Guardian Tales Tier List – April 2024

Al Bagiuo
Guardian Tales

If you’re an avid fanatic of Action Role-Playing games, then you will definitely enjoy Guardian Tales. This pixelated game holds plenty of features that will constantly immerse you in its massive universe.

The storyline in Guardian Tales is captivating, infused with just the right amount of comedy to keep you returning for more—one of the hidden gems in its genre.

Guardian Tales
Photo: Kakao Games

With boss battles in different stages and biomes, heightened detail on puzzles and challenges, and tons of customization options, items, and characters for you to choose from, Guardian Tales ensures you will always have exciting activities to explore.

But adventure will only be as exciting with a skilled Hero at your disposal. In this article, I present a roster of the top Heroes in Guardian Tales!

Guardian Tales – Hero & Weapon Elements

The Element system in Guardian Tales is critical in inflicting additional damage to targets, and luckily, it’s easy to understand. Following a Rock-Paper-Scissor system, the elemental effects are as follows:

Guardian Tales
Photo: Kakao Games
Fire strong against Earth
Earth strong against Water
Water strong against Fire
Light strong against Dark
Dark strong against Basic
Basic strong against Light

Element Effect

  • Superior Elemental deals 130% Attack Damage.
  • Inferior Elemental deals 70% Attack Damage.
  • Unrelated Elements deals 100% Attack Damage.

Element Notes

  • The Hero’s ATK Element is decided by the equipped Weapon’s element, not the Hero’s.
  • The Hero’s DEF Element is decided by the Hero’s Element, not the weapon’s.
  • If the Hero’s element matches the element of the equipped Weapon, there’s an additional 10% ATK bonus.

Hero Tier List

Now that we’ve familiarized ourselves with Guardian Tales‘ element system, let’s move on to the Tier List.

Guardian Tales
Photo: Kakao Games

Note that tier lists are merely tools for evaluating the best-performed Heroes in Guardian Tales and are subject to changes. Ultimately, the most effective way to determine which Heroes suit you is through experimentation and firsthand experience.


Tanker in Guardian Tales is a class that taunts enemies and protects fellow Heroes. This class has the highest DEF and HP in the roaster, and they usually equip shields.

Guardian Tales
Photo: Kakao Games

S Tier Tanker

Future PrincessLight+Hit Points

A Tier Tanker

Mecha OghmaDark+Defense
Hero ErinaBasic+Defense
Ascended CraigEarth+Defense
Guardian Tales
Photo: Kakao Games

B Tier Tanker

Grand Admiral MarinaWater+Hit Points
Aspiring Warrior CraigEarth+Defense
Destroyer PymonFire+Defense
Dragon Talon RanpangBasic+Defense

C Tier Tanker

Twin Fighter LaviFire+Defense
Overlord of the East MorrianEarth+Shield at the Start of the Battle


Warrior in Guardian Tales is a well-balanced class that inflicts massive melee damage. They equip close-range weapons such as one-handed or two-handed swords, claws, and gauntlets.

Guardian Tales
Photo: Kakao Games

S Tier Warrior

Dark Magician BethDark+Melee ATK
Demon Queen LilithDark+Melee ATK
Scientist SoheeBasic+Melee ATK
Lifeguard YuzeWater+ATK and SPD

A Tier Warrior

Ice Witch LupinaDark+Crit Rate
Flame Harpy ScintillaFire+Melee ATK
Drunken Swordmaster LynnFire+Melee ATK
Sword of Werebeasts ReyFire+Crit Rate
Goddess of War PlitviceFire+Fire DMG
Knight – SwordBasic+Normal ATK DMG
Swordsman AkayukiFire+Crit Rate
Scrivener Lahn – GauntletBasic+Hit Points
Movie Star EugeneLight+Hit Points
H.E.R.O.S KAILight+Normal ATK DMG
Druin KannaBasic+Basic DMG
Knight – BowBasic+Basic DMG
Guardian Tales
Photo: Kakao Games

B Tier Warrior

Rue – RifleEarth+Earth DMG
Elemental CarolLight+Crit Rate
Vishuvac – ClawFire+Hit Points
Master Swordsman GourryLight+Melee ATK
Golem Rider AlefEarth+Ranged DEF
Grim Reaper HanaWater+Crit Rate
Lapice – One-handed SwordLight+Light DMG
Model Employee ParvatiEarth+Crit Rate
Future Knight – SwordBasic+DEF
Succubus YuzeDark+Hit Points
White BeastWater+Water DMG
Captain ValenciaLight+Crit DMG
Dragon Knight ShapiraDark+Melee ATK
Kunoichi SumireDark+Crit Rate
Dual-personality Maid AmyBasic+Melee ATK
Lapice – Two-handed SwordLight+Melee ATK
Desert Mercenary MarvinEarth+Hit Points
Party Crasher Mad PandaEarth+Melee ATK
Dragon Seeking Girl NevaEarth+Melee ATK
Rue – SwordEarth+Earth DMG
Scrivener Lahn – BasketBasic+Skill ATK

