Guide To Eatventure Vault Items – 2023

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Welcome to Eatventure, where you showcase your restaurant management skills and build and grow your own food empire.

Eatventure is an idle and restaurant simulation game that was published on 2022 by Lessmore UG, and it’s available on the Play Store and App Store.

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One of the greatest ways to get higher levels and ranks in events is to collect and upgrade your vault items, which provide you with many bonuses that help you earn more coins, finish up meals faster, level up faster, and attract more customers.

This is a full guide to Eatventure vault items 2023, where we will mention everything related to these precious items, including what the items are, what they do, and how to obtain them.

What are the Vault items?

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Wondering why they are in a vault? Because they are so special and give you so many bonuses.

Vault items can be unlocked once you hit the 3rd place, which is the Café, and there are 11 items in the vault until now, each of which can be unlocked with a certain amount of gems, as shown in the table below:

ItemCost to BuyCost to Max OutMax Level
Tip JarFree7,150 gems20
Remote30 gems107,280 gems50
Pickaxe60 gems2,580 gems14
Hourglass90 gems21,440 gems29
Register120 gems1,070 gems10
TV150 gems12,370 gems24
Piggy Bank180 gems78,610 gems45
Knife210 gems78,640 gems45
Mop240 gems7,390 gems20
Suitcase270 gems78,700 gems45
Check300 gems7,450 gems20

What are the bonuses of Vault items?

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We won’t let you sit there thinking if these vault items are worth it or not, as we will mention how valuable they are to your restaurant in the table below, knowing that the higher the level the item is, the more bonus it gives you.

Tip JarIncreases the chance that customers will leave a tip.
RemoteIncreases the value of Ad Boosts.
PickaxeIncreases the chance that the Investor will offer you gems instead of cash.
HourglassIncreases the maximum amount of time you can earn offline.
RegisterIncreases the speed at which customers order.
TVIncreases the duration of Ad Boosts.
Piggy BankIncreases the value of Tips.
KnifeIncreases the value of Offline Earnings.
MopIncreases the speed at which customers walk.
SuitcaseIncreases the amount of cash the Investor offers you.
CheckIncreases the amount of cash you start with when you renovate, fly, or start an event.

How to get gems for vault items?

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After you knew how important these items are, now let’s get to the part where you know how to get these rare gems.

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First of all, by completing levels, for each star you earn on a plate, you earn a gem.

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You can watch ads that are offered by the investor once you unlock the pickaxe, as there is a chance, he will offer gems instead of cash.

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You can also participate in events or even purchase gems with real money, and that’s the fastest way but also the most expensive one.


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Vault Items are powerful tools that would help you get your restaurant ready faster and reduce the time, as collecting and upgrading them would earn you more money and levels.

So, if you are a food master and looking to take your game to the next level, then Vault items are a must-have.

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