10 Grim Soul Tips, Hints and Tricks to Stay Alive

Anurag Ghosh
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Adventure is one of the best crafting and survival games to play on Android. Developed by Kefir! this game’s dark setting will send chills down your spine.

There are some excellent games like Grim Soul on Android. The latest game, Epic Raft, is one of them. It’s one of the best survival RPGs on the Google Play Store.

Surviving off the dangerous zombie-infested lands is not easy and you must craft and equip the right items to protect your character and kill enemies. Just like you, there will other players exploring territories and since the resources will be scarce at some point of time, there’s no option but to fight them.

Grim Soul - Dark Fantasy Survival

Lands cursed by the “Great Decay” can be too risky to explore at night, but with the right survival skills, you can defeat enemies, find and collect valuable resources and strengthen your character.

But before that, you should survive the first few nights building and crafting the right stuff so that your character won’t die too early. If you have just started playing, then you must check out these tips and tricks if you want to fend off enemies and gather resources quickly:

1. Run along Fog-Covered Areas to Pick Resources

When you die on territories marked by skulls, you lose all your belongings and resources that you have gathered so far. You will have to start from scratch and collect resources to craft basic tools, such as an axe or a pickaxe to cut trees and break lime stones. Also, you will have to pick up food such as berries and other resources, such as grass to craft other items.

Things won’t be easy if you have run out of wood, stones and other resources in your stronghold. At one point of time, you won’t find anything in your stronghold as you have chopped down all trees, smashed all rocks and picked up materials which were scattered all over the place.

You will have to travel to nearby territories in search of food and materials if you want to stay alive. This can be dangerous as you are not armed and areas marked by skulls are full of hostile enemies.

Run Along Fog to Gather Materials

When you enter a new territory, start picking up small things, such as logs, tiny rocks and small plants close to the fog-covered area, which usually is pretty safe as enemies are usually found in the middle of the territory guarding loot and key resources. Run along this area and pick whatever you find.

If you spot a stronger enemy approaching your character, just run towards the fog and exit that area. You can then “enter” territory again (don’t move to another territory) to continue where you left off.

If you are being attacked while moving towards the fog, then reentering the territory would be of no use as your enemy will continue attacking your character. Once you have collected enough logs and stones, you can craft an axe and a pickaxe and then cut trees and break limestones that are close to the fog.

2. Use Auto-Play to Collect Resources Faster

If you have just started playing, then it would be a wise decision to use auto-play when you are in your stronghold.

Activating auto-play will let you gather all resources faster as your character will automatically run towards the closest tree, limestone and plant to gather logs, stones and food.

You may tap the attack button and start attacking an enemy manually if he confronts one. With auto-play turned on, you will save a lot of time hunting for resources in your territory.

3. Construct Your Base and Build a Peasant Chest 

Once you have gathered enough resources, quickly construct a small 2 x 2 house. It will protect you against the night guest, a scary entity that’s pretty tough to eliminate and hiding inside a house is one of the ways to avoid direct confrontation with it.

Once you have built a small base, craft a chest as soon as possible. A peasant’s chest will let you store resources and other items inside it. This is one way to increase storage space.

Your chest will safely house all items and you can move items from your inventory to the chest and vice-versa anytime by moving closer to the chest and tapping the pick icon (hand).

Building a house with a door is a no-brainer, but just make sure that you place the peasant’s chest inside your home so that visitors don’t loot it.

Players visiting your territory won’t be able to enter your house and take your belongings. If you have extra resources, such as wood or stones, you can safely put them inside the chest.

4. Craft More than One Chest and Store all Weapons Inside

If you want to survive the treacherous world of Grim Soul for a longer time, then you must craft at least 2 chests and store all weapons and other items, such as armor. You will come across quite a few important items in the beginning, especially in the very first event, where you will find lots of loot.

You will also come across several enemies and killing them will let you search their pockets to find items. You should store all of them in chests. If you don’t store key items inside chests, then all items stored in your rucksack will be destroyed in case you die in a new territory.

However, your character’s death won’t affect the state of your house, the chests and the items inside it. When your character has been revived, you can head straight to a chest in your stronghold. You will find that all items that have stored in it are still safely inside the chest.

5. Keep an Eye on the Mini-Map to Spot Enemies Before They Attack You

The mini-map can be very helpful in spotting trees, rocks, shrubs, bushes and enemies. While moving around, pay attention to the mini-map and don’t get close to areas where it shows arrows (enemies).