C Tier Warrior

Kung Fu Master FeiLight+Melee DEF
Beach Maid AmyFire+Crit Rate
Plitvice – One-handed SwordFire+Crit DMG
Beach ShapiraLight+Light DMG
Hero DaiBasic+Crit Rate
Swindler Magician DolfFire+ATK and SPD
Win LingFire+Fire DMG
White SnowWater+Melee DMG
Fei – AscendedLight+Melee DMG
Private Investigator OdileLight+DEF


In Guardian Tales, the Ranged class is a group of heroes who attack their targets with ranged-type weapons such as rifles, bows, and staffs.

Guardian Tales
Photo: Kakao Games

S Tier Ranged

Future Knight – RifleBasic+ATK and SPD
Eight-tailed Fox NariBasic+Ranged ATK
Android Mk. 99Light+Ranged ATK
Nine-tailed Fox GaramWater+Water DMG
Dancing Archer TiniaEarth+Ranged ATK
1st Corps CommanderDark+Crit Rate
Robbers’ Killer LinaFire+Ranged ATK
Executive Red Hood ArabelleDark+Dark DMG
Count ClaudeDark+Ranged ATK

A Tier Ranged

Flower Girl BariEarth+Skill ATK
Slayer AndrasWater+Ranged ATK
Noble Succubus BiancaWater+Crit Rate
Oghma – RifleDark+Skill ATK
Warlord OrcaWater+Ranged ATK
Huntress RosettaEarth+Normal ATK DMG
Half Vampire PriscillaLight+Shield at the Start of the Battle
Red Hood ElviraFire+Ranged ATK
Bound Child ClaraFire+Ranged ATK
Baby Dokkaebi EunhaBasic+Ranged ATK
Android Mk. 2Dark+Crit Rate
Vishuvac – GauntletFire+Fire Damage
Mad Scientist GremoryDark+Skill ATK
Guardian Tales
Photo: Kakao Games

B Tier Ranged

Pirate RachelWater+Ranged ATK
Innuit Girl CocoWater+Skill ATK
Summer LorraineBasic+Ranged ATK
Scientist SoheeLight+ATK and SPD
Dimension Traveler CatherineWater+Ranged DEF
Engineer MarianneEarth+Earth DMG
Sniper HekateEarth+Crit Rate
No. 9 Miss ChromBasic+Crit Rate
Elder Dragon’s Daughter AmerisEarth+Earth DMG
Idol Captain EvaLight+DEF

C Tier Ranged

Chun RyeoLight+Ranged ATK
Elvira – AscendedFire+Ranged ATK
Fire Dragon GirgasFire+Skill ATK
Battleball RieBasic+Crit Rate
Coco – AscendedWater+Skill ATK


The support class in Guardian Tales are heroes who weaken the enemies and strengthen or heal fellow heroes. These classes usually equip weapons like staffs and baskets.

Guardian Tales
Photo: Kakao Games

S Tier Support

God of Harvest KamaelEarth+Ranged ATK
Archangel GabrielLight+Crit Rate
Divine Beast MayreelEarth+Crit Rate
Archpriestess VeronicaWater+Skill ATK
Goddess of Wealth EleanorLight+Skill ATK
Exorcist MiyaFire+Skill ATK
Necromancer NoxiaDark+Hit Points

A Tier Support

Trickster LucyFire+Crit Rate
Vampire Girl KarinaDark+Dark DMG
Idol Captain EvaBasic+Basic DMG
Leaf Fairy AobaEarth+Earth DMG
Guardian Tales
Photo: Kakao Games

B Tier Support

Little Android AA72Water+Crit Rate
Karina – AscendedDark+Dark DMG
Summer Innkeeper LoraineBasic+Shield at the Start of the Battle
Sea Witch AraWater+DEF
Princess AishaLight+Hit Points
Twin Healer FaviWater+Heal on Hit
Contractee CrosselleDark+Hit Points

C Tier Support

Incarcerated Scholar VinetteDark+ATK and SPD
Priest XellosDark+ATK and SPD
Sea Vendor SiaWater+Normal ATK DMG
Martial Artist MaamEarth+Hit Points


Guardian Tales offers plenty of characters for you to choose from, each with unique skills and abilities that will suit your playstyle. Creating your ideal team for your adventure becomes seamless with the right composition, elements, and weapons.

For more immersive Pixelated ARPGs like Guardian Tales, check out Soul Knight Prequel and Darkrise.

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