Guide to Dress Up Time Princess: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Anurag Ghosh

Dress Up Time Princess is the most gorgeous looking game for Android. It lets players travel back in time or play a part in a fictional story through the Story Desk, which teleports them to a beautiful story book. However, there are other equally beautiful dress up games, such as Shining Nikki.

Since it’s a dress up game, each story heavily depends on dressing up the protagonist appropriately to complete story mode stages. The outfit equipped to your character should be apt for the environment and the current mood, often depicted by “style tags”. These tags will help you choose the right clothes and accessories for your character to get that “Perfect” clear in a particular stage.

There are several fun features introduced in this game. This includes mini-games, pets and loads of new story books which can be unlocked using reader coupons. Our beginner-level Dress Up Time Princess tips, tricks and strategies will help you pass stages with the perfect score, craft dresses and gifts, increase goodwill, breed cats and complete story adventures.

Getting Started

If you have just installed this game on your Android/iOS device, then you must be wondering how to play Dress Up Time Princess. Read on to learn the basics:

A story adventure is divided into 2 or more chapters. Each chapter has multiple stages. You will have to play the role of a historical or fictional character in each story, change the outcome of the story by making the correct decisions and wear the right outfit to pass a stage.

You will need stamina to play through stages in a story adventure via the “Story Desk”, which can be found in the home screen.

You will recover 1 stamina every 5 minutes. Get bonus stamina when your character levels up or purchase them from “Parven’s Shop”.  Each time you complete a stage, you will gain EXP or experience points, which help you level up. You can also get free stamina from the events section.

Tap on the story desk to enter the world of stories. You will need “reader’s coupon” to buy new story books. The “Queen Marie” story is free and does not cost coupons.  

Dress Up Time Princess
The lightbulb icon on the top-right corner of the screen displays Outfit Tips, i.e. style tags required to pass a stage and the magnifying glass icon on the left is used to search for necessary style tags.

To buy a new story using reader’s coupons, tap on the story desk (the open book) on the home screen and then tap on the open book icon on the lower-left corner of the screen to access “My Bookshelf”/Bookstore. From there you can purchase a new story book.  

Obtain reader coupons from story stages.

Your character’s dress or outfit plays a big role in a story adventure. You will have to wear appropriate outfit based on the story setting, circumstances or mood of the people around you to pass a stage.

Outfit Tips suggest right tags for dressing up
Check the Outfit Tips section to find style tags (in pink) required to pass a stage.

When it’s time to dress up, tap on the lightbulb icon on the top-right corner of the dress up screen to access the “Outfit Tips” section. Check the suggested tags in the Outfit section and wear those clothes and accessories that have all or at least one of the suggested style tags to pass a stage.

There are 10 style tags in Dress Up Time Princess – Simple, Formal, Cooling, Elegant, Noble, Grand, Charming, Warm, Perky and Gentle.

Clothes having the same tags as the ones displayed in Outfit section will make it easy for you to pass a stage. So if the current stage wants you to dress up in a “Grand” and “Elegant” manner, then you should wear clothes that have these two tags or at least one tag. However, make sure that most clothes have all tags as mentioned in the Outfit Tips section. This way it would be easier for you to achieve a “Perfect” clear in each stage.

To make things simpler, the game allows you to find only those clothes and accessories that have the matching tags displayed in the suggested tips section:

Types of style tags
Filter style tags based on the tag requirements as mentioned in the Outfit Tips page. Only clothes and accessories that have these tags will be displayed on the change room.

Tap on the magnifying glass icon on the left side of the screen to access the Search Function. This is where you can quickly find clothes that have the style tags required to pass the stage.

Select the tags you just saw in the Outfit section and tap on the search button. You have now filtered your wardrobe with only those clothes and accessories that have the selected tags. You can quickly wear those clothes and accessories and press the “Ready” button to pass the stage.

You will enter into a dialogue with NPCs or non-playing characters in a story adventure. Since it’s a choice-based adventure game, certain events or dialogues present multiple choices. Choosing a particular dialogue will change the outcome of the story. The game warns you about such a change in the storyline before you choose a dialogue.

You can play a completed stage anytime to choose another dialogue or action choice if you are not happy with a story’s ending. Replaying previous stage with a perfect clear won’t cost stamina.

In case you don’t have clothes and accessories with the required tags, you will need to craft them. I will explain everything about crafting in the next few paragraphs.

Want gift and clothes materials, kitties, gold and diamonds? Here’s how to find and enter redemption codes in Dress Up Time Princess.

Tips to Craft Clothes and Accessories

In the initial stages, it will be easy for you to dress up the princess with the choicest clothes and accessories with the require tags to get a “Perfect” clear to pass a stage. You will obtain them from certain characters you interact with. 

However, as you progress, it will be difficult to get clothes and accessories, especially those that need to have the same tags as shown in the “Outfit Tips” section (magnifying glass icon) on the dress up page.

