Guide to Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Anurag Ghosh

Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall is a turn-based tactical role-playing game. Discover the mystery behind the sudden disappearance of Bloodraven by taking command of the Night’s Watch. Collect your favorite GoT characters, such as Jon Snow, Jaime Lannister, Daenerys Targaryen and many more.    

Deploy your best units and heroes on a grid-based battlefield. Assemble your favorite characters and create the right combination of units to get regional aura benefits. Make the most of different weapon types equipped to your units to surprise your foes. And when the time is right, launch their special abilities to deal the final blow to the enemy.

Beyond the Wall is one of the best Game of Thrones games on Android. These tips, tricks and strategies will help you beat story mode missions, know what is regional aura and how to take advantage of it, use tactic cards and make your heroes and units more powerful.  

How to Tackle Enemies on the Battlefield  

Knowing your enemies well before a fight is half the battle won. Choose a chapter in Beyond the Wall > Story and tap on a new level.  

Mission Info Screen

On the mission info card as shown above, you will see victory conditions and portraits of your foes under “Enemies”. Check the weapon icons (dual weapons, large sword, shield) below each enemy portrait on the right side of the page. Knowing what weapon an enemy wields is very important as it will help you come up with a strategy to defeat them.  

The weapon equipped to a character reveals a lot about his attack style, damage dealt to the opponent and movement.  

Example: If the enemy wields a heavy “two-handed weapon” (large/thick sword weapon icon), then he can strike multiple enemies at once, but he can only move through a few tiles. His mobility will be affected because he is wielding a heavy weapon. Heroes/units in your party will also wield certain weapons that will affect their attack style/movement and range. Find out how to deal with each enemy equipped with a certain type of weapon with the help of the below tips: 

Ranged weapons (bow and arrow/Crossbow):  

A unit equipped with a ranged weapon can attack enemies from a safe distance. He can also attack an enemy if he is placed behind an ally. However, when the opponent comes close to a ranged unit, it can easily defeat it in 1-2 strikes.  

If there’s a ranged character in the enemy party, the best way to deal with him is to come closer to a ranged unit and attack. Choose a mounted unit to attack a ranged unit as mounted units move across a lot of tiles in a single turn and can close in to an archer quickly. Alternatively, you can also choose one-handed weapon unit to come close and attack a ranged character as their mobility is also very high.  

Units equipped with crossbows have a longer range than those equipped with a plain bow and arrow. However, their long range is marred by their lower mobility, which is why they will stay away from their opponents and attack from a distance.  

You must be extremely careful of crossbow units. They deal great damage when they hit. The best way to defeat them to come closer and attack. Use your two-handed and one-handed weapon units to attack them.  

Cavalry (Horse) 

Mounted enemy units have a great mobility and can move across several tiles when their turn comes. Use two-handed or one-handed weapon units to attack them. Restrict their freedom to move around on the battlefield.

Two-handed Weapon Enemies (Large Sword Icon) 

A unit equipped with a large two-handed weapon can deal area damage, but only when two or more enemy units are placed on adjacent tiles in a straight line.  

If you are fighting a two-handed weapon unit, try not to place your units next to each other in a straight line. Spread out and use swift-footed one-handed weapon units to attack this enemy from the front and back. Don’t forget to use their abilities to deal greater damage as such enemies.  

You can also use archers to target such units because archers can still launch an attack even though an ally is standing between him and the enemy.  

Get your archers behind a unit to attack an enemy

The archer should be behind an ally (tank unit with a shield icon as they have high defense/HP or cavalry unit ) and the enemy should be within his range after standing behind an ally.  

Make sure there isn’t a blank tile in front of an ally. If there is one, then the ally ‘s protection won’t work and the ranged unit will move to the blank tile first and then attack the enemy.  

A unit equipped with a two-handed weapon will have low mobility so don’t expect him to move across multiple tiles in one turn. Take advantage of this low mobility and attack him using crossbow units from a distance.  

Use an archer's AOE ability to target multiple units.

