Grimoires Era Tier List

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Grimoires Era
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You can stop hitting enemies with your bare hands once you reach level 30. In the Grimoires Era, you can gain Grimoires.You can use grimoires to learn new moves that you can use in battle.

As a beginner, it can be hard to tell which ones are better or worse because there are so many of them. That’s why we made a Grimoires Era tier list for you.

You’ll notice that each person has a different drop chance when you go to a place where you can get Roblox – Grimoires.

This doesn’t mean that it makes them better, though, so let’s take a closer look.

Grimoires Era
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Grimoires Era: Grimoires Tier List

Although the game has split Grimoires into different groups, the community does not consider this fair.

In some situations, Grimoires that are less likely to drop will be better than others.

If you want to know when to stop spinning the wheel and which one to pick, look at our tier list. It breaks down all of the Grimoires into different groups, from S to D.

Grimoires Era
Photo: Roblox

Before you go into the Grimoires Era Tier List article below, take a minute to browse our game guides!

SAnti Magic
AWind, Dark
BFire, Water
CBronze, Regen

How to Get Grimoire in Grimoires Era?

To get a Grimoire in Grimoires Era, perform the methods described below:

  • First, go to the Bandit Quest.
  • After that, keep sprinting straight.
  • When you do so, you will encounter a locked door.
  • Now, enter the door and go upstairs.
  • There, you will find an NPC called Grimoire Dealer.
  • After that, keep spinning until you reach the chosen Grimoire.
  • That is it.
Grimoires Era
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OP! This Grimoires is a powerful monster. Mastering the powers of this will make you a real danger to anyone who crosses your way.

  • Anti Magic


Little less than the best but still flexible and strong in Grimoires Era.

If you get one of these Grimories then you are set for the entire game unless you fancy facing the respin.

These Grimoires are strong, so don’t dismiss them!

  • Wind
  • Dark


Average Grimoires with a few special uses! Decent if you’re early game but don’t settle for these long-term.

  • Fire
  • Water
Grimoires Era
Photo: Roblox


Weak, not the worst. If you get one of these Grimoires we suggest respinning and trying your luck again.

  • Regen


These Grimoires are weak and aren’t worth the Mana spent on casting magic!

  • Reinforcement

Grimoires Movesets in Roblox

To help you better understand which Grimoires are good for you, check out their movesets.

According to the information mentioned below, you can choose the one that best fits your game style.

Anti Magic

ButtonAnti-Magic Transformation SkillsAnti-Magic Liberation
ZAnti Magic SlashAnti Magic-Cracks
XAnti Magic HurricaneAnti Magic Burst
CAnti Magic LiberationAnti Magic Break
Grimoires Era
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ButtonWind SkillsWind Transformation Skills
ZWind SpearWind Blast
XWind HurricaneWind Race
CWind SharpWind Rush


ButtonDark Skills
ZDark Cut
XDark Slash
CDark Tp
VDark Ultimate
Grimoires Era
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ButtonFire Skills
ZFire Bust
XFire Pillar
CFire Roar
VFire Emperor


ButtonWater Skills
ZWater Bomb
XWater Explosion
CWater Health
VWater Flood


ButtonBronze Skills
ZBronze Whip
XDouble Bronze Whip
CSequential Bronze Whip
VArea Bronze


ButtonRegen Skills
ZSelf Regen
XArea Regen
CVampire Regen
Grimoires Era
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ButtonReinforcement Skills
ZReinforcement Crusher
XReinforcement Grimoire
CReinforcement Punch
VReinforcement Transformation

Best Build in Grimoires Era

The world of Grimoires Era, where becoming the Wizard King is the final goal. To reach this prestigious title, you need the right build.

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Essential Items

Legendary Wind Grimoire

This magical grimoire is a game-changer. To receive it, spin until you’re lucky enough to add it to your collection.

It’s a crucial component for launching deadly magical strikes.

Imperial Sword

For unmatched swordsmanship, spend 899 Robux in the store to gain the Imperial Sword.

This weapon, when teamed with the Legendary Wind Grimoire, forms the backbone of the ultimate Wizard King build.

Grimoires Era
Photo: Roblox

Optimal Stats

To maximize the ability of your Wizard King, divide your stat points wisely. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Strength: 1
  • Defense: 351
  • Mana: 153
  • Magic: 500
  • Sword: 500


  • Strength: Keep this at a minimum since your primary focus will be on magical and sword-based assaults.
  • Defense: A strong defense is important for living fights. Allocate 351 points to ensure longevity.
  • Mana: 153 Mana is ample for performing your skills. Invest the leftover points into defense for extra durability.
  • Magic and Sword: Max out both stats to unlock the full potential of the Legendary Wind Grimoire and Imperial Sword, dealing deadly damage to your foes.
Grimoires Era
Photo: Roblox


Everything considered, Grimoires Era is a wonderful journey on Roblox where players can use strange skills to win battles.

As of level 30, when the Grimoires are opened, players no longer just practice fighting without weapons.

That being said, it can be hard for beginners to find a good Grimoire because there are so many of them. These tier lists, from S to D, put grimoires in order based on their strengths.

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