Grand Hotel Mania – The Ultimate Guide – 2023

Murillo Zerbinatto

UPWAKE.ME, the publisher of Hustle Castle and Rush Royale: Tower Defense, is giving you the keys to their new undertaking, a game where you can build your dream hotels with everything you like. It’s the Grand Hotel Mania, a cozy, idle, but fast-paced simulation game where you handle hotels, take care of guests, and upgrade your property to give the best care ever to the clientele.

While the game is relatively simple with straightforward gameplay, it gets increasingly more challenging as different hotels become available. Also, some side events bring their own gameplay to the table. So, it would be remiss of us to not give the Grand Hotel Mania Ultimate Guide to assure you that you’re the best hotelier out there.

What is Grand Hotel Mania


Grand Hotel Mania was developed by DeusCraft and published by UPWAKE.ME. It is an idle game where you manage several hotels, upgrade their appliances, collect money, and actively take care of your guests.

The game is separated by hotels, and each has levels with different goals, either collecting coins, accommodating a certain number of guests, or acquiring likes and smiles, among others. The following stages become more challenging as you complete them, but the rewards also improve. Upgrading your property becomes a must if you want to meet the minimum goals of each level.

While you are offline, the hotels in your possession continue to generate income offline, where Grand Hotel Mania’s idle factor comes in. There are several rewards for daily log-ins and sporadic events, so keep an eye out and ensure you log in whenever possible.

The Basics


The basic gameplay of Grand Hotel Mania is to actively run your hotel with the help of Ted and Monica. Monica is the secretary who checks in and out your customers, while Ted is the concierge, handling all matters involving cleaning and delivering coffee or food.

The most basic path for a client is to check in and check out. Some ask for coffee or food during their stay, which Ted can do by clicking on the coffee maker or kitchen. Ted can chain up to four actions in a row and hold two items simultaneously, but they can be dropped with a single tap. But be careful! If you order him to do something, he won’t stop until it’s complete.

All these activities are interactive, and it is up to the player to click on the customer to fulfill their order. A green circle around a guest’s needs clocks down as time passes. If fulfilled while in the green, the player gets the maximum amount of gold for the action and a thumbs up, which is a like from the customer. If you get all the likes, the customer will give you a smile and more coins.


If you take too long, the circle turns yellow, decreasing the number of coins earned and losing the like. If it reaches the red circle, the customer is about to have his order not fulfilled, and not only will the player not earn any money, but the customer will leave if they’re in the reception.

As each stage has a maximum amount of customers, the ideal is to meet all the demands as quickly as possible to achieve the stage’s objective. If you fail, you lose a life and can try again.

Upgrading your Hotel


At the very beginning, you are given a feature to upgrade your hotel. For example, you can upgrade the rooms and reception, increasing customer patience and the gold earned from check in and check out. By upgrading the coffee maker or kitchen, coffee and food are prepared faster, and by upgrading the products themselves, the gold earned from delivering them is better.

Initial upgrades cost only coins and are delivered almost immediately. As you level up, it gets more expensive, gems are also spent, and the delivery time is longer. There are a few ways to fasten the delivery, like paying more gems or watching advertising videos.


Don’t neglect upgrades. In more challenging levels, especially where the goal is to collect a certain amount of gold, even if you fulfill the customers’ wishes in a timely manner, the gold collected may not be enough to meet the minimum requirements. In such cases, you are forced to evolve your appliances so that they provide more coins, and you triumph on the stage.

At some point, you will notice that many guests arrive, all the rooms are occupied, and you cannot do anything. Upgrading the reception becomes a must to increase the patience of the new guests until new rooms are unoccupied.

Check your Objectives

Earn Coins


Each stage has a different objective. One of these is to earn coins. You may need to collect a minimum amount of gold from guests. Whenever you fulfill a guest order, the faster you do it, the more coins you receive. Even if you take some time to satisfy a demand and the guest gauge is yellow or red, completing the level may still be possible.

Get Likes


Another objective involves accumulating likes from customers, acquired when you fulfill all their needs when the circle is still green. In this case, agility is a must. Keep an eye on the queue that forms at the reception because the customers behind the first will also lose patience the moment they stand still, and it is easy to miss them.

Make Matches

From the second hotel on, rooms will have various styles. Some guests will prefer to stay in different rooms that match their personality. Putting a guest in the room they want will net you extra coins at the end of the level. If you don’t, there’s no harm, but no bonus either.

However, some objectives require you to place guests in the room they want, making the juggling of checking in and cleaning rooms much more tortuous than initially. That’s called a match. Keeping track of which rooms are vacant and clean makes the game much more complex than expected when there are various types.

Don’t Do


Some objectives are there to make your life as a hotelier trickier, adding an extra layer of difficult to the stage. They prohibit some actions, such as the don’t discard a single item. This one requires you to not throw any items Ted is holding, which demands more parsimony and control of the customers’ needs.

Don’t lose a single guest is self-explanatory but also dangerous. Failing to check in a guest when they are at the reception will immediately cause you to fail the mission. That happens when their gauge hits red all the way to the end.