Tip: Make the most of “Raventree Elite’s” (Archer unit) “Volley of Arrows” ability to deal damage to multiple enemies in case they are present on the battlefield on adjacent tiles. Check the screenshot below to know how to use this ability.


Beasts, such as the Alpha Wolf, have high mobility and can deal a lot of damage to units. Use two-handed weapon units to launch an attack on these beasts.  

You can also use ranged units to attack them, but make sure that a high def unit such as a tank character (usually has a shield symbol) or a two-handed weapon unit is exactly between your ranged unit and the enemy with no blank tiles in between.  

If there’s an obstacle in front of a beast, then try to move a ranged character behind it as ranged fighters can attack enemies from behind obstacles.  

Above are just beginner-level tips to tackle enemies in GOT: Beyond the Wall game. Make the most of your Hero characters to defeat them. Heroes have better stats and abilities than units and can single-handedly kill several units one by one if used strategically. Also, use each unit’s special abilities to deal significant damage to enemies. Remember that you will have to defeat all enemies before you run out of turns. Make sure you upgrade a Hero using HERO XP tome from time to time and promote him to greatly improve his stats. To promote a hero, you will need a certain number of hero shards.  

Enemies Equipped with Dual Weapons 

Enemies equipped with dual-weapons are quite tough to beat. I had a hard time defeating them. They are swift-footed and because they are equipped with two daggers, they can deal double damage.  Try to attack them with berserkers or tank units (the ones that have a shield icon on their portraits) as they can take a lot of damage and their HP won’t decrease quickly when attacked. You can also target them using archers or crossbowmen, but a ranged unit should be placed behind a berserker or any other powerful melee unit with high HP/defense.  

Tip: When you see an “X” above an enemy unit, it means he/she will be killed in the next attack. Keep an on “X” symbols above enemy units.  

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Pay Attention to an Enemy Unit’s Mobility During Combat 

Like I said earlier, the type of weapons equipped to a unit will affect his mobility. A unit equipped with a large two-handed weapon will move across fewer squares in a single turn than a unit equipped with a light one-handed weapon.  

Check mobility of an enemy unit

When your turn comes, tap on each enemy unit to know more about their mobility. Tiles will be highlighted in blue/red when you tap on an enemy unit. Units can move across blue tiles, but not on red tiles. Knowing enemy mobility beforehand can help you chalk out a proper strategy to defeat your foes. You can position your party members well in advance before enemies start attacking.  

Knowing the movement limits of enemies is extremely important if you want to move archers/crossbowmen in a strategic position where they can’t be attacked but can still attack enemies from a distance.  

Take Advantage of Regional Aura  

Game of Thrones fans will be familiar with several regions in Westeros. In Beyond the Wall, these regions play an important role during combat. Each unit belongs to a particular region (North, Stormlands, Riverlands etc.).  

“Regional Aura” comes into effect when two or more units from the same region are deployed on the battlefield. They will receive bonus attributes depending on the number of same-region units present on the battlefield.  

If two units belonging to the same region are placed on the battlefield, they will receive 5 percent damage boost and 5 percent damage reduction. If two or more units from the same region are present on the battlefield, all units will receive 10 percent damage boost and 10 percent damage reduction.  

Check regional aura on the top-left corner of the screen.

Before pressing the “Start Battle” button on the battlefield, check whether you are receiving these bonus attributes. Regional effect will be displayed on the top-left corner of the screen, in green text. Make sure you have two or more units from any region to get their advantages.  

If your party consist of two or more units from the same region and there’s no regional effect mentioned on the top-left, then it means they haven’t been deployed on the battlefield. Drag and drop a unit card from the same region onto the battlefield to take full advantage of regional aura.  

Improve Unit Stats and Might  

Before battling enemies in the story mode, pay attention to each enemy’s level in the mission info screen that pops up when you tap on a story mission. Under “Enemies”, you can view the level of each foe you will encounter during combat.  

Higher level enemies will have better stats (offense, health, defense) and “Might”. You can enter the battlefield with lower level units and a hero, but chances of getting defeated by higher-level enemies would be more. The best way to make them more powerful is to use XP tomes to upgrade them.  

