Guide to Citampi Stories: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Anurag Ghosh

Citampi Stories (CS) is a brilliant simulation game that revolves around the life of a young man who needs money to pay off his parent’s debt in 10 weeks. If he doesn’t, he will be forced to marry the loan shark’s daughter. In search of a job, a better life and of course to pay off his parents’ debts, he moves to Citampi, a city of dreams – where jobs are easy to find, but survival can be tough. 

Inspired by JRPGs and Otome games, CS offers that perfect life sim you have been waiting for. You will make friends, complete quests, date and marry the girl you love and finally have babies. And if you are rich, you might also own a big mansion and become a tycoon.  

Citampi Stories

The best part of Citampi Stories is that it does not require an Internet connection. There’s so much to do and we are just getting started. These beginner-level tips, tricks and strategies will help you manage finances, complete quests, build friendships, unlock new activities and explore the beautiful city.  

Have Enough RP to Pay Off Debts 

One of the main objectives of Citampi Stories is to pay parent’s loan. The amount will be deducted every week from your total earnings. To know the date to pay off debts, tap on the smartphone icon on the lower-right corner of the screen > calendar app. Now tap on a day that has a dollar bill icon to know what amount you will have to pay to the lender.  

The calendar shows dates.

The debt amount increases by 50 RP every week, so you must first check what’s the amount and then do jobs or sell unwanted items to earn RP so that you still have enough RP even after paying off the debts.  

Hint: The in-game calendar app also shows which shops will be open and closed on certain days, giving you a clear idea of about when to shop for essential and non-essential stuff.  

You will need lots of RP to pay the loan shark. Do read our tips to get high-paying work in the city:

How to Complete a Quest and Use Rewards 

Completing quests is the best way to earn items, which can either be sold to obtain RP, consumed to gain energy and other stats, such as intelligence, strength etc. or give gifts to build friendships with NPCs (non-player characters).  

Move your character to an NPC. The closest to your home is Tatang the merchant. Now tap on the “?” callout above an NPC. A dialogue box will appear on the bottom. There will be two buttons above – Chat and Help. Tap on the “Help” button to know the quest. Press the Yes button to accept or the No button to deny a quest.  

Quests area usually job-related. You will have to take a particular job as mentioned on the quest and then come back to the NPC to claim your rewards. However, there will be other quests, such as finding certain missing or lost objects from the garbage and giving them to non-player characters for rewards.  

Complete quest
Quest screen

You will find a list of quests from your in-game smartphone. Tap on the chat app on your smartphone and the tap on an incomplete quest to know the details and rewards. An incomplete quest will have a green dot beside it. Complete the ones that have gray dots.  

When you finish a quest, go back to the same person who gave you this quest and tap on the “?”. Press the orange Help button and the person will thank you for finishing it. The reward will appear on one of the empty inventory slots on the bottom of the screen.  

To know more about an item, tap on the bag located on the upper-right side of the screen and then tap on that item. The item info will help you know whether it should be recycled, given as a gift, sold or consumed.  

There’s a new simulation game named Play Together. If you loved playing Club Penguin, then you will love everything about this game.

Fast Travel to Your Home 

While exploring the big city, it might be time-consuming to come back home after a hard day’s work, especially when you have ventured to a completely new area in the city. Well, you don’t have to worry as you can fast travel to your home in no time.  

Use the motorbike app to fast-travel to your home
Online transport to fast-travel

On your smartphone located on the bottom-right corner of the screen, press the motorcyclist app. Now, tap on Home to go back to your house instantly.  

You can unlock other locations for fast-traveling, but you will have to pay a one-time fee for unlocking all locations. 

How to find NPCs  

Non-player characters, such as Madam Lela, Alex, Mrs. Tuti or Elder Sen may not be found on the same place. You might have accepted a quest from one of them, but when you go back to the same place where you first met them, you won’t find them. You will get your rewards from a finished quest only when you go back to the same person who assigned the quest. Finding a character can be tough, unless you use the map.  

Find NPCs using the map

You can easily locate NPCS from your in-game smartphone’s map app. Go to your smartphone and tap on the map icon.  

