Good Pizza Great Pizza – Beginners Game Guide

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Ever wanted to have your own pizzeria and make all kinds of pizza? Well, I did. Unfortunately, I didn’t experience that, but Good Pizza, Great Pizza by TapBlaze has allowed me to live my dream.

This is one of the best cooking simulation games currently, and this Good Pizza Great Pizza basic gameplay guide will double your fun.

The game features four chapters and multiple levels (days) in each one of them. You will learn dozens of recipes, upgrade your shop, compete against multiple rivals, participate in festivals, and more.

But since this is a basic guide, I’ll not go in-depth and focus on some tips to help you thrive. Let’s begin!

1. Don’t Do it for the Money, Do it for the Pizza

It’s always about customer satisfaction, isn’t it? If you give them a bad pizza, they will refund their payment. It’s a loss for both parties.

Photo: TapBlaze

Therefore, don’t be a miser when adding the toppings or some extra sauce and cheese. Yes, it will cost a few bucks, but you’ll quickly double your profit when people start recommending your pizza shop.

Moreover, the customers will not stop coming back for more. Making your customers happy is the only way to grow in this game.

Pizza-making works simply like this:

  1. Take the order.
  2. Go to the kitchen.
  3. Select the dough.
  4. Add sauce and cheese if required.
  5. Add toppings if required.
  6. Put the pizza in the oven.
  7. Cut into 6 slices if not ordered otherwise.
  8. Give the pizza to the customer.

2. Make the Same Pizza Customers Order

As I said above, wrong orders will make the customers angry, and they will take back their money. So, your job is to ensure you make the same pizza they have ordered.

If they want no cheese, then add no cheese. If they don’t like sauce, then avoid adding it. If they are vegetarian, keep away from pepperoni and sausage, and so on.

Photo: TapBlaze

For instance, this customer wants a half-cheese, half-pepperoni pizza. Now firstly, you need to add sauce and cheese to the whole dough. Pepperoni pizza still has cheese, so that’s why we are adding it all around.

Photo: TapBlaze

Next, add pepperoni only to one half and let the pizza roll through the oven. Finally, cut it into 6 pieces, and there you have it!

Making the perfect orders will result in your customers recommending your pizzeria to others. Besides, they will tip you for the effort!

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3. Know the Tricky Orders

The game would be boring if there were only simple recipes. TapBlaze understands this well. This is the reason why you’d come across many different pizza orders from customers in Good Pizza, Great Pizza.

Photo: TapBlaze

Here are a few examples of what customers may order:

  1. Well done pizza – Run the pizza through the oven two times.
  2. Super or extra crispy pizza – Run the pizza through the oven 3 times.
  3. Pizza with invisible toppings – Add no toppings
  4. Joker pizza – Add sauce, cheese, pepperoni, bell peppers, and eggplant.
  5. Capricciosa – Add sauce, cheese, mushrooms, olives, and ham.
  6. Three P Pizza – Add all ingredients starting with P, like Pineapple, Pepperoni, etc.
  7. O combo – Add onions and olives
  8. Eggcellent pizza – Add sauce, cheese, and eggplant.
Photo: TapBlaze

If you don’t understand an order, tap What, and the customer will elaborate. However, this will lower their happiness meter.

You can also press Hint for further elaboration.

Photo: TapBlaze

Some customers are also lactose intolerant. So, for them, add everything but cheese.

There are many more challenging recipes, but let’s keep them for later. I don’t want to spoil your game.

But again, if I had to emphasize on one aspect in this Good Pizza Great Pizza basic gameplay guide, it would be these unusual orders. Because if you don’t learn them, you’ll be going to a loss instead of making a profit.

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4. Help the Homeless Guys

The homeless guys don’t have any money to pay at that moment, but they will help in the future.

Photo: TapBlaze

For instance, the homeless buddy will help you beat Alicante and give you $100 at the end of the first chapter.

Similarly, Rufus Goldworthy will pay you back more than expected after you help him with his startup.

5. Upgrade Your Shop

You can customize your shop and give it a new look to attract more clients. The players can buy new tables, gaming machines, flowers, tiles, and more.

Photo TapBlaze

But before all that fancy stuff, I suggest getting the upgrades that will help your business. First, accumulate $250 and get the Daylight Saving upgrade.

Now you’ll have longer days, which is equivalent to getting more money.

Secondly, go for the Speedy Oven. It’ll increase the baking speed, resulting in more orders per day.

You can also get some aid in putting on toppings by buying the following helping buddies:

Photo: TapBlaze

Remember, they cost diamonds, not dollars.

And that’s pretty much it about the Good Pizza Great Pizza basic gameplay guide for beginners. Work on the points I’ve highlighted, and you’ll soon be the owner of the best pizza shop in town!

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