck, mop to cleaning products should be maxed out.

  1. Hallo,ich bin in Level 7 und rechts am Bildschild steht ein M was hat es damit auf sich?wenn ich drauf tippe, passiert nix…

    English Translation: Hello, I am in level 7 and on the right of the sign there is an M, what is that about? If I tap on it, nothing happens…

  2. What exactly is fishguard doing in the nimble trout fishing event? How it’s affecting your income if you upgrade it? It’s located in the parking section

    1. @Ares, it just makes your parking more valuable by guarding the horses/boats/whatever.
      When the parking is fancier, you can charge more money per parking spot!

  3. I need help I have been playing idle inn tycoon for a while and they had the campaign with advertising, but not they don’t have it at all
    Did they take it out?

    1. @Anurag Ghosh, No the advertising campaign is not available! There’s no loudspeaker icon 🙁

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