You can also locate fallen enemies, loot and chests with the help of the map. As you keep playing, you will become familiar with map icons (arrows, grass, tied bags, chests etc.) and it will be easy for you to spot them.

6. Make a Ragged Sack to Increase Storage Space

You can increase your storage space much earlier than you think. All you have to do is learn and craft a ragged sack. It requires 2 ropes, which you can get from dead enemies and 4 flax fiber, which are available in plenty in every territory.

Ragged Sack

Once you have gathered all required materials, you must “learn” to craft the sack and then craft it. After crafting the sack, 5 extra sots will be available in your inventory.

If you make another, you will get more storage space. The sack unlocks before your character reaches level five, so make sure you create it as soon as possible.

7. Use Auto-Play to Check if Resources are Available or Not

You must be thinking how can the “auto” button be used to keep a check on available resources? Well, if you have picked up all rocks, twigs and other small items in your territory, just tap the auto-play button. Your character will stop picking objects and will cut trees and break limestones.

If you don’t have the tools, such as the axe, the game will tell you to build one, clearly indicating that there’s nothing to pick. If you have felled all trees and smashed all limestones, you will see a “nothing to gather” flashing on your screen when you tap the auto-play button. You can try this trick if you don’t want to wander around in search for resources and save time.

8. Arm Your Character before Entering Special Territories 

Time after time, the game will inform you if there’s a special event available close to your stronghold. Such events usually let you gather valuable items and loot and are available for a limited period of time. In such events, a murder of crows will appear over a territory. You should head straight to such special territories and gather loot before anyone else does.

You may also stumble upon other players who will attack you, so make sure you equip the best weapon to your character. If you have just begun playing then the first event will be fairly easy to complete. Try to gather as many items as possible and store them in peasant’s chest. You will have to make more than one chest to store all items.

9. Craft a Weapon ASAP When Exploring Your Stronghold

To survive Grim Soul’s dark and dangerous world, you will need to equip a weapon to your character as soon as you begin exploring a territory. You can craft the most basic weapon, such as the Club that needs very few materials. You will have to collect 5 logs of wood to craft one. You can also craft an axe and a pickaxe. They can be used as makeshift weapons.

When you start exploring a territory, you can pick stones and logs to make an axe/pickaxe. You can then use them to cut trees/break stones or attack enemies. Once you have enough logs, make a club and equip it to your character.

Do remember that each equippable item will break after using it for some time. You can see the vertical bar just beside your weapon’s icon on your inventory. When the bar goes down and disappears, your weapon will break and you will have to create a new one.

10. Don’t Let Hunger and Thirst Levels Hit Zero Value

You can see your character’s hunger and thirst levels on your inventory screen. When any one level reaches zero, you will automatically lose health.

Your health bar will keep decreasing little by little unless you don’t drink or eat something. Before this happens, your character will give signs that he/she is hungry or thirsty, this is a warning signal and you must immediately find something before it’s too late.

You can collect and snack on berries if you want to quench thirst and minimize hunger to some extent.  You can hunt animals for meat. Best – you can build a garden bed and sow seeds to make food. To hunt animals like the deer, tap the sneak button (it is located on the lower-right corner of the screen) and then hunt them.

Storage - Where Water and Honey are Stored

You will also get a barrel of honey and flask of water occasionally. Tap the pouch icon on the bottom of the screen. This icon appears when you enter a territory. Next, tap “Storage”, which will display numbers above it indicating that food and drink has arrived. Collect them and store them in your chest.

We hope you found our Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Guide useful. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask them using the comment form below. We will try our best to answer them.

    1. Explore the map to locate deer roaming around on certain territories. Use a club and sneak to kill the deer.

  1. What is the fastest way to get seeds? Trying to make onion soup but seeds are extremely rare in one skull zones. I get an average of four to six per Zone and that’s honestly not enough to survive on.

    1. Seeds are not easy to get and are usually found in loot caches and are dropped by lepers, damned and wandering merchants. Make sure you wander to a territory (two-skull territories) that has more lepers and damned. Two and three skull areas have more loot caches. The Birch Forest, which is a 5-skull area, has 5 loot caches. Equip yourself with the best weapons before entering such areas.

  2. Clothing wears off so fast. Its so annoying. You wear it in one trip and and you need to make 10 instead to make the same clothing. So you play almost 3-4 days to make a good armor and then make one trip to 3 skull area (where you usually don’t find any valuable item) and your progress becomes 0.0001%.
    Can anyone suggest the developer to prolong the effectiveness of the armor for double at least. It’s not fun.