Units require “Unit XP tomes” which can be earned from Story missions. You must level up your units at regular intervals of you want to win a mission comfortably.  

To level up a unit, go to barracks and then tap on his portrait. Now look for the “+” symbol beside a character’s level and tap on it to level him up.  

Level up a unit.

When you upgrade a unit using XP tomes, you will increase offense, defense, health and most importantly, Might. A unit with a higher Might will be a better fighter on the battlefield.  

If a unit has reached max level, you can promote him using insignias. Doing this will increase his level cap and also greatly improve stats.  

You can get insignias of various expertise (novice for new recruits, veteran for battle-scarred expert units), such as the “Novice Insignia” from “Weirwood Forays” (can be accessed from “Beyond the Wall”) and the Renown Shop. 

To enter the Weirwood Forays, you will need food (bread icon) and Greensight energy. Food is required to begin missions in the story mode, events and the weirwood forays. Food is refilled by 10 every hour. Greensight energy fully refills once a day. You can view both food and Greensight energy on the top of the home screen. Food has a bread loaf icon and the green orb is Greensight energy.  

To get insignia from the “Renown Shop”, tap on the Shop. Exchange Renown points with insignia. You can earn Renown from the Weirwood Forays.  

How to Patrol  

In Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall, players can “patrol” a previously completed story mission if they finish that mission with three stars.  

When you are playing a particular mission, check the “winning condition” on the left side of the mission page. The mission or level page appears when you tap on a level on the story map. 

Patrol a completed mission.

There will be three conditions, such as “win the battle”, “win the battle without losing more than 2 units” and win the battle without losing any units and heroes”. Fulfill all three conditions to earn three stars. When you earn three stars, you are ready to patrol the same mission.  

Patrolling is the best way to grind for XP tomes, copper penny, and materials for upgrading gear. You will still be spending rations or food, but will receive rewards instantly. 

Upgrade Gear to Make Units More Powerful 

Along with upgrading units, you should also upgrade their gear (weapon, coat, boots etc.) to increase attributes such as health, offense etc. This will make your units stronger and ultimately increase their Might. Units with higher “Might” have a better chance at winning a battle in story mode.  

Upgrade a unit's gear.

You will need materials to upgrade gear. You can obtain materials from story mode missions and Expedition.  

Go to barracks, tap on a unit’s portrait on the left. Next, tap on a weapon or armor under “Gear”. A green arrow on a weapon/armor suggests that they can be upgraded. Tap on a gear piece, check the material cost. You will also need copper penny to upgrade it. Tap on “Upgrade” to level up a gear piece.  

Increase Hero Level  

Besides units, heroes also can be leveled up, but you will need “Hero XP Tomes” to improve hero stats. Hero XP tomes can be acquired from story missions.  

To level up a hero, tap on the “Hearth”. This is where you can view all unlocked heroes.  

Tap on a hero’s portrait and then tap on the + sign on the right side of the screen to level him up.  

Upgrading a Hero in Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall.

You can also promote a hero. Promoting increases the total offense, health and defense by a certain percentage. Example: 30 percent increase in attributes if you promote a hero to two-stars. You will need shards to promote a hero. Promoting a hero to three stars unlocks a new ability.  

To get shards in Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall, play missions under “Legendary Events”. You might also get shards from the “Night’s Watch Oath”.  

Equip Tactic Cards to Your Heroes 

A Tactic Card offers certain buffs and debuffs when equipped to a hero.  

Tactic cards have different effects. Some will deal damage equal to a certain percentage of Hero’s offense stats to all enemies at the beginning of battle, whereas others can heal an ally with the lowest health. There are certain conditions that need to be fulfilled for a tactic card to come into effect.  

Equip a tactic card to a hero.

To equip a tactic card to a hero, go to “Hearth”, tap on a hero’s portrait. Under “Tactic Cards”, tap on the “+” sign and choose a card wisely.  

There are three types of tactic cards in Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall – One that can be equipped to any hero, one that can be equipped only a certain hero and those cards that can be used to upgrade your current cards. 

You can obtain tactic cards from the Nights Watch Oath and Challenges.