And there’s the nastiest one: don’t miss a single order. In case the guest order gauge ends without you fulfilling their needs, be it of any kind, instant game over. 

Power-ups to Help

If you need help on a certain level, take advantage of the game’s power-ups. Before you start the next level, you can choose up to three, as long as they are already released.


The Superstaff, a lightning-filled boot, makes Ted and Monica move at double speed, making it much easier for them to interact with all the hotel’s appliances and customers. The Supermachines speed up all actions, such as making coffee and food or cleaning the rooms. The Double Coin power-up is self-explanatory and amazingly valuable when the level’s objective is to earn a whole lot of coins.

During the hotel gameplay, there are also power-ups, such as the Firecracker, which replenishes guests’ orders gauge when you use it. It’s instrumental when you are swamped with tasks and burning your brains out. The Genie power-up instantly clears all dirty rooms, a perfect gimmick when the check in line is packed.


Initially, power-ups are hard to come by, but later in the game, you acquire tokens to redeem these boosters and bonuses by watching AD videos, enjoying events, or progressing in the current season pass.

Step Away from the Game

You will be promoted as you complete levels in a particular hotel, and new ones will be available worldwide. Subsequent hotels are much more complex and feature unique elements, such as new rooms, new recipes for the kitchen, and a different guest dynamic.


Upgrades and Power-ups become increasingly essential to accomplish objectives with excellence. However, sometimes you will get stuck on a level and need more coins to upgrade. This is where Grand Hotel Mania’s Idle feature comes into play.

Every few hours, your hotels will give you a fixed amount of coins, whether you are online or not. So even if you get stuck on a level, the game keeps feeding you coins so you can enjoy upgrades and get that second wind on a difficult mission.

The daily log-ins and numerous events also contribute to accumulating the gold needed for the upgrade, as well as the necessary gems. But like many mobile games, there comes a time when you have to take a breath, stop and resume the game another day. Or open your wallet and whale your way to victory.


Gameplay Tips

When you’re inside a hotel level, in the upper left corner, you’ll find a timer countdown and the number of total guests that will frequent your hotel at this level. Don’t worry too much about the countdown because you are more likely to fail for not meeting the goal than by losing time. However, the guest count helps you identify how many rooms you must worry about cleaning for new check-ins.


If a customer checks in and immediately a visual cue of sleep appears in their room, that is, several Zs floating in the air, it means that the customer won’t have any order other than check in and check out. You can prepare to clean the room because they will soon leave it.

Since Ted can hold two items simultaneously, the ideal is to always have one hand free and the other with an item that takes a while to be ready, like food, for example. If a customer asks for one, you can quickly hand it to them and ready another. Just be careful if the level has the don’t drop an item requirement because things can get bad.


Gems are pretty hard to acquire and very scarce if you are going to go the free-to-play route. Daily rewards, watching video ads, or completing achievements are the most practical and feasible ways. However, given their scarcity, it’s recommended to use gems only to upgrade your hotels and spend on vanity items after that.

Wardrobe & Pets


Of course, a mobile game wouldn’t be complete if we couldn’t dress up our characters the way we like! Grand Hotel Mania offers different getups to our best employees, Ted and Monica.

In the Wardrobe menu, we can get a preview of each clothing or outfit we want. Some cost gems, so they are luxury items for longtime players. Others are acquired in the Season Pass, but only for those who invest and buy a Golden Ticket. Some events also offer new costumes, but again, only for paid players.

Upon reaching level 14 in the first hotel, the pet is unlocked. The first pet is free, but the following ones cost gems. The pet is also a vanity feature and only wanders about the hotel when it’s closed, so in due honesty, it’s pretty uninteresting.


Enjoy the Events

Grand Hotel Mania also offers a bunch of events during gameplay. Several are temporary, such as the Season and World Tour, but they are quick and easy to complete. The rewards are even more robust for those willing to fork out real money.


Among the events, we also have new adventures, such as the Expedition. The game changes its dynamic a bit, becoming a sort of sandbox-like with gathering and crafting and a short storyline. As the Expedition is governed by an energy gauge, it’s advised to alternate between the adventure and the hotel management.

At some point, the game introduces the Hot Season, a short-duration event where guests display Gold Orders. It is similar to standard orders, but they don’t expire, making the gameplay more manageable. The Hot Season doesn’t last long, so it is good to take advantage of it when it comes along.


In Conclusion

Grand Hotel Mania seems to be a simple and quiet game initially. Still, as you get the hang of it and begin to understand the role of the hotelier, the game starts to release more and more features and appliances. The guests become picky, turning your beautiful, luxurious, hotelier life into a stifling affair.


However, this incremental challenge makes the game fun and engaging. The numerous events, upgrading your property, and acquiring new hotels motivate the player to continue logging in Grand Hotel Mania and caring for the guests with the help of Monica and Ted.

Do you play, or have you played Grand Hotel Mania? Let us know in the comments if you like the game! We hope this Ultimate Guide has helped you in your career as a professional hotelier.

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