  3. If you can’t use your brains to make cloth or shards or simply fill water from the well then please play an easier game. Sorry not to offend anyone. The most important question would be where I can find saddle, bridle and feeding through for the horse stable? 3 skull areas? I cleared all in one-skull and two-skull areas but didn’t find any unique items. I am on level 33 and so far cant find horse stable items.

  4. Why do I lose all my inventory in the chest after I die? I am a beginner.

    1. You will lose all items in your inventory if your character dies in territories marked by skulls. You will have to make a peasant’s chest and then store important items in the chest in your territory. You will never lose items that are stored in a peasant’s chest.

      First construct a house and then make a chest. You will need 4 fiber (grass) and 4 pine log (wood) to build a chest. You can place the peasant’s chest inside the house via the construction menu (the construction icon is below the map) > devices. Now move closer to the chest and press the pick icon (hand icon) to open it. Drag items from your inventory to the chest. The empty slots of the chest are on the right side whereas items in your inventory are on the left side. The items you have stored in the peasant’s chest will remain there unless the chest isn’t looted by other players. They can loot it if they blow up your house.

  5. I am trying to place down the Ravens cages but I can’t and I don’t know why.

      1. On the ground in my house but its red and I’m not sure if I need to upgrade my floors first or not

        1. Make sure there are no other objects obstructing placement. To move an object or device, follow these steps:

          Tap the house icon below the mini-map to edit your home. Tap the “Devices” tab. Now tap an object that you want to move and then tap the cross icon. You can then tap on a floor where you want to move an object to free up space for the raven’s cage.

  6. @Francis and @Kalpesh

    1. Enter construction mode by tapping the build icon located just below the map.

    2. Press and hold a piece of flooring to upgrade it. You will need 10 wooden planks and 10 stones to complete upgrade. To make planks, you must have a Carpenter’s Bench, which can be built using 14 pine logs and 6 copper ore.

    Once you craft planks at the carpenter’s bench, go back to your house and press and hold a floor. Tap the arrow to upgrade.

  7. Hi there!
    Could you tell me about when the events start? Do they appear randomly?

    1. Hi guys need help upgrading the floor. How do I upgrade to plank flooring?
      I have upgraded the floor may I know how to get tin?

    1. Hi! First go to “Castle Construction” mode (by pressing tower-like icon), then you just tap on the tile where you need to have a floor upgraded, and two option icons appear: destroy tile (red one with a cross) and upgrade it (green upward looking arrow). Press upgrade button (provided that you have enough planks and stone)

      Please note that you can’t do that when in “Device” tab

    1. You will need to build a sewing table. Gather flax fiber to make cloth at the sewing table.

  8. How do I increase the level of the hammer for learn so that I could build/create other things?

    1. You can make copper shards using copper ore. Heat the ore to melt it (using the workbench). You will receive one or more shards on melting 5 copper ore.

  9. Where I can find Dungeon Key? And what are tips and trick for killing the Damned Knight?

    1. You need a powerful weapon, such as a spiked mace or a morning star to kill the Damned Knight. One way to eliminate him would be running in circles around a few limestone mounds or trees, which can act as obstacles for the slow-moving knight and then moving behind him to hit him. If you spot another enemy, then don’t try to fight both of them, run away and reach the fog to exit the area and re-enter again to fight the knight. It seems they haven’t added the dungeon key yet as I too haven’t found it.

    1. Yes. Using powder kegs. When he gets close to your house’s door, a bomb icon appears below the attack (fist) icon. If he has crafted kegs, then tapping the bomb icon will destroy your wall.

    1. The well unlocks at level 15. To build it, you will need 3 pine logs, 10 limestone, 2 ropes, a spade and an empty barrel.

    1. There’s a territory called “Birch Forest” across the river. You may get birch planks from this location, which can be found next to the guard tower on your map. To reach this location, you will need a Hardy horse.

    1. You will need an empty flask to fill it with water from the well. Move closer to your well until you see gear icon on the lower-right corner of the screen. Tap that icon and then drag an empty flask onto the “place material” box. This will fill the flask with water. Drag the flask again to your inventory.

      You can get flask from “storage”. Tap the coin bag icon on the bottom of the screen and then tap “Storage”. You will have to empty it before you can use it. Drink water from the flask and then use it to fill water from the well. You can also get a flask by visiting a player’s well. Just drag it to your inventory, drink water (it will be full), enter your stronghold and use the empty flask to get water from the well.

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