The map shows your current location. It also shows the location of all non-player characters. The map will be of immense help to find NPCS, especially those that have assigned a quest to your character.  

Avoid Exploring the City During Night Time 

Not because of ghosts, but mainly due to the fact that your character will wake up late.  

If he wakes up late, then he will earn less from a job. Most jobs have a certain timing and pay hourly. With full energy, you can earn more if you start a job that begins early morning and ends in the evening. If your character wakes up late, then he might start the same work from the middle and earn less.  

You can explore the city anytime during the day, but during nighttime, you should head back home, especially when the game warns about your character waking up late.  

How to Build Friendship  

Building friendship with city folk in Citampi Stories will unlock new activities, events and features.  

The best way to build friendship with any person (NPC or non-player character) in the city is to interact with them and give gifts. You will have to earn hearts to increase friendship and only then you can get access to new stories and activities.  

Here are a few steps to build friendship:   

First things first. Know your friendship stats with all “Citampers”, i.e. city folk:   

To know your friendship stats with a person, tap on your smartphone on the lower right corner of the screen and tap on the “C” app.  

The app named “Citampers” reveals a list of NPCs you have talked to or interacted with. The ones with the green dot are accessible. You should consider building friendship with them first.  

Check the profile of a non-player character.
NPC profile and relationship gauge.

Tap on the portrait of an NPC on the right side of the app to access his friendship status, which will be shown on the left. It will display the full name of the NPC, his/her birthday, hobby, job and the area in which they can be found.  

A relationship gauge can be found under a person’s name. You will have to increase the gauge to earn a heart from that person.  

When you obtain a heart, you build friendship and the same person will unlock new activities, provide items or open up new stories.  

Here are a few ways to increase the relationship gauge:  

Talk to the person daily to get relationship points. Tap on the chat button to talk to him/her and you will see the gauge increase by a few points in the “C” app.  

You will have limited number of interactions per person per day in this game. Make sure you go back to your home, sleep and then come back the next day to talk to same person to strengthen friendship and earn more points.  

Giving gifts is the best way to get plenty of relationship points and fill the gauge fast. You can buy items from Tatang the merchant and then gift those to a person. All you have to do is drag that gift from the inventory slot below and drop it on him. You can give gifts to both male and female characters in the game.  

Always Check Hints in the Citamper App 

When the relationship gauge is full, you will obtain a heart from that character. Check the hints section below the relationship status to know where should you meet that character once you obtain a heart.  

Check hints in the C app

There might be other conditions so pay attention to those hints.  

Meet that person in the same place to trigger a cut-scene and pay closer attention to the dialogues between your character and them. You might also get an item from him that might help you start a new activity.  

Avoid Giving Wrong Gifts to NPCs 

Give appropriate gifts to your friends to increase the relationship gauge and build friendship.  

You just can’t give a gift to a man which actually was meant for a woman. Similarly, unwanted items picked up from the streets won’t be a good gifting idea.  

You can give watches, perfumes, crosswords to men and cosmetics, flowers, women’s magazines etc. to women.  

How to Collect Garbage  

In Citampi Stories, you will need Tatang’s glove to pick garbage from the streets. You will get that item when you obtain a heart from him.  

Keep talking to Tatang every in-game day to earn relationship points. This will increase the relationship gauge. You will find this gauge below Tatang’s profile when you tap on your smartphones and press the “C” app.  

Build friendship with Tatng to get glove from him.
Obtain a heart from Tatang to get a special glove from him

Chat with him or gift gifts to him to fill the gauge faster. You can purchase items from him and give the same to increase relationship.   

Once the gauge is full, you will obtain a heart and in the very next day, he will call you and give the glove to you.  

When you get that item from Tatang, you can start picking garbage from shining garbage bins, trash chutes and other objects lying scattered all over the city streets.

Look for garbage cans and trash chutes to pick waste items and sell them.
Pick garbage from shiny objects

Sometimes, certain non-player characters will request you to find a particular item hidden somewhere in the streets. You can also sell them to Tatang 

For example: Alex may request you to find his hat lost somewhere in the garbage or on the street. In such quests, you will need the glove to pick items requested by characters.  