Let me explain this with an example: In Queen Marie’s story, chapter 1 stage 6, “Revisiting the Merchant”, I had to wear clothes with these tags – Simple and Noble. I used the search function to find such clothes, but to my dismay I couldn’t find any, except a “Still Voice” accessory and Teddy the cat.

Thankfully I had the required clothing materials to craft the “Midnight Maiden” dress that had these two tags. Also, I had the blueprint of the same dress, which I received in chapter 3 Queen Marie story.

In Dress Up Time Princess, you will need a blueprint of a dress/accessory + required clothing materials to craft them.

You will get blueprints of a particular dress from a story adventure stage.

Blueprints can also be obtain from certain events, such as the current “Princess Gala Login” event. Login every day and play this game for 11 days to get excellent rewards such as dress, accessory and wig blueprints.

You can purchase blueprints from Parven’s Shop. You will need diamonds to purchase one. Go to the shop > featured > blueprints to buy them. Earn diamonds by completing achievements (displayed on the top shelf in the home screen, just above the bed). Get them for free from Isabel’s Theater, which can be found just below Mail on the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Under the “Event Center”, scroll down to “Calling All Travelers”, visit all social media platforms of the game to get a total of 60 diamonds.

Here’s how to obtain clothing materials:

Obtain clothes materials box after passing a stage.  You will get better rewards if you pass the stage with a perfect clear.

Play mini-games from the events section. In the home screen, go to the “Event Center” and play games such as Flying Carpet and Bravery Challenge to get material boxes. Please note that mini-game events are available for a limited time, so make the most of them when available.

I found the Bravery Challenge mini-game event pretty easy to play. You will have to solve a series of “pull the pin” puzzles to help the hero reach his loved one or the treasure by avoiding obstacles. These event-based games are only for a limited time, so make the most of them and play daily to get your materials rewards.

In the same events center, you will find a few “Login” bonus rewards. Play the game daily to claim them. Some of these rewards are clothing material boxes.

To get free clothing materials in Dress Up Time Princess, complete Isabel’s Guide. You can find Isabel in the lower-right corner of the home screen. Complete Isabel’s tutorial quests to get rewards from her.

Get the free “Daily Care Pack” under Parven’s Shop > Daily. You might get a random clothing material for crafting dress/accessories.

Under Parven’s Shop, go to Featured > Consumables to purchase any missing clothing material using gold. You can obtain gold after completing a stage in story adventure mode.

Complete “Encounters” in Dress Up Time Princess to get clothing and gift materials. Tap on the “?” in the lower-right corner of the story adventure map screen to access encounters. You will have to select a reply from multiple choices. Read the conversation with a random NPC, select a reply and get your reward. Mind you, choosing a reply will cost stamina (heart), so make sure you have enough of them before you begin an encounter.

Once you have the required materials and the blueprint, it’s time to craft clothes:  

Crafting a cloth/accessory
The small dress/accessory portrait with a hammer icon on the upper-left corner suggests that it can be crafted

On the home screen, tap on “Boutique” and then tap on “Designer Works”.

Tap “Craft Clothes”.

Remember that you must have the blueprint before you can start crafting clothes and accessories.

Clothes ready for crafting have a hammer icon on their portraits. The tiny hammer icon on a dress or accessory portrait suggests that all materials as well as the blueprint are available to craft them.

Tap on a portrait that has such a hammer icon and tap on the “Craft” button. Along with materials, you will also need gold. The required amount of gold is displayed on the right side of the “Craft” button.

How to Find Clothes Materials

On the home screen, go to Boutique > Designer Works > Craft Clothes.

On the right side of the screen are the materials required to craft a dress or accessory.

Tap and hold on the missing material on the right side of the screen.

An information card about that material will be displayed on the screen.

Under “Source”, you will find all locations where you have a chance to get that material.

Use Cats to Increase Your Outfit Score

Your pet cats can be very helpful. Just like dresses and accessories, they also have tags, such as simple, perky, noble, grand etc.

Kitty Bed

If you want that “perfect” clear and have a cat that has all or one of the suggested/required tags to clear the stage, then you should use him/her to increase your outfit scores.

Get Exploration Gifts from Your Pets

Go to “Kitty Bed” on the home screen. It’s a cute little cat house found near your bed.

Tap on the tiny cat icon on the left side of the screen to open kitty exploration.

Select a cat (in the beginning, you will have one or two cats). You will see him/her fill the empty slot on the popup book.

Choose the exploration time. The shortest is 2 hours and the longest is 8 hours. The exploration time suggests how long your pet cat will explore to find gifts for you. The longer the duration, the more gifts you will receive.