Pay Attention to Garbage Picked from the Streets  

Usually, items picked from the city streets are waste materials and broken items. But sometimes you might get an intact item, such as the headphone. Instead of selling it to Tatang, gift it to some male NCP, such as Elder Sen. You might get an exclusive tip from him that will help you progress through the game.  

Save Progress Often 

In Citampi Stories, you should always save progress at regular intervals, especially when you have unlocked a new activity or story after obtaining a heart.  

To save your current game, go back home, tap on your bed and then press the “Sleep and Save Progress” button.  

You will have three empty data slots to save your progress. You can overwrite previous save states to save your current progress if you don’t need them.  

Auto-Travel from One Area to Another 

You can always auto-travel if you are bored clicking on the screen to move your character.  

While exploring the city, tap on the orange map pointer icon. You can find it on the bottom-left hand corner of the screen. You will get a list of locations in that area. Tap on of the locations in the map menu within that area or the next area. Your character will automatically move to that place.  

Auto traveling from the map pointer menu

If you are in area 1, you can auto-travel to area 2 and 3. If you are in area 2, you can auto travel to area 4 and 1 and so on.  You can also auto travel to different locations within the city from the map menu.  

How to Sell Items 

Whether you have picked unwanted items from garbage cans and trash chutes or received a valuable item from a person after completing his quest, you would want to exchange them for bonus RP. The good news is that you can easily sell items in Citampi Stories:  

Go to Tatang the merchant. He can be found close to your home, next to his ramshackle shop.  

Selling items to Tatang

Under the “Buy Items” box, tap on the green bag with an arrow pointing towards the left. This will allow you to open the “Sell Items” box. Tap on each item to trade them with Tatang for some quick bucks.  

  1. I can’t buy the Toolbox ability, even if play it online or offline

    Also, how do you get a house (not the rent house)

    Please help cause I am stuck in week 13/4 without unlocking the toolbox🙏

    1. @Jun, you have to clear your parents’ debts first then have enough money to buy a house and ❤️❤️❤️ of minimum player. Toolbox is not locked if you have that amount of money you can but its easy.

    1. @Empoy sand 👉 fishing in lake

      Clay 👉 fishing in hole

      Remember to collect gifts when you are fishing

  2. I want to know the number of items required for the production of various building materials.

  3. How I wish they will have a dining table in the house where the family can gather for mealtime. And the character can take a bath. Well anyway, this is just a dreamy suggestion from me. I like the game.

    1. Fishing is the best way to obtain stones. Go to the pond in area 4 to fish for stones. The purple bag found while fishing contains stones and logs.

  4. They say there a recycle man beside the burger shop but I don’t see one, is it something wrong or some special feature to trigger?

    1. You will need the recycling cart to craft the notebook. Combine items, such as energy drink, bread, steak etc.

  5. How construct table work? Where did I find log, plywood, decorative stone?

    Can’t understand anything please help🙁

    1. You will have to go fishing to find logs in the waters. Get the purple bag through fishing to obtain logs and stones.

  6. Can you get matchbox from recycle man? If so what items should you trade for it? If not do I just keep looking in garbage bins etc?

    1. Yes. You might get the matchbox from the Recycle Man. He can be found close to the Burger Place, in area 3. Just keep selling inexpensive things (stuff that are of no use to you) to him and you might get a matchbox from him.

  7. why i can’t complete my quest? i already bring teacup for mr tatang but he just say remind and talk option only

  8. Well it’s nice but I have one question – Where can I find the glue tube for the baby crib? I would really like to know.

    1. From the garbage can. Obtaining items, such as the glue tube, from garbage cans is a game of chance. To increase the chances of acquiring quest items like the glue, you will have to increase your character’s luck stats. When you tap on a trash chute or garbage can, you may acquire luck points. Collect these points to fill the luck gauge. To get access to the luck gauge, tap on the smartphone and then tap on the Vitruvian man icon. The higher your character’s luck, the higher the chances of getting quest items, such as the glue.

      Make sure you search garbage cans across all areas to increase luck and you might find one in one them. Don’t forget to sell the unwanted trash items to Tatang or other sellers.

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