Kitty Exploration

Tap on the “Depart” button to begin exploration. Wait for several hours or speed up time using diamonds. I wouldn’t recommend speeding up time as diamonds are precious and should be used only to purchase blueprints at the Parven’s Shop. As you progress it will be difficult for you to get blueprints, so you must save diamonds to acquire them.

Leave all the exploration to your cat and get back to your story adventure. Once the time limit is over, he/she will bring one of these gifts:

  • Gold/diamonds
  • Clothing/gift materials
  • Research materials
  • Relic materials.

Gifts brought differ from one cat to another. They won’t be the same, so always experiment with different cats to bring different gifts.

Send more cats to obtain more exploration gifts. The higher the star level of a cat, the higher the number of gifts you will get from them.

Once exploration duration is over, your cat will rest. You can’t send him again immediately as there will be a cool down time. Wait for the cool down time to get over and you can send him again or send another cat to explore.

How to Breed Kittens

Cats play a very important role in Dress Up Time Princess. They can increase your outfit score to give that perfect clear and can also find gift and clothes materials through kitty exploration.

Here’s how to breed cats:

Go to Kitty Bed and tap on the cat couple icon above the small tent.

Choose a male and female cat. The game already provides two kitties for mating.

Tap on “Start Dating”. You will need gold to begin dating.

Kitty Dating in Time Princess

The higher the star level of the male and female cat you have chosen for dating/mating, the higher the star level of their offspring.

Cats with more stars get better exploration rewards and higher outfit scores.

Have more cats through dating so that you can send them to explore or increase outfit scores.

Kitties out to explore won’t be available for dating. Once their exploration duration is over, you can choose them to date.

It will take several hours to end dating/breed cats. You can continue with your story adventure while cats date and mate. Come back to the kitty bed once the dating time ends to get a new kitten.

Check Stage Requirements

Once you enter a story adventure via the story deck, tap on a stage on map screen.

A stage info card will be displayed on the screen. It shows what rewards you will obtain after stage completion.

Stage requirements
Check the stage requirements in the info card. Pay attention to the goodwill level of a friendly character and the required dress/accessory.

Pay attention to the “stage requirements” when you are starting a new stage. You won’t be able to begin if you don’t fulfill certain requirements, such as owning a piece of accessory or clothing and reaching a particular goodwill level with a certain character. To know more about goodwill, read the new few paragraphs:

For example: In Chapter 1, stage 7 of the Queen Marie story adventure, you will need “pure masque” and reach goodwill level 2 with Fersen to start a stage. In most cases you must fulfill at least one requirement if you want to start a stage.

How to Raise Goodwill

You will need to reach a particular goodwill level with a friendly character in Dress Up Time Princess to begin a new stage. This requirement will be displayed on the stage info card in the map screen.

To raise goodwill with friendly characters in a story adventure, follow these steps:

On the home screen, tap on the fish-shaped Lantern > Companions. The list of friendly characters you have interacted with in story adventures will be displayed here.

You will see the current goodwill level on the top-right side of the screen. You will also see the goodwill points required to reach the next level just below the current level. (Check the screenshot below).

Interact with characters to reach a new goodwill level.

Tap on a character’s portrait and then tap on a character to interact with him. You will notice that the character has gained some goodwill points. Keep tapping to get more points and reach a new level. There will be five interaction attempts per character per day. Basically, you can tap on a character five times in a day. Do this for each character to increase goodwill level. Each interaction or tap will grant points that will raise the goodwill level of a character.

Another way to increase goodwill with a character is to select one of the dialogue choices which is in favor of a friendly character in a particular stage. You will come across such dialogues in a stage and choosing the right dialogue which supports a friendly character or creates a good impression on him/her will win more goodwill points.

Craft Gifts to Raise Goodwill

Giving gifts to a character also raises goodwill. Make sure the gift’s tags matches with a character’s “Likes” tags.

Here’s how to make gifts in Dress Up Time Princess:

Under Lantern > Companions, tap on a character’s portrait to see his/her likes. It’s displayed on the upper-right corner of the screen.

Next, go to “Boutique” and tap on “Gifford’s Gifts”

You will need to combine two different gift materials to craft a gift. Experiment with different materials to make various types of gifts.

Combine two materials to craft gifts
Crafting gifts

You can obtain gift materials from:

Story mode stages: Complete a stage and you might get a gift material box as part of the reward pool.

Encounters: On the stage map screen (from the story desk), tap on the “?” located on the lower-right corner of the screen. Select a choice from several choices to get a random rewards, which could be a gift material. Choosing a reply will cost stamina.

Parven’s Shop: Go to the shop > featured > consumables and purchase a gift material using gold. Also don’t forget to claim the “Daily Care Pack” under “Recommended” > “Daily”.

Kitty Exploration: Go to Kitty Bed and tap on the exploration icon on the left side of the screen. Select a cat to start exploring. It will take hours to explore and bring back gifts. The cat gift box may contain gift